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  • The FUNimation dub for Dragon Ball Kai had Freeza recast and voiced by a male voice actor (Christopher Ayres) whose performance will supposedly be very faithful to the Japanese version. It's what the fandom's been waiting for ever since the Kai dub was announced.
    • The creation of the "dub with Japanese music" track for the Dragon Ball Z season sets. The issues with "remastering" and the cropped aspect ratio harmed this somewhat.
      • Later when the Dragon Ball GT season sets were announced...Correct aspect ratio, less problematic remastering, removal of the Theme Tune Rap and replacing it with an English version of Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku sung by Vic Mignogna. Also, the Dragon Ball season sets finally (after almost 15 years) making the first 13 episodes available uncut and bilingual in America.
      • And of course, the fact that Funimation are now releasing the Dragon Boxes for Z. The ultimate remastered version done for the Japanese home release. And at a much cheaper price than they were in Japan.
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    • And now Dameon Clarke is set to reprise his role as Cell in Kai.
      • However, unfortunately, this news is not without it's disappointing tradeoff. Meredith McCoy's famously sexy Android 18 vocal depiction is now gone, as she has not come back from retirement for the role. But we got Colleen Clinkenbeard!
      • To the delight of several fans though, McCoy did return as No. 18 for the English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
    • An example from the Hungarian fanbase, which went through some zigzagging: In late 2011, news hit of a Dragon Ball show finally airing on TV, 12 years after its infamous cancellation. Fans went nuts. Then it turned out it's only Dragon Ball GT. Fans lost faith. Then they revealed the dubbing studio managed to reunite a large bulk of the original cast, save for a few very minor characters. Fans cried happy tears.
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    • Less than a year later, another Hungarian TV station announced that they're be re-airing Dragon Ball Z. The hitch is that it's shown with the original dub, which was infamously shoddily retranslated from the French version and Edited for Syndication, but on the bright side, this means the brilliant former voice cast isn't getting replaced, plus the bare fact that it returns after over a decade of being off the air is more than enough of a reason to rejoice.
      • And another year thereafter, the same TV station revealed that they've bought all of the episodes and are planning to keep airing them without any breaks (previously, only the first 52 got repeated over and over). So after a 14 year wait, for the first time, the dub may be shown on television in its entirety.
    • Not only has it been announced Kai will continue throughout the Buu saga, but Kyle Hebert has announced he's reprising his role as teenage Gohan.
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    • The bad news: It turns out that the "Buu Saga Kai dub" isn't happening - yet. The good news is the Japanese version of Kai's Buu saga dub is going to be officially airing in Japan just in time for DBZ's 25th anniversary, which hopefully means that the option isn't off the table just yet.
      • Actual good news: the Buu Saga finally got its dub!
    • FUNIMATION IS DUBBING BATTLE OF THE GODS! And it's getting released in theaters!
    • The English rights to Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ were confirmed a month before the film was even released in Japan, and it's confirmed that the film will be getting a U.S. theatrical release in Summer 2015.
      • In that film, we got Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta cue the cheers.
      • The fandom in general went bonkers especially after hearing Frieza would return, in a new form. Plus some of the supporting cast would return to get in on the action. It made so many fans happy it renewed interest in a nearly 20 year old franchise.
    • After 18 years, a new Dragon Ball anime is making its way back to television by the name Dragon Ball Super.
      • And Future Trunks is back for his own arc? And he's going to spend an entire episode processing the differences between the grim, rough Future Badass Gohan who mentored him before dying young and the dorky, domestic Retired Badass Gohan who's married with a new baby?! AND there's Future Gohan flashbacks??!! YES, thank you! You're too kind!
      • So what's going to happen for the next arc? Another tournament this time featuring fighters and Gods of Destruction from the rest of the multiverse? Intriguing but nothing too exciting...Wait, is that Gohan wearing his Mystic outfit from the Buu Saga? Mystic Gohan has returned?! This is just getting better and better...
      • The English dub of Super is pretty great so far! I wonder what's—aww dammit, the Potaufeau arc is up next. Well, guess we'll have to wait until the Future Trunks saga... wait, what's that? Brian Drummond is voicing Copy Vegeta?! Scratch that; this arc just became worth watching!
    • So Super's getting a movie, eh? Ho-hum, that's to be expec-wait, GOKU HAS HIS POWER POLE BACK?
      • Broly is going to be in the movie?! Sure, his powers and design might be cool, but his backstory sucks. Wait, Akira Toriyama is giving Broly a new backstory? Maybe Broly will actually be a compelling character this time.
      • GOGETA IS IN THE MOVIE? AWESOME! One of the coolest fusions in Dragon Ball history has come to fight Broly!

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