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03:56:01 PM Jun 21st 2018
What, nobody else thinks including Ridley is stupid and pandering to the base? All I'm saying is that there are people out there who think that, and you can't treat it as if EVERYONE likes his inclusion.
04:56:19 AM Jun 22nd 2018
Those are a vocal minority. If we included the opinion of all vocal minority complaints, 95% of the Smash roster would seem like Base Breakers. I mean, not EVERYONE likes even the likes of Villager, Mega Man, Dedede, Wario, Marth, Fox, Samus, Ness, Sheik, Ganondorf, Ike, Shulk, etc. That doesn't make noting their detractors relevant.

Besides, Ridley was one of the most discussed specific conversations on Twitter.
10:54:56 PM Jun 14th 2018
Okay, so I zapped the bottom three entries on Ensemble Darkhorse (Young Link, ALBW Zelda, and Ridley), and here's my reasoning. The nature of Smash means that only major characters are added in the first place, so for these games the trope is judged on a meta level - who are the bit players in the context of Nintendo itself, and who are exceptional in popularity despite their obscurity? The current examples we have listed show this very well:

  • Captain Falcon was a huge player in internet meme culture in the 2000s era, and in The New '10s he's still loved. This, despite belonging to one of the lowest selling titles.
  • Ness, Lucas, Marth, and Roy were all left-fielders who gave their home games enormous, long-lasting popularity boosts to such an extent that no other character has ever replicated. These boosts resulted in massive success for Fire Emblem, and created several indie titles inspired by MOTHER such as OFF and Undertale.
  • Zero Suit Samus' effect on Metroid is noted in her entry, so I don't need to go over it.

The clearest pattern in all of these is the test of time. Falcon is still highly quoted, not just by Smash fans, and has been for almost two decades, while Ike and Shulk lost their meme-game in a comparatively short time frame. Any game that gets put into Smash will get a popularity boost, but only MOTHER and Fire Emblem have managed to keep it. Zero Suit Samus had a clear impact on her home series that is still felt to this day.

Zelda's redesign, Young Link, Ridley, they're all good and loved - and so is everybody else. That's why for Smash, exceptionalism is key. The hype regarding anything will eventually die off after a month or two once the game launches, and only then can we tell who passes the test. Ridley, I will concede, might be fine due to the overwhelming demand and his history with the series, which I would say is exceptional in a way the other examples don't cover (we should still wait for release to see if he holds up). The other two (and most possible examples, period) absolutely do not clear the bar.
11:16:28 PM Jun 14th 2018
Looking back at it now, Young Link does not fit the bar much. Even since Melee, most of the Links incarnations have been either Adult Link or Toon Link in my opinion. Correct me if I am wrong though.

I also was not sure how popular he was in the Melee era as I did not own a Nintendo Gamecube then so I kinda put in percentages for that reason.

I don't think that ALBW!Zelda will fit the criteria either way unless ALWB gets a remake and a whole bunch of sequels in which I don't think it will happened.

Ridley is the one example out of those three that I feel really qualifies over being an Ensemble Darkhorse but I am willing to wait until the game is released in order to see how well he plays.

Does anybody else have any further opinions on this? I want to listen to everybody's opinions on this.
04:56:37 PM Feb 4th 2016
There has been discussion about the validity of the Magnum Opus trope in regards to the YMMV page. From what I've seen, there are several other YMMV pages that use the trope.

05:56:37 AM Feb 5th 2016
There... uh really is no dicussion. It's an In Universe Only Trope so it belongs on the main page with an Invoked tag.

It's a relatively recent decision so there's still misuse out there. I see Zero Context Examples all over the wiki, doesn't mean that they're allowed.
11:44:08 AM Nov 9th 2015
  • Hypocritical Fandom: Some fans make hypocritical complaints about Ganondorf's cloned moveset, mostly claims that he's hardly been overhauled or decloned compared to characters like Falco and Roy, and that his moveset is almost exactly like Captain Falcon's compared to the other clones with their original counterparts. These fans tend to ignore the fact that Ganondorf was already decloned to a similar degree between Melee and Brawl, and that he shares fewer moves and characteristics in common with Captain Falcon than the other cited clones do with their templates (especially Roy with Marth).

This entry seems like Flame Bait to me because it's judgmental of the fandom.
03:50:42 PM Nov 12th 2015
edited by Tyrathius
Sounds to me like he either misunderstood or deliberately misrepresented the opposing side's argument. Most people are aware that Ganon is only a semi-clone now, they're just upset that he's a clone at all when he's one of Nintendo's most iconic villains and has plenty of potential for a more interesting moveset. They don't claim he's hardly been overhauled compared to other clones, just that he hasn't been overhauled as much as he needs.

Now you could say that it's still unfair to want Ganon to get a completely unique moveset and not them. But Roy and Falco are, to be blunt, far less important characters, and at least make logical sense as clones of the characters they are, since they're from the same series and have similar jobs/roles. Ganon has absolutely nothing in common with Capt Falcon other than having a model that could be placed on Falcon's skeleton. So I don't think it's unfair to place higher priority on Ganon getting his own moveset than them. Even then, I doubt many people would be against them getting made more unique, there's just not as much demand for it as there is for Ganon, for the reasons stated above.

