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  • Ring Out quotes are back from V.
    • Nightmare, in all his hamminess, says this:
      • Even funnier was the second time his opponent rings him out. He seems to be miffed that either his opponent didn't take the hint or they aren't taking him seriously:
    • Geralt gets a rather surprised yet annoyed "What the hell?!" Alternatively, he says "This is ridiculous!" He's clearly not used to the concept of loss by technicality.
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    • Taki gets an annoyed "Damn it!"
      • Especially funny if she rings herself out by accident.
    • Kilik has a whiny "This is not fair!"
    • Mitsurugi has "Fight properly!"
    • Amy instead has a rather cold and serious "I give up."
      • Even funnier when she lost by ring out a second time, while still keeping her deadpan expression:
  • Some characters get some unique dialogue when pitted against each other. Some can be interesting, but others likely will elicit at least a chuckle.
    • Apparently, Ivy doesn't appreciate Nightmare's newfound sense of humor:
      Nightmare: Dexter Purpure, you ungrateful fool!
      Ivy: I've had enough of your petty jokes!
    • Seong Mi-na says this when about to fight Ivy:
      Seong Mi-na: Size isn't everything!
  • During her story line in Chronicle of Soul, Sophitia gets to spar with her fiancee Rothion. If the player uses the grab "Heaven's Arch", in which Sophitia puts her opponent's face against her crotch before slamming it to the ground, she delivers a cheeky... pillow talk line to her husband to be.
    Sophitia: Do you enjoy this?
  • Some of the Reversal Edge moves initiate unique quotes, which can be funny at times.
    Taki (against Maxi): You made your hair into a weapon?
    Mitsurugi (against Nightmare): What happened to your right arm?!
    • As a sidenote, nearly every character will make a comment about Maxi's hair if they successfully hit him with a Reversal Edge. Kilik even has a unique taunt in both his normal and Soul Charged states.
      Normal!Kilik: Your hair—nevermind.

      Malfested!Kilik: That hair, what's wrong with you?!
      • The funniest thing out of all this? Check out Maxi's taunt if, specifically, the top piece of his outfit's broken:
        Maxi: Dammit, my beautiful hair!
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment has conducted a series of community polls on what Create-A-Soul character they would make. The result? A Lizardman using Azwel's fighting style, sporting bat/demon wings, horns, a loincloth, and... cat ears? Where did they get that flintlock pistol?
  • You have the option to ask about Ivy's Stripperiffic outfit in Libra of Soul. Her response feels like the perfect sly wink from the devs that show they're fully aware of how over-the-top the sexualized designs are, and one need not worry about changing it.
    Ivy: This? I designed it myself. It allows me to communicate quickly with my blade and control it whether as a sword or a whip... I've never thought deeply on why though, to be quite honest.
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  • Xianghua's story is all about how she joined the Emperor's Guard. The trials to do so are, of course, grueling. She has to face powerful contenders, defeat friends, loyally brave desperate journeys... but first, she must do the most terrible challenge of all... a written exam. The absurdity of her being able to blow past every fight the Emperor throws at her, yet whining and bargaining as if writing is the worst thing ever conceived, is hilarious — made all the better by the fact that her instructor, a close family friend, spends the whole time trolling her.
    Meimei: (about Xianghua's favorite moon cakes) You can eat when you pass the exam.
  • The fourth chapter of Ivy's Soul Chronicle begins with the following piece of text:
    Nightmare told Ivy of his wish to return his father's soul to this world through the art of resurrection… Nothing about this situation appeared normal. To make matters worse, she found something decidedly uncouth about the other companion with whom she would be working — a hulking giant by the name of Astaroth.
  • Nightmare bestows the following titles on his highest servants: Dexter Purpure (on Ivy), Base Vert (on the Lizardman chief), and Sinister Sable (on Astaroth). Ivy considers hers a bad omen, what goes through Lizardman's mind is anyone's guess, and Astaroth is clearly weirded out by the whole thing and bemusedly "thanks" Nightmare with an awkward, uncomfortable look on his face.
  • In Astaroth's story, he and the Chief Lizardman briefly bond over how incredibly boring it is having to comb a continent for a sword. Astaroth even has a moment where he whines like someone too sleepy to get out of bed.
