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  • Digimon Frontier:
    • Ayumi Miyazaki or AiM not in it? I'll pass...Wait, Kouji Wada is doing all the songs? FIRE??? WITH THE WILL!!!!!????? YES!!!!
    • After Disney bought the company that dubs Digimon, the very first thing announced was that they'd go dub every movie that had been made up to that point (starting with Revenge of Diaboromon). And there was plenty of cheering.
  • Digimon Adventure is finally being released on DVD?! After about...what?! Thirteen whole years?! BANZAI!!! But wait! It's not bilingual! Well, it's better than nothing right? Hopefully we'll get the other—WHAT?! Digimon Adventure 02 is gonna be released as well?! ZOMG!!! Thanks, New Video Group!!!
  • How do you celebrate 15 years of Digimon? Five words: Taichi. Seventeen years. High school. Welcome back to the Adventure era, everyone.
    • Fans have been getting very excited about Digimon Adventure tri. and its focus on the original team.
    • The songs "Butterfly" and "Brave Heart" are going to return in the new season!
    • Alright, the first movie was pretty cool, how will they tease the second? in the poster? Well, alright, Toei acknowledged the 02 Chosens, might as well give their lead pair a chance...wait, Vikemon and Rosemon? It's not going to be the Tai and Matt Show anymore? ...everyone else from Adventure may be getting their Mega forms?
    • Despite some hints at an official English dub (such as using the term "Digi-Destined" on Tri's English website), no official confirmation had been made for over a year. That is, until Jeff Nimoy announced that he would be returning to voice Tentomon.
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    • Many of the fans are disappointed that some of the characters in the dub have been recasted due to the fact that many of the original voice actors have either retired or changed careers (particularly with Matt's voice actor being replaced with Vic Mignogna, who is divisive among anime fans). That is until it was announced that Joshua Seth, the original voice actor of Tai in the Digimon Adventure series, is stated to reprise his role in the Digimon Adventures tri. Keep in mind that Joshua Seth was mostly critical on the voice actor pay in anime work and had mostly retired from voice acting to be a mentalist, but it did not stop him from reprising his most iconic voice role in anime due to sheer amount of fan support.
  • Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizune:
    • The fact it's confirmed the 02 kids are reappearing after being very conspicuously absent in Tri till a point it's clear the writers don't even want to mention them which is something everyone including even their haters found disappointing and wasted potential for plot and character development.

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