09:51:09 AM Jul 8th 2015
For Americans Hate Tingle:
  • In Japan, Dark Pit is a popular character in the game he originally appeared in and in Smash. Internationally, a lot of people feel making him a fully-playable Moveset Clone of Pit was just about the least interesting thing they could have done with him - depending on who you ask they're either disappointed that he's too similar to Pit (ironically), or they hate him outright for being another playable character from the already-widely-represented Kid Icarus franchise, which has had less impact on Nintendo's history than other series like Donkey Kong and Metroid, which received less representation. Another major complaint is that the character could have easily worked as either an alternate color palette for Pit or an alternate costume (similar to Olimar and Alph and Bowser Jr. and the Seven Koopalings) instead of taking up another character slot. This dislike even extends to people that like the character (and fans of Kid Icarus as a whole), and many of these fans are upset that Dark Pit is playable instead of more diverse characters like Medusa or Hades.

Is this being shoehorned or not? I have no idea about Dark Pit's popularity in his home franchise so I can't say for certain.
11:51:15 AM Jul 8th 2015
It's shoehorning. Reads like someone trying to find another reason to cram in gripes about the character that don't fit the trope.
03:45:58 AM Jun 16th 2015
edited by FlamingoKai
About Narm regarding Falco - Isn't his emotionless delivery of the Smash 4 Final Smash voice clip intended? I mean, Falco does prefer the air, so his boredom is warranted when he has to drive the Landmaster...
12:00:31 PM May 9th 2015
Can Alas, Poor Scrappy be applied to characters that are removed from the roster but not technically killed?
08:33:11 AM May 11th 2015
02:04:59 PM Feb 15th 2015
Is there a source that can link to the apparent hatred of Diddy Kong in SSB 4? I know of his Tier-Induced Scrappy reputation, but when did the hatred for him warranting a Scrappy entry appear? Most of the complaints I see have more to do with his being ridiculously good, not anything about the character or being unpopular with people who aren't fans of Donkey Kong.
03:48:36 AM Jun 16th 2015
Ridiculously good combined with annoying sound effects and being a Kid Appeal Character can do that... plus during the times when he's good, you had to use or fight Diddy all the time.
01:01:09 AM Dec 31st 2014
edited by DocSharp
With the rather recent creation of Fan Favorite (thank god too, the site's needed a trope like that for a while now), we should probably clean up Ensemble Darkhorse. Here's my suggestions:

  • Cut all characters on the roster. The lack of any actual plot (disregarding Subspace) means the main way to gauge character importance is to check if they're on the roster. If they are, they're a main character. The only one we can probably exempt is Roy, given how much fan support he has in comparison to his exposure in the series, or there lack of.
  • Cut Master Core. He's the Final Boss; no matter what game you're in, that's a big role to play.
  • Cut Ridley. After poking around it turns out people don't like him as a boss too much.
  • Pit's black alt, Xander Mobus, and maybe Color TV-Game 15 can stay.
  • Metal Face could probably be added; I've seen a handful of people who really like his Boss Banter.
  • Who we list as fan favorites is a little tricky, considering the game we've got, but Captain Falcon and Link are definitely near the top in terms of popularity.

EDIT: Ignore this. Fan Favorite has been deleted.
12:30:09 AM Dec 25th 2014
edited by
So someone added an entry that Little Mac was banned from unofficial competitive play, but asking some actual competitive players this apparently hasn't happened on the Smash Boards (which I have been told is the Smash equivalent of Smogon). Either the entry is a flat-out lie and needs to be deleted or he's been banned by a lesser-known rule-set (which I don't even know exist because I'm not a comp Smash player) and we should probably specify which website/ruleset banned him.
09:46:42 PM Dec 26th 2014
For now I edited it so that it doesn't say he's banned from all competitive play. Only Arima can say exactly where they got their info from.
12:58:02 PM Dec 17th 2014
Should we have Periphery Demographic / Periphery Hatedom listed? I know as a whole the game isn't marketed towards a precise crowd, but game modes and characters seem to be more popular in certain demographics than others. One such example is the infamous Smash Tour. Hated by soloists like myself, adored by players who actually live in the same house.
12:27:08 AM Dec 25th 2014
Periphery Hatedom is Flame Bait I believe, and I'm not sure if your examples qualify regardless since multiplayer modes are meant to be enjoyed with multiple people.
10:00:22 AM Dec 14th 2014
They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character is when a character with good potential doesn't get nearly as much exposure as espected, often being out of focus, killed or written off the story. Besides the Space Emissary, SSB doesn't have a plot. Here it is written as "I hate the moveset of my favorite characters". Do you think the examples should stay?
07:36:24 AM Dec 15th 2014
07:54:11 AM Dec 15th 2014
Yeah, he's right. That's misuse.
01:53:19 PM Nov 19th 2014
edited by
Crack Pairing:

Does anyone else agree that there's no reason for Palutena/Ganondorf to be deleted from the page? There's this, and then there are quite a few threads on GameFAQs that are either about the pairing or mention it casually (for example, one now-deleted thread where Palutena kicked Ganondorf out of the house). Also, popularity is subjective, and the ship exists in the first place.

I am an even stronger supporter of Palutena/Charizard (an even crack-ier pairing), but don't think it should be listed on the page because I haven't seen much discussion/fanart on it.

02:05:20 PM Nov 19th 2014
edited by
I've never heard of it, but it's YMMV.

Just don't overstate how common it is and I think it could stay.
02:14:00 PM Nov 7th 2014
edited by
Removed the following:

  • However, with the reveal that the Wii-U version will feature eight player smash, it doesn't seem to be a matter of just one console's hardware - if a player was allowed to set up an all-computer battle with 8 Ice Climbers, that would mean the game needs to run 16 Ice Climbers all at once (since the non-player-controlled Ice Climber has its own AI), which would stretch the CPU of the Wii-U even before getting into items and stage effects.

Because of the fact that even on the Gamecube, a far less powerful system, 5 Ice Climbers was able to be handled along with a different character without the game slowing down.

