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This Is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had! (Worst Idea or TWIYEH, for short) is a webcomic by Kieran Thompson, a.k.a. Kytri. It follows Nicole Masterman, an elf and recent college graduate, who lives in a fictional town in Virginia with her close friend, Ian, and a small dog named Nummy Muffin Coocolbutter.

TWIYEH borrows its characters and some of its concepts from Kytri's first webcomic, The Rift, an Orphaned Series about a gang of bounty hunters. The Rift was ended in February 2010 due to lack of interest, but TWIYEH was started a few months later in May 2010.

While the characters from The Rift are the main players in the comic, several characters from Kytri's Team Fortress 2 fancomic, Cuanta Vida, have been appearing as major and minor characters, earning TWIYEH a sizable fanbase.

More information, as well as character bios, can be found here.

Also has a character sheet.

The comic came to an end on October 6th, 2019.


This Is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had! provides examples of:

  • Badass Adorable: Tiny Carmilla, who looks like she could be broken over one knee, corsets and all? Yeah, she punches through doors and flings them into the sky.
  • Changeling Tale: Turns out Ian is a fae, his human counterpart having recently turned up.
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  • Cast From Hitpoints: Magic users can suffer "burnout" if they're not careful. Some of them even die from it.
  • Catgirl: Cynthia is a Beastman, a biological human with some animal features. Additionally, Nai'ka are a species of people with cat-like features.
  • Little Bit Beastly: The Beastmen — biological humans with animal features. This includes Cynthia, Kimmie (the daughter of Cynthia's boss, a field mouse) and Jeremy (a rabbit). Apparently, there's surgery available that can make Beastmen look more like normal humans.
  • Major Injury Under Reaction:
    Nicole: "There's a sword in you!"
  • Manchild: Caine states he "doesn't wanna be an adult" when told the gang's Halloween party is a dinner party.
  • Mainlining the Monster: For a given value of "monster". Nai'ka blood induces magic in people who don't have it. The first arc involves tracking down a serial killer who harvests it.
  • Monster Roommate: Cynthia would seem to fill this role, except Nicole and Ian aren't exactly normal humans.
  • Mundane Fantastic: Somewhere between this and Urban Fantasy.
  • Must Be Invited: Discussed when Nicole and Cynthia argue about whether or whether not a vampire could come into their car uninvited.
  • Name of Cain: Subverted; Caine's a goofball more concerned with burritos and trying to get into a nightclub by annoying the bouncer than anything else.

Sin Pararse

Sin Pararse is a prequel comic about the relationship of Gabry and Liam. It is set in the TWIYEH Universe and has a darker overall tone than either Cuanta Vida or TWIYEH.

Sin Pararse features examples of:

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