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Some ideas are just awesome.

    • As the poster advertising it says: "Axe Cop. McNinja. They are on a team." It doesn't need to say anything else.
  • A new MS Paint Adventures series? Meh, this isn't as good as Problem Sleuth. It's so boring and slow pac-WAS THAT A GIANT METEOR? AND THERE ARE INTERACTIVE SEGMENTS? AND WE CAN CONTROL THE MIDNIGHT CREW!? Andrew Hussie, you are forgiven.
    • Several readers complained that Act 5 went on for too long, and there was some grumbling about the long wait for the end of Act 5 flash. But once Cascade was finally released, all of these were silenced under the hordes screaming "this is so fucking awesome!" Then Newgrounds got crashed after 10 minutes when Andrew uploaded it there.
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    • And then later, fans were getting very twitchy being forced to wait a full month for the Act 6 Act 3 Intermission (especially since, due to Hussie going to a convention and then making two full-length flashes, regular updates hadn't been around for quite a while) ...and then when the flash went up - a lengthy, beautiful walkaround with lots of character interaction, three awesome new characters, and a possibility of a canonised Rose/Kanaya, all of which amounting to only the first third of the full flash which would go up in proceeding days - Hussie was swiftly forgiven.
    • Homestuck: The Video Game. That sound you hear is the squeals of a million fans.
      • Reinforced by the fact that the fans funded the project in 32 hours. $700,000. In 32. Hours.
      • When the Kickstarter ended, it made slightly less than two and a half million dollars. And then they gave the opportunity for more donations with PayPal.
      • It's considered the 6th largest kickstarter project.
      • A group of fans sang a song about their feelings toward the game. As the lyrics of said song put it:
    My wallet is so light
    But god it feels so right...
    • When the Beta kids finally arrived in the Alpha session, it counted as this.
    • The announcement of Paradox Space, a series of creator-approved fancomics. That it happened during the Great Gigapause only gave the fans more relief.
    Paradox Space will feature many short comic stories involving literally any characters and settings from Homestuck. Any point in canon could be visited and elaborated on, whether it's backstory, some scenes that were skipped over or alluded to, funny hypothetical scenarios which have nothing to do with canon events, or exploring things that could have happened in canon through the "doomed timeline" mechanic that is a defining trait of Homestuck's multiverse-continuum known as "paradox space".
  • The Rift has ended? Awww... But wait! This Is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had! replaces it! And will have characters from Cuanta Vida in it! And there's more! A Spin-Off comic of Gabry and Liam! EEEE!!
  • It only took them, what, five years in real time? But in Girl Genius, finally, came The Big Damn Kiss.
  • Domain Tnemrot is getting a new character? Okay, wonder who- OH MY GOD SHE'S ADORABLE!
  • The scene in Gunnerkrigg Court where Kat receives a Love Confession from Paz. That one page garnered over 500 comments, and most of them could be paraphrased as; "Thank you Tom, thank you for finally getting the gay subtext out in the open and confirming a (human) character as lesbian." (There had been other homosexual relationships in the comic, but they were between a robot and sentient shadow and a Reality Warper with her Morality Pet, so...)
    • Some quotes from that glorious day, since the website's system means comments on specific comic pages are lost permanently:
    -Tom, I think half of the Gunnerkrigg fanbase just broke from happiness. This is so freaking adorable I can hardly contain myself. Paz in that second to last panel is so cute!
    -I am a 29 year old man, and I am awwing and grinning at these panels. It's very sweet.
    -I see ships, big as the harbour, big as the ocean. And I hear sound, thundering, pitched. Like legions of happy mice.
    -Oh, sweet little girl... This middle-aged broad who's straighter than quality control standards in a ruler factory is almost melting from the sheer cuteness and hopes this goes well. Hardly ever wanted to hug a fictional character so badly.
    -And thus the Tom said let there be a second ship. And it was good.
    -Tom. I cannot handle this rollercoaster of emotion. You are killing me right now. That being said, I hope somebody picks up that phone because I FREAKING CAAAAALLED IT.
    • And when Kat agreed to go out with Paz in response, the reaction was doubled, if anything.
  • Digger's getting a Kickstarter? An omnibus edition that collects all twelve books? FOAM PICKAXES AS A STRETCH GOAL? There isn't enough awesome in the world to equal this!
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  • On this day, 8/17/2013, the fandom of the Walkyverse rejoiced. AMBER PUNCH!!!
  • The Panthera fandom was this when the comic finally ended its months-long hiatus.
  • Christmas Eve 2014 saw the return of Engie to Nerf NOW!!. She almost didn't, not satisfied with the game she made she almost didn't return at all until Anne-Marie, who up until then had been using the money she earned from her streams to keep Engie fed, stole the code to the game. Engie came back the next day, with an official name waiting for her, something she never got before Tentajo booted her out of the house.
  • In Go Get a Roomie!, after Lillian gives Roomie her The Big Damn Kiss, the fans were...more than pleased. In a single day, the strip garnered over 1,000 comments celebrating the moment, far more than any other strip before it.
  • The return of The Gamer after a six week hiatus between chapters 86 and 87 was met with a ton of cheers from fans.
  • In Erfworld, following David Hahn departing as Erfworld's illustrator, fans wondered if Xin, the previous artist whose art was praised by many, could return. Rob decided to contact her, and as it turns out, she could. While many will regret David (whose art improved significantly over his time as Erfworld's illustrator), the fandom couldn't help but to rejoice at Xin's return.
  • In Nineteen-Ninety-Something, following the announcement "The Fall of the House of Duquesne" storyline would be the last to feature Kevin Duquesne. It says much about how hated he was that the fact that he was being written out still wasn't enough for some readers.note 


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