02:16:05 PM Nov 7th 2014
Agreed. Also, we cannot say that would even be for sure. That's purely Wild Mass Guessing at best. We know the 3DS cannot handle the regular Ice Climbers. We cannot say anything about the Wii U version, until Sakurai says something. And that's also proof it's unlikely to be the case.
02:23:48 PM Nov 7th 2014
To be fair, based on what Sakurai said about the Ice Climbers working perfectly fine on the Wii U version, it seems to imply (IMO) that he did test them by playing 8-player matches. Besides, if they didn't work on the Wii U when using 8 of them, I feel that Sakurai would have said something.
06:20:42 PM Nov 8th 2014
When Sakurai spoke about the Ice Climbers, 8 Player Smash hadn't been announced yet. He might not have said anything because he didn't want to reveal it yet, and didn't say anything after the reveal because there was no need.
09:53:53 AM Oct 29th 2014
  • Replacement Scrappy:
    • Lucario "replacing" Mewtwo in Brawl as the resident "tough" Pokémon is easily the series' biggest example. The idea has died down but is still present as of Smash 4, with Greninja being drawn in as another of Mewtwo's "replacements"; though Mewtwo being added as DLC ought to help.
    • Ike for Roy in Brawl. Both are swordsmen from the same series who are physically stronger than Marth note  and Ike was the protagonist of later entries prior to Brawl's release.
    • Toon Link for Young Link for Wind Waker haters.
    • Averted in Brawl concerning the MOTHER characters, as fans were preparing to hate Lucas for not being Ness until it was revealed that both would be in the game.
    • Up until Lucina's and Robin's reveal, there was initially an inversion in the case of Fire Emblem; a portion of the fanbase got up in arms because Marth and/or Ike weren't replaced by Chrom, Lucina, or one of the other Awakening characters.

I've brought this to the discussion page so that if anyone disagreed about the removal of Replacement Scrappy, they can weigh in here. Previously, Ask The Tropers weighed in on this and determined the current examples for replacement scrappy don't count. If anyone believes otherwise, please discuss it here instead of readding the entry back on the YMMV page.
10:52:26 AM Oct 29th 2014
I was the one who recently readded it and I'm sorry I caused problems; I hadn't realized that it had already been discussed. My reasoning was that I was aware of fan response that disliked certain characters in favor of others that had been cut, which is basically the laconic version of the trope. But now that I've actually read the ATT discussion, I do mostly agree with the verdict - I think the Lucario/Mewtwo example might deserve some mention somewhere, because it seems like the "Mewtwo being replaced" idea is still on people's minds enough for them to joke about it; but other than that, I do agree with the consensus now that I've actually read its reasoning. Again, I'm sorry I caused trouble.
11:30:56 AM Oct 29th 2014
edited by
It's fine. You didn't know and fully had no malicious intent.

That said, I would say only Pichu and Lucario could be an inversion, as Mewtwo and Lucario are actually nothing alike outside of a slightly similar Neutral B. I've been doing some actual research on this. Lucario does not play any similar role to Mewtwo. Every Pokemon was popular, so that doesn't count. Almost all of them were in a movie(including Pichu) as the star(s). Again, doesn't work.

Lucario has an ideal version of Pichu's gimmick, which isn't like by everyone. Damage is a key point to how his gimmick works. It holds him back in a way much like Pichu. They're also both the latest Gen additions. This is the only valid one because Pichu is a Scrappy. And it's an inversion because Lucario was his only potential replacement possible. They actually have more in common than Mewtwo and Lucario, as one slightly similar move does not make them very similar at all. Anthro is pushing it. The movie thing means little since it could apply for both. I wouldn't list an inversion either, though. If no straight examples exist, should we bother?

I do not remember if Roy was actually physically stronger than Marth. He's faster, though. However, as we know, they were all planned, and both Mewtwo and Roy had more than just garbage data. They had victory screens too. They were fully intended to be in the game. My question is if these intentions matter. From what I remember of the trope, they're a direct replacement for the character's role, and wouldn't that be strictly a standard that the creator set?

As for a previous thing, where somehow Mewtwo and Lucario are both the "Ensemble Darkhorse" 4th Pokemon character, that's... not even possible. I know this was in ATT, but I might as well say it here too; Sakurai explicitly made it clear there is 39 total characters in Brawl. PT was not counted as a true one for his purposes. Another thing is that Jigglypuff was likely added late into development. He obviously made Pikachu first. If he brought back Mewtwo, he probably was next. That would leave Lucario, or Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard next. If Mewtwo was made after PT, then that makes Mewtwo or Lucario the exact 5 Pokemon made. With Jigglypuff the 6th. Basically, slots don't equal characters to Sakurai. At least during Brawl. He basically separated everyone but Mii Fighters(who are listed as Miis in some of the record data).

Lastly, we should flesh out the entries slightly(any that would stay, anyway, since an inversion is still better than no legitimate example otherwise). The Toon Link one is just flame bait in disguise as it's worded.
11:35:23 AM Oct 29th 2014
... why?
01:02:33 PM Oct 29th 2014
I thought Septimus Heap said to take this to the Scrappy Cleanup thread?

Regardless, I don't believe any of the examples qualify and should just be cut. If you haven't read my reasoning in the ATT thread, it boils down to the replacements being to popular to be considered for any Scrappy trope (Tier-Induced Scrappy notwithstanding because that one's weird).
01:17:58 PM Oct 29th 2014
He said that could work as a legit idea. Wasn't actually demanding it. But if that works too, sure.

