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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Attack on Titan

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  • So, with FUNimation dubbing the series, who are they announcing as Eren's VA at Anime Boston? I hope it's either Josh Grelle or Greg Ayres....wait, they got Bryce Papenbrook as Eren Yeager! Nice move, Mike. Meanwhile, Grelle is voicing Armin.
  • Let's just say fans of Levi did not complain that the manga prequel by a different author explaining his past life and recruitment into the Survey Corps got its own animated adaptation.
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  • Many fans of Eren and Annie's friendship or even Ship Tease had been disappointed for a while thanks to the anime cutting out nearly all of their interactions from the manga. An Attack on Titan compilation film released in Japan on June, 2015 however, would finally include some of the missing segments of Annie being Eren's mentor.
  • The announcement of Season 3 which will be on 2018 really thrilled everyone. After waiting 4 years for the release of Season 2, fans are just glad that Season 3 will come out sooner despite WIT Studio's busy schedule.

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