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Tear Jerker / Soulcalibur VI

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  • Siegfried's feelings of remorse and guilt in his Soul Chronicle over having killed his father Frederick and the massacres he committed as Nightmare are truly heartwrenching.
    • The above is only compounded by Nightmare's own Soul Chronicle, the final scene of which shows Siegfried-as-Nightmare being manipulated by Soul Edge—in the guise of Frederick—into amassing more and more souls, genuinely believing the sword will bring his father back to life if he complies with its wishes. The accompanying narration describes Nightmare as a Tragic Monster, and it's hard to disagree.
  • Maxi's Soul Chronicle showcases the close relationship he has with his pirate crew, whom Maxi regards as family. (In fact, Maxi's first mate and sworn brother Kyam is also his adopted brother who he's known since childhood according to this game.) Which makes it all the more tragic when Astaroth slaughters them in the main story. It also puts new context into Maxi's friendship with Kilik in that since his crew brought Kilik onboard their ship as one of their own, Kilik is now all that Maxi has left of his family.
    • To twist the knife further, one other member of Maxi's crew actually did survive: Yagaji, the shipwright who crafted Fatibal for Maxi and was sent back to the Ryukyu Islands due to an injury that ultimately spared him from suffering the same grisly fate. Yagaji would later learn of his family's demise and put down his chisel for good in response; Fatibal was one of his final creations, if not the very last.
  • At the end of Cassandra's Soul Chronicle, we finally learn of what became of the Cassandra from the Original Timeline. In that she was driven to insanity and became a Malfested after spending years trapped in the Astral Chaos, to the point that she had forgotten her own name. You know... the normally spunky and plucky Cassandra... reduced to that state... The poor lady. After she is defeated, the future Cassandra becomes lucid enough to warn her past self of what will become of Sophitia and Pyrrha if the former were to ever remove the fragment of Soul Edge close to her heart, and begs Cassandra to save her sister before disappearing.

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