While I agree with that too, I don't see many roles being filled either(either a Kanto Mon leaving for a Kanto character using 3 Kanto Mons, or a Movie/Mascot Character replacing another Movie/Mascot character while both have a damage gimmick), the key point as well. Hence why an inversion for Pichu makes sense. But that's about it.
01:49:43 PM Nov 1st 2014
@ Karxrida: I may have misunderstood, but I thought that was suggested to help organize a cleanup to the Replacement Scrappy page itself (either by weeding out examples that encourage errors like what's posted in the original post of this discussion, or re-writing that page's description)? If I was mistaken, I apologize for the confusion.
03:33:05 PM Nov 1st 2014
I see no problems with discussing entries either here or here.
07:26:06 AM Nov 3rd 2014
... but we discussed the entries. It's near unanimous that they don't apply. So the idea of fleshing out the entries (for characters that it doesn't apply to) seems nonsensical.
08:12:42 PM Nov 3rd 2014
There's an inversion of the trope we can use, but none can apply otherwise.

If not that, we can just discuss entries unrelated to Smash in the cleanup thread then.
12:03:30 AM Oct 19th 2014
edited by
Can we really say that U/3DS is a Contested Sequel right now? The main console version isn't even out, and from a game play mechanical standpoint, it seems to be near universally regarded as a massive improvement over Brawl. The biggest complaint in the entry is "it didn't change enough from Brawl." Compared to the long list of complaints Brawl brought, that's rather light.
12:54:02 AM Oct 19th 2014
"Near universal"? Huh, might want to back it up.
01:43:56 AM Oct 19th 2014
edited by
I was speaking about the game play mechanics. I should have been clearer about that. When the listed complaint is something like "most/all the changes are an improvement over Brawl, but there aren't enough of them," then that seems a bit light for Contested Sequel, which indicates a much bigger rift.

Moreover, my main point is that the console version has yet to be released, and that could completely change everything. Comparing handheld games to console games is a bit tricky. Should we not wait until the full release before making a final call?

This Wiki:

"Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U/3DS is trying to do this for players that prefer Melee without alienating fans of Brawl. For the most part, it seems to be working."

Everyone is happy about the removal of tripping.

The game's balanced roster is mentioned in the Moment of Awesome page. Brawl is frequently criticized for it's poorly balanced roster.

"The hardcore fans of Super Smash Bros. generally took a "once bitten, twice shy" approach to Wii U / 3DS after the relatively underwhelming Brawl, and the early build displayed at E3 2014 and subsequent promotional events that suffered many of the same problems as Brawl didn't help matters. Then, the finished game was released, which altered the mechanics from the demo build completely, along with doing things like adding onscreen tips that explained details and tactics previously hidden to most players, fans are beginning to warm back up to it."

- Win Back The Crowd

Professional Reviews:

"Nintendo’s signature fighting game series, which brings together dozens of familiar and obscure game characters in chaotic four-player battles, has charmed casual players and hardcore fighting game aficionados alike. The 2001 version for GameCube, Super Smash Bros. Melee, has been so perennially popular with fans that it was a featured game at this year’s EVO tournament. But the follow-up for Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, was roundly rejected by that same community. It was slow and clunky, with none of the depth or fast-paced gameplay of its predecessor, and it introduced several mechanics that annoyed everyone.

"Going into the latest Smash Bros., which will be released October 3 for the portable 3DS (a Wii U version follows later this year), I had little faith it would recapture the magic.

"I’ve never been happier to be wrong."


"The Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl featured online multiplayer, but it was a laggy mess at the best of times. Fortunately, the 3DS game is leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor, but the functionality of online play seems to hinge on the geographical location of other players."


"The Smashing itself feels slightly faster and more technical than Super Smash Bros. Brawl — though not quite to the esoteric degree of Melee. I don't possess the acumen to dissect the franchise's more arcane maneuvers, but the feel of the game is a bit less floaty and less gimmicky than Brawl."


"The 3DS game lacks some widely panned mechanics from Brawl, particularly the random tripping that would cause characters to simply fall over face first as well as the general feeling of a low-gravity floatiness. In their stead are a bevy of subtle new additions aimed at both casual players and the core crowd. The result feels more honest and broadly appealing than any previous iteration."


"Series vets should know that Smash Bros. for 3DS feels much more in line with the methodical, somewhat floaty feel of Brawl than the ridiculously fast pace and palpable weightiness of Melee. Even if the 3DS gameplay isn't precisely what Melee fanatics demand, it provides enough depth for the hardcore crowd, while still being incredibly entertaining to casual players. Thankfully, randomized elements like Brawl's ill-conceived tripping mechanic have been removed from the equation to achieve maximum enjoyment for players of all kinds."


"Enter Smash 3DS. Not only has it rekindled my love for the series, but I have a feeling that once the Wii U version hits, living rooms will be smashing for hours all over again."


Other Reviews:

Many people here talk about the improvements over Brawl. There are admittedly some complaints concerning the lag in online matches, the awkwardness of playing on a handheld, and occasionally the characters, but those reasons are not listed under Contested Sequel. Additionally, they might not be present in the Wii U version. What is also interesting to note is that the more recent reviews are generally positive.


This one points out a lot of improvements over Brawl.

12:28:18 PM Oct 29th 2014
...Not everybody is happy with tripping gone. I've outright seen topics to return it on Smashboards alone. Mostly were closed for fighting.

It's not near universal, man. Everybody's entirely different. I've seen it get a crapton of hate, some for the cuts, others for holding back potential stuff due to the 3DS...

Many do say it's an improvement, but it's far more subjective.
11:45:02 AM Oct 31st 2014
edited by
I suppose you learn something new every day. Still, a lot of people certainly don't miss tripping.

