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07:56:42 PM Jul 14th 2014
We need to do something about the Gematsu leaks in this YMMV. Some of the posts are giving it more credit than they actually deserve. Heck, there are people now saying that just because Chrom wasn't confirmed that the whole list shouldn't be questioned...despite the fact 2 characters were confirmed and one was deconfirmed from the list.

For example, if you say a Pokemon from X/Y, that doesn't mean you're correct because its a vague statement. Xermeas is confirmed for X/Y Pokeball and that statement would count. And Palutena was leaked way at the beginning so he can't take credit for that.
04:19:56 PM Jun 15th 2014
It seems like the Pokemon anime's Hate Dumb has invaded this page. Can we tone it down and not start a Fandom Rivalry?
07:06:29 PM Jun 15th 2014
Is it Darth Megatron? He tends to... mention the Pokemon Anime in a lot of other mediums.
08:35:50 PM Jun 15th 2014
Let me check.
09:20:17 PM Jun 15th 2014
Some quick scanning reveals he made at least most of those edits.
09:21:30 PM Jun 15th 2014
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I noticed that too, but wasn't sure if I should say anything.
06:05:13 AM Jun 16th 2014
So... is he wrong? I've been taking his word that Pokémon Speak is hated by fans of the Pokemon games, as I am a fan of them but not really tied to the fandom.

I mean, some of it probably could stand to be pruned for the sake of being a bit contentious, but is there a sizable fandom that feels the same as him?
09:22:43 AM Jun 16th 2014
From what I've seen of fanfics and other members of the fandom I interact with Pokémon Speak is an accepted (though not universally loved) part of the franchise. Many fans simply assume it's how Pokemon talk at this point.

Regardless it's kinda annoying to see so much natter about the Pokemon anime on a Smash page.
03:28:47 PM Apr 7th 2014
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The part in quotation marks is kept on the Wiki. The rest isn't.

There is no way to infer from the context that this article is reliable enough. The original twitter itself is unfindable and cannot be verified. This actually means using it as proof won't work as random tripping was not said. Also, seeing as how Sakurai is often a Lying Creator at times, as he changed his mind of things among games, this even more vague statement doesn't mean much. He said no tripping will return. Clearly some tripping did, meaning that we can't take anything useful from it either.

It's best to just leave it off since people insist on using an unreliable article instead of just waiting and seeing.

...In addition, Diddy's Banana Peels weren't even confirmed. Hinted at. So we couldn't use that write-up either.
08:14:08 AM Apr 8th 2014
The original tweet is irrelevant. A journalist said he had a personal interview with the man, and the whole context of that article is about the random tripping specifically. An article on a known gaming website is enough; we don't need a signed and certified affidavit. You're being a little pedantic here. I don't see anything that makes the article "unreliable."
08:26:32 AM Apr 8th 2014
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Yes, we do need a direct statement from Sakurai, not an article that can't be properly sourced from the official statement.

And I'd appreciate it if you didn't call people names. Keep it completely civil, please.

That context is still worthless since that'd be assuming that Sakurai knew 100% what the interviewer meant(assuming the interviewer even said it word for word and didn't paraphrase at all), or that he even was saying random tripping was gone. We can only tell what the interviewer meant, but definitely not what Sakurai meant. It's not reliable, we already know we can't find the real tweet, which is the actual source. It too easily comes off as a potential biased source. There's no way to legitimately rely on it any more.

And yes, the original tweet is extremely relevant, since we don't even know if the article creator is being truthful at all. We're looking for Sakurai's official confirmation random tripping was gone(which there's no way to tell if he definitely meant that no matter what from his specific statement alone. It's purely WMG as it is now). Only the Tweet can tell us anything, and that's gone.

We're still better off just leaving it out to dry since the real source is gone, only left with a "I said this guy said" source. Which is of course unreliable for this wiki. We have to be a lot stricter than this.
08:42:41 AM Apr 8th 2014
Errr... did I miss some name-calling?

But anyway, I think referencing the interview is fine. We have no reason not to trust Kotaku, it's not a random blog but a fairly respecting video game journalism site.

I don't see any mention of forced tripping either way, so that can go. But then again, I don't think anyone had any issue with it so it's not really relevant to Scrappy Mechanic anyway.
08:49:33 AM Apr 8th 2014
The interview did not actually mention random tripping either. It's just apparent to some people.

And calling people "pedantic" is needlessly insulting.

We can't really take anything as confirmed from anyone but Sakurai. Kotaku isn't as reliable as him either. That, and he didn't confirm which kind of tripping would be taken out. Again, it's just better off left out since the article can't properly source the original conversation. No, being a good site doesn't make it as reliable as an official site either. It's not legitimate confirmation. If anything, he did say "No tripping will return" and then some did. Meaning that Lying Creator could too easily be in play right now. Likewise, with no source for the twitter, it's taking the word of a guy that Sakurai said something. Sorry, but I don't see how that's trustworthy enough. It's still unreliable to this day. It was reliable when we could reference or quote the exact twitter post. I looked for that twitter since I saw this article and still couldn't find it anyway. I'm really not so sure it was as real as we think it is.

We're better off keeping this in WMG'ing since the context of Sakurai's reply is not implied like the article writer's was originally.
10:44:45 AM Jun 12th 2013
"While it might not be considered superior to melee, Brawl is still considered ok" What. the. hell. Brawl is almost universally considered to be a better game than melee. The only real exception is the tournament scene, which is a very vocal minority. Just ok? What the hell, It's reviews and its sales speak louder than fans.
11:43:38 AM Jun 12th 2013
That part of it is specifically referring to the people who consider Melee to be inherently better than Brawl.
11:43:10 AM Aug 1st 2012
I still can't believe people think shit like this is acceptable.

  • Which is ironic, considering these people aren't "Stop Having Fun" Guys by definition. "Stop Having Fun" Guys play within the perameters set within the default game, whereas competitive Smash players limit things such as stage selection and item usage. A more vulgar, but ultimately more descriptive term that's used for this kind of Smash player is "tourneyfag".
08:01:19 PM Oct 9th 2011
Are we really going to keep up the Smashboards stuff? That's just going to lead to Flame Bait very quickly.

It's already a very dark topic in Smashboards itself. Are we sure this is a good idea?
02:00:33 PM Oct 22nd 2011
(Late reply, but I've just reincorporated the discussion pages to my watchlist, didn't saw them before)

No, it isn't. In fact, one of the forum rules which also apply on the wiki is that drama importing is forbidden. Add the fact that the deletion of a warning (regarding the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, no less) and the rule against complaining... well...

@Amagicalbadger: A tip for you: you might want to check Administrivia for all you need to know, as you broke three rules at once. You might get banned for that!
02:20:46 PM Nov 24th 2011
To clarify, the drama thing was only specific to the forums. Anyway, agreed regardless.

It's important to clarify that he was banned in what regions, as that is interesting information. But we don't need to delve heavily into it, as you can go to Smashboards for all your problems.

And yeah, I reported Amagicalbadger in the Ask The Tropers anyway. We took care of it, with some extra wiki magic as is. Hopefully, what we've said should be enough.

Likewise, I do hope that we won't need to ever lock YMMV.
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