  • After hearing about Soul Edge's new owner, Mitsurugi mistakenly refers to Nightmare as "Night of Mare". Even outside of his Chronicle, he wouldn't stop calling him by that name. It gets funnier when the encyclopedia in the Museum has an entry on the error, lampshading that the ronin was not that smart.
    • In Libra of Soul, he misunderstands the Conduit's mention of Astral Fissures as "Astul fishies" and calls Geralt "Jerald".
  • Raphael's disguise to throw off people hunting him while in the service of Lord Dumas? Glasses and shortening his name to "Raphy."
  • One of the new front frames players can use for their Create-A-Soul portrait is a parody of a Time Magazine cover, reading "TIME's up" across the top, and "how to cope with GUARD IMPACT" along the bottom.
  • The "weapon and fighting style" portion of Grøh's profile in the Museum states that he actively invokes Calling Your Attacks, because he feels that the techniques of the organization should be passed down for future generations and that by shouting them in the midst of battle, his allies will take notes and be inspired.
  • Of course, there's the return of CAS, which as always allows for all sorts of possibilities for hilarity both online and off, such as having Cloud Strife fight Teddy Roosevelt as one example. A highlight in particular is having Thanos snap Spider-Man out of existence again. For those who've seen Avengers: Infinity War, it's darkly hilarious.
  • Should Astaroth, or a custom character using his style, hit his opponent with a Reversal Edge and succeed in the second round with a vertical attack, he can drag and throw his opponent off the stage or have them slam into the wall face-first. It comes with a unique camera shot if he does that.
  • As with most previous titles, successfully connecting Kilik or Seong Mi-na's Groin Attack makes a ding sound when it hits. Kilik's is particularly funny due to his very fitting line during the attack ("Forgive me!")
  • Geralt faces a persistent enemy in his Chronicle, a Malfested who can't leave him well enough alone. The first time is at Astral Chaos when Geralt has been sent to the Soulcalibur universe by the sorceress, while the second time is in the woods. The third time it happens, he interrupts Geralt's conversation with Edge Master about finding a way back home.
    Wounded Malfested: I will... kill you!
    Geralt: (clearly annoyed) Yadda, yadda. Let's get to it.
    • In the fight against Mitsurugi, should a Reversal Edge occur...
      Mitsurugi: Ready, Geralt?!
      Geralt: Ugh, really?
      Mitsurugi: Right before your eyes!
  • One of 2B's victory poses includes the camera going for a gratuitous upskirt before Pod points out she's being watched. 2B whirls around only to fold her arms and shoot an accusing Death Glare right at the camera.
  • Another has Pod finding a random item after the fight, which can include:
    • A parking ticket, which is anachronistic no matter which way you come at it.
    • A Mackerel. First, you can find this in the desert. Second, it's a Call-Back to one of Automata's joke endings, where eating one was a fatal experience for 2B. Tasted pretty good, though.
  • Even some of the generic character introductions can fit together surprisingly well. One of Zasalamel's intros is especially prone to this and makes him come across as The Comically Serious. Some examples:
    • Against Seong Mi-na.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    • Against Cervantes.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Cervantes: Hmph! You done talking yet?!
    • Alternatively...
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Cervantes: I'll silence your incessant mouth forever!
    • Against Raphael.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Raphael: Do not delude yourself, thou wretched fool!
    • Against Maxi.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Maxi: Boring... just like the rest of 'em.
    • Against Siegfried.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Siegfried: I've no time for you. Let's end this quickly!
    • Against Kilik.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Kilik: Are you sure? You asked for it.
    • Against Tira.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Tira (Jolly): Ooh! I'm getting goosebumps! Say that again!
    • Alternatively...
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Tira (Gloomy): Shut up and die!
    • Against Amy.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Amy: Is that... truly to important to you?
    Zasalamel 1: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Zasalamel 2: Hmph, I knew you would say that.
    • Against Astaroth.
    Zasalamel: Let the power of my words... sink into your soul!
    Astaroth: Is that all you have to say?!
    • This one becomes even funnier if Zasalamel gets killed by his Critical Edge, as Astaroth will say "Good! You're quiet now!" as a Bond One-Liner.


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