Again, I was talking about the general consensus of the game mechanics. I suppose 'near universal' was a bit strong of a description, but a majority seems to think that it's an overall improvement over Brawl in terms of gameplay. Otherwise, there wouldn't be entries under Win Back the Crowd.

The featured reason for the hatred under the initial Contested Sequel entry was that "it didn't change enough from Brawl." The major criticisms that I've read seem to be directed at the changes rather than the lack of changes. Aside from disliking the defense gameplay style, nothing was specified. Character cuts weren't mentioned. Neither was lost potential due to the 3DS version. Awkwardness of playing on a handheld didn't even come up. Lag in online modes and/or multiplayer wasn't pointed out. Meanwhile, the Brawl entry has numerous specific reasons (floaty physics, tripping, slower-paced combat, poor character balance, etc.) for what made it a Contested Sequel.

Either way, it is best to wait for the Wii U version before making any final calls. From the trailer alone, it's already looking to be a different experience from the 3DS.

07:38:17 PM Oct 11th 2014
Requesting to move Pichu from Alas Poor Scrappy because no one is asking for Pichu to come back unlike Mewtwo. I'm pretty sure that's BS as no one will be hated as much as Pichu. Its an exaggeration when you look at Youtube comments and people STILL say that Pichu is the worse with the excuse that Pichu is an intentional example of being hated. The Kid Icarus negatively bias is apparent in the YMMV or maybe it's Melee shrilling.
07:40:49 PM Oct 11th 2014
Plus you know the hypocrisy of adding Pichu in this list? Get angry at Dark Pit who is a clone. Demand another worse clone of Pikachu to come back with justifications. Like really? Will remove in 24 hours because the logic fails as bad as every character who was cut being added to Alas Poor Scrappy.
12:03:27 PM Oct 29th 2014
I've seen more than one person ask, so... I don't see how it can't apply. Every character has a fanbase, some more vocal than others. One person I saw named Mewtwomaster2002 was very specifically a Pichu fan, to the point he acted like he wanted him more than Mewtwo(or that I remember). Point being, it's a very applicable trope. I want him back badly too, and he'd be a nice filler spot for fun.
12:03:49 AM Oct 7th 2014
Have issues with Palutena being "the worst". She's used A LOT online and usually wins against a character who has no projectile or uses projects too much. The only crappy ability she has for special is her auto reticle that can't kill in sudden death but her reflect works against projectiles and counter pushes people back and while her tilt is slow, if you're caught in it, it has a a lot of knock back not mention she has some of the strongest and long reaching smash attacks in the game and recovers fast from them.

Requesting remove since I want to see actual proof people saying she sucks yet going on Youtube videos, Palutena is easy to use (and contradicts her Ensemble Darkhorse status).

Same with Little Mac even though I agree he is used a lot online. When I spectate and people use him, he loses the minute he's thrown off the stage and in a free for all moving stage, he's a goner. Also requesting remove.
08:41:44 PM Oct 7th 2014
Have another Suggestion. How about we remove the Tier Induced Scrappy since it seems to repeat itself for certain characters and its not organized from high and low. (And it still doesn't apply to Palutena at all by definition given her smash attacks are faster than her tilts.)
07:21:40 PM Oct 9th 2014
Another thing, the lack of a tier in the 4th Smash Brothers should by default remove the characters. This will only end up like the Sonic incident where he was bottom tier until people started winning and was removed altogether.
11:35:02 PM Oct 9th 2014
Since no one will respond, I removed Palutena for these reasons.

Definition of Tier Induced Scrappy: The other, more common to RP Gs, is a character who is widely hated because they just suck in gameplay terms. They might be the nicest person in the world, but if they're The Load in combat or gameplay, their fate is decided. A Low Tier Induced Scrappy has no Magikarp Power; they're bad from the start and there just doesn't seem to be any point in training them when there are other, more rewarding characters on hand.

The post admits the tier isn't even out to judge a character on how good or bad. As much as I dislike the tier, once it comes out to determine who a character is bad with match up instead of factually incorrect opinions then she can come back on the post.

On the other hand, because Little Mac is used a lot, he would be in this category (even though he's not invincible like the post claims he is one on one)

Finally, the post only brings up negatives while ignoring the positives
Long reach
Incredibly powerful attacks
Teleportation as up b and as a dodge
Dash attack is fast and does not leave her wide open like the post implies that all of her attacks leave her open
If hit by the tilt attacks, there is a knock back but leaves her open if fails
Slow (mentioned)
Light? (Lightweight makes her light but whether or not she's light is still difficult to determine yet)
Terrible specials (auto reticle is bad because it can't kill on sudden death)

Finally, this is something that really irked me how multiple pages are repeating the same thing such as on the meme page and her character profile. Palutena is not a Master of None but a Mighty Glacier who is slow and powerful. A Master of None implies that she's horrible at everything she does (which is incorrect because her range is wrong and her counter works the same way as the Fire Emblem and her reflect pushes people off and reflects). And I'm calling it now that its someone who just doesn't like Palutena because I'm not seeing anything that implies that she's bad (because if she's so bad, she wouldn't be used so much in glory mode where all the action takes place like where Little Mac is on).
03:40:48 PM Oct 10th 2014
Tier-Induced Scrappy is a YMMV trope for a reason, and the description needs to be updated anyway. Her entry should stay because in competitive she is considered a bad character; her Ensemble Darkhorse status doesn't affect her tier status.
04:50:03 PM Oct 11th 2014
But you gave ONE reason. The only reason is that her tilt moves leaves her open if she misses. If this is the case, why isn't Shulk listed since all of his smash attacks leave him open range be damned? Or how Pit and Dark Pit's side b leave them open if they miss? Or how Megaman's attacks are slow and leave him open? It comes off as a huge double standard and I'm STILL not seeing anything of anyone saying Palutena is crap except on this one page saying she is despite being a Mighty Glacier.

YMMV is based on opinion but its baseless without proof because I can add X character is crap because of X, Y and Z and by definition of the lower range of Tier Induced Scrappy is THEY HAVE TO BE BAD AT EVERYTHING. I listed Palutena's pros and cons but apparently the one thing that makes her bad is her tilts being slow and suddenly she's in that category? Remove it or give extreme detail because the way it is now shows that someone doesn't know how to play her competitively and is using YMMV as an excuse to vent about someone they can't play.
07:41:45 PM Oct 11th 2014
Plus if you want to go by tier, you want to know who is at the bottom? DK apparently. Palutena is way higher than what the example lists her as.
06:57:55 AM Nov 5th 2014
edited by
(NOTE: I did not find rules on discussion and remarks like here. If I'm going about necroing the wrong way, please poke me)

"Although Smash Bros 3DS has no true official tier list as of yet, a lot of people are saying that Palutena is one of the worst characters in the game due to her default specials being considered very highly impractical and her tilts being very slow and punishable."

Personally, I think this Tier-Induced Scrappy entry is wrong as-is. For starters, SSB 4 does not have tier lists that are regarded as official just yet, and the one list I've seen does not rank Palutena that low. The trope may be a YMMV trope, but examples (under YMMV) still need to qualify for the trope. In this case, one of three things is possible:

1) Tier-Induced Scrappy does indeed have to do with tier lists, in which case Palutena does not yet belong to that trope because those are rare. 2) Tier-Induced Scrappy is not about tier lists, which means it might have a name issue. Palutena would be a valid example if this is true. 3) There's actually high-profile tier lists that do rank Palutena that low, which means I'm just being an idiot on this front.

Second, I recently learned that the competitive scene has not yet agreed on whether Custom Specials are to be banned. I quote (though translated) "They are still in the process of testing this". That's highly important because it's not only the main gimmick of Palutena, but also very much crucial for Palutena's functioning in general. I'm putting aside my genuine hatred of banning Palutena's "customs". Could go in detail about this too, but I'll keep it brief: If custom specials aren't banned, there's more to her than the mentioned "default moveset".

Finally, and this one has to do with the following response:

"Her entry should stay because in competitive she is considered a bad character; her Ensemble Darkhorse status doesn't affect her tier status."

There is next to no tier status yet, as detailed earlier. And to get to the point: If Palutena is competitively bad, why does the entry simply say "one of the worst characters in the game"? The YMMV page, and I very much believe Tv T does in general, acknowledges that the Casual-Competitive Conflict is extremely severe in SSB. Given that, it's a terrible idea to not explicitly state the side of the conflict. In this case, if Palutena is considered bad "competitively", state it as such. Right now, the entry is implying that she is in fact plain bad, and when you have as many playstyles as there are in Smash Bros, that's pretty much completely impossible. You can't be bad at that many things. Again, the entry right now is not okay, but if Tv T insists on keeping it, I highly suggest you at least add that "competitive" bit, because as is, the entry is just begging for trouble.

I'm not touching the page myself. For all I know I could be editing it wrong.
10:45:15 PM Oct 4th 2014
Okay, this is something that has been bugging me. Sakurai said there would be no DLC. He's anti-DLC and made that clear when in the Uprising interview when asked about DLC. Why are there people saying that Sakurai will change his mind and/or Sakurai wanted DLC in Brawl but the Wii couldn't implement it. For the latter, I want a link of proof of that, otherwise I'm removing as people making stuff up and would be a case of "Sakurai never said that."
12:41:52 AM Oct 6th 2014
edited by
Except that he said differently for this game, when asked a year ago, he only said that he wasn't thinking about DLC at the current time, he never said he wouldn't consider it later down the road. On top of that, there's a number of features in the data that show that the game could be built with DLC in mind such as certain text and icons. So the DLC speculation is completely valid and should be left as is, at least until Sakurai says concretely one way or the other.

For what Sakurai said on the matter (for Smash): http://www.gamedynamo.com/article/showarticle/6019/en/masahiro_sakurai_discusses_dlc_controls_and_more_for_wii_u3ds_super_smash_bros

For the DLC thing: http://smashboards.com/threads/textures-leaked-ridley-isaac-and-bandana-dee-trophies-not-present-updated-new-evidence-found.368798/ http://mynintendonews.com/2014/09/23/looks-as-though-super-smash-bros-3ds-could-be-getting-stage-dlc/ (Note the "See stages you have downloaded.")
11:06:27 PM Oct 6th 2014
That 8 player thing seems incredibly dubious. If Sakurai couldn't handle 4 Ice Climbers, what makes the 8 player thing for the 3DS unless its a compatibility with the Wii U. Just sounds more like wishful thinking like when there was suppose to be 4 more characters and the lock icon in all star mode was just a Mii.
11:07:13 PM Oct 6th 2014
You know how much I would love for Isaac to be in but the reason his trophy and probably Ridley's trophy is because they're Wii U exclusive trophies?
05:37:44 PM Oct 7th 2014
edited by
The 8 character thing is speculation based on the data, it may amount to something or it may not, it's just playing around with what we know.

As for Isaac, even if he did have trophy in the Wii U version (which I doubt since he's exclusively a portable character and would make more sense on the 3DS version), I don't think that would exclude him or the others from DLC. The trophies don't have any influence on the game, so it wouldn't be that troublesome to include them.
08:32:05 PM Oct 7th 2014
The trophies is a problem though. When you beat classic and all star mode, you get a trophy for that character. Characters who have a trophy of them pretty much confirms they are not in the game like Ice Climbers and Lucas. It wouldn't make sense for them to have an original trophy and then have a DLC only trophy for classic and all star mode.

The argument that "Well Mario and Zelda have multiple trophies of them" is not the same thing because its a different game every single trophy. There are Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Gold, Babies etc while the Zelda verse is a different universe of that character each time. It wouldn't make sense for King K. Rool to have another trophy despite his description summing up his character. A character without a trophy is more likely to be DLC than a character with a trophy or a character like the Chorus Men because they are 3 characters. That's why there is literally no hope for the DK cast since they already have trophies.

I do wonder about Isaac if he was just an assist. His move seems to be something that might not process in the game but would work on the Wii U version.
12:46:42 AM Oct 8th 2014
Yet nothing says that they can't go back and tweak the names of the existing trophies, or mark off the DLC character trophies differently (ex. Dixie (DLC)).

Regardless, it's completely assumption to assume any appearance equals their complete omission from being playable via DLC as there's nothing saying that it can't be the case. Hell, many different fighting games have had characters ascend from being cameos to becoming playable in DLC or updated releases (ex. Firebrand and Ghost Rider back in U/Mv C 3). With trophies in particular, that type of restriction doesn't really work as one, those characters would be expected to be present as trophies anyway as their popularity and importance would have them get a nod like that, and two, it doesn't seem practical to ignore a character just because they have what basically amounts to a cameo.

As for Isaac, I doubt it as his move doesn't seem like something that would be too hindering to the 3DS considering other Assists.
06:48:58 PM Oct 8th 2014
The same argument is used with Ridley though. He's teased under boss category and suddenly he's playable. Metal Face is teased at the end of Shulk's trailer and people already know he's a boss. People take this as proof rather than using the same assumption excuse.

And that sounds crappy because its not the same thing. Phoenix Wright being playable after showing up in the ending is a cameo but the same couldn't be said with Nightcrawler. Being in an ending results in being an ascended extra. Trophies though imply that you have to make at least 2 trophies with different description and poses talking about something else about them. Mario and Link have been in so many games they have different descriptions per game. King K. Rool has pretty much become irrelevant not showing up in any recent game and his description pretty much is the gist of him. He's the Bowser to Donkey Kong.

Even if I'm cynical I'll still be crossing my fingers for Isaac.
08:29:07 PM Oct 8th 2014
edited by
I'm not going to get into a Ridley argument, the only thing I'll say is that Ridley is a poor example as you ignored what I said before: nothing implies one way or the other that trophies can't have ascended roles via DLC, Ridley has an implied role of being a boss as that's what has been shown. We don't have a line from Sakurai saying that trophies can't be DLC, and we don't have previous examples to work off of, so it's all assumptions at this point, unlike Ridley who has an implication going one way.

Firstly, of course not everyone rose from being a cameo, but that wasn't the point, what the point is that some characters did rise from that. They went from not having a playable appearance to having one, so if that happened, why exactly is it impossible for the same to happen with trophies, which again, are basically cameos? Secondly, what would be the problem of having two more? It's not like the characters in question lack any other potential description or lore that can be made nor would making a trophy out of them twice over really be that taxing. For the former in particular, you're making it more restrictive then it really is as it's not that difficult to draw from another part of a character's story. With King K. Rool for instance, he has many different disguises and costumes that he's used over the years, refer to that. He seems to have a knowledge of different styles of combat due to his use of different weapons and abilities throughout his series, why not refer to that as well, particularly since this is a fighting game? There's so much that they can say with these characters that the description of the one trophy is hardly the only thing that defines them.

To be honest, it seems you're trying to make a limitation where there is none implied. Nothing says that the trophies are excluded from being used, we have examples of characters rising from cameo appearances in other games that can easily reflect in this one with the trophies, and finally, making two more trophies for these characters would hardly be that troublesome or taxing. The thing is, it can easily happen, and nothing that has been said is a noted limitation from them becoming playable in DLC.

Edit: Btw, another piece of support came out for the 8 player smash theory, the announcer has hidden clips that says "8-player Smash": https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hTaS492JXgg
06:47:46 PM Oct 9th 2014
Yes because the whole "shadow thing" totally proved everyone's point when he wasn't in the 3DS roster. Watch if he's a boss in the Wii U version and we see it in November, then all that speculation would have been for nothing when Sakurai himself hinted in the picture of the day that an enemy from Samus' past will show up. Who else was a villain in Metroid Other M that is Samus' enemy? At this point, expecting Ridley to make it in is only going to result in disappointment and more whining from the Metroid fanbase overall who have done nothing but complain the entire time.

So does that mean we'll get Ice Climbers even though they got a trophy? Of course not. Sakurai outright said they won't work in the 3DS. Chorus Men are in the same boat. If two characters couldn't work, what makes three work unless you decide to have only one despite the fact they're known for being a group of 3? Or the fact that the roster has to be kept the same or the 3DS are cheated out while the Wii U gets more characters. The assumption that anything can happen is what angered everyone in the first place when the all star lock despite the entire roster being shown was just a Mii customization. That threw all speculation out the window and I'm not going through that disappoint again because people got their hopes up of things that weren't true but wanted it to be true. So we have to get hyped up only for a huge disappointment when its actually true given all the evidence contradicts the Tower of Smash leak because even in those voice clips you showed me, there is nothing about The Tower of Smash.

Interesting clip. Wonder if 8 player Smash will just be rotation mode though as that lag is going to make it impossible if the lag is already bad with 4 players online. And there's the fact this stuff could just have been cut but I doubt it given that the Wii U can support all of these modes except 8 players without expecting the internet to be bad on one person's end.
01:08:32 AM Oct 11th 2014
In my opinion, anything DLC related should be listed under WMG and anything found in the data is not conclusive due to Dummied Out being a thing. Even for the Pokemon pages we weren't allowed to have mentions of Diancie or Mega Lati@s until they were officially revealed despite the entire internet knowing they existed in the data.
02:23:36 PM Oct 11th 2014
edited by
@Akira As I said, I'm not getting into the Ridley/Metroid debate, so please take those complaints somewhere else as they don't belong in the main conversation. The 8 Player thing I agree sounds interesting, but will see what happens.

You're using isolated examples. The Ice Climbers and Chorus Men are not going to be playable due to issues completely unrelated to being trophies, they're not in the game due to technical issues only. The same issues don't exist for the others (at least as far as we know). You're trying to make an A=B=C argument where A and C are completely unrelated. As for the two rumors, there's a difference between humoring for the sake of speculation and believing (even though a small few do play into the latter sometimes). There's a reason Tower of Smash is just considered a rumor and not a leak, it's just something brought up that may (key word here) be true, but may not be, that's it. Same with the belief that we may've gotten more characters before the 3DS released, we could've gotten more, but we didn't and to be fair, there was reason to believe that it could've been the case due to the All-Star lock. Obviously it didn't pan out, but that's speculation for you.

Really, the point I'm trying to make here is that it's just assumptions at this point as we don't know how the DLC will be decided. Assuming one thing over the other is not going to get you anywhere at this point as it could go either way, and the trophies being DLC thing is the same thing. We just have to wait and see.

@Karxrida, I can see that point. I guess depending on how everyone else feels about it, we could move it to that section until we get more information.
02:03:08 PM Oct 29th 2014
To note, we have an idea of Chorus Men possibly being playable, but no data to back it up. They may not have been planned or worked on. Sneaky Enemy spirit helps, but doesn't outright prove it. We need to find some kind of character data or a statement from Sakurai trying to put him in. We had it for other cases, of course.

Also, 8-Player Smash and full out DLC(modes/patches/character/course) is entirely confirmed, so... but I do agree to put who we want as DLC(even if it's for a hazard/assist like Ridley) as WMG'ing. If people want to wait till the Wii U version releases and he's absolutely not playable, no problem. We can still list him as "not playable" regardless. We don't need to say "at this time" because examples are not recent.
07:08:42 PM Sep 30th 2014
I'm aware the loads of character will inevitably cause Base Breakers to appear, but shouldn't we limit the amount of entries and manage what's there? I feel like every once in a while the trope just starts getting overloaded to the point one could just say every character is one, considering characters fluctuate back and forth between being base breakers and well liked.
01:05:04 AM Oct 1st 2014
I can very well see a situation where a large number of characters are a Base Breaker, or even the entire cast. So I don't see a problem with it.
10:20:29 AM Oct 1st 2014
I do think its true that a huge cast can cause a number of Base Breakers, but I feel the problem is entries are added back and forth (Link and Ganondorf for instance were on there at some point in the past before being removed) and it might devolve into a generic "everyone is a base breaker" sort of thing, which would impede the communication of the trope (Consider Avatar: The Last Airbender, where all it says on there besides giving a few names, is "Pick a character" without giving a reason as to why).
10:29:05 AM Oct 1st 2014
Well, while Zero-Context Example is a problem, issue-fying the editors adding them and removing such examples is the best solution.
07:29:08 PM Oct 1st 2014
Not to mention some simply aren't true. Every Smasher has their fans and haters and the only way for things to stick is to look at the forum. I'm personally annoyed how the Pokemon ones like Pikachu is in Base Breaker for reasons not related to its fandom. The same with Peach. Even though I added IC to Base Breakers, I never saw them as a problem and beside them having their tournament haters, there wasn't any problem with them.

For me I feel like it has to be prominent in the fanbase instead of a vocal minority complaining because so far every clone is on the list and I'm thinking "Why aren't they in the same category? Why just out Dark Pit because of "Sakurai bias" and have the rest of them under Base Breaker?
06:04:29 PM Oct 2nd 2014
Apparently Base Breaker is listed with "No Examples Please". Either we kill the list or transplant everything to Broken Base, assuming we're allowed to even do the latter.
01:39:25 AM Oct 3rd 2014
Broken Base has examples and wicks, so it wouldn't be a problem.
11:46:51 PM Oct 3rd 2014
But wouldn't Broken Base be too crowded? The way it is now, looks really sloppy.
12:55:20 AM Oct 4th 2014
I'd be inclined to split it off to its own article.
01:10:47 AM Oct 4th 2014
edited by
As long as we can keep it intelligent it seems alright.

Also, sorry about the sloppiness. :/
10:46:52 PM Oct 4th 2014
Yeah if Hilarious in Hindsight has its own page, so can Base Breaker even though I feel like it will just be used for everyone who isn't in the Ensemble Darkhorse category.

Which I want to bring up. Can we decide where Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings will be. They're under every character category and I find it incredibly sloppy. Ensemble Darkhorse, Base Breaker or Rescued from the Scrap Heap. It can't be all three of them because all of them imply something different.
01:53:23 AM Oct 5th 2014
It can be on all three, since they record opinions and opinions can vary from person to person.
11:03:56 PM Sep 28th 2014
I really want to remove the Alas Poor Scrappy entry of Lucas. The entry itself makes no sense because Lucas is in the Ensemble Darkhorse category and is a fan favorite. This trope only applies if you hated the character and I have a lot of problem with almost all the characters cut because they're Base Breakers at worse or shouldn't be on there. Only Mewtwo should be there given he was hated in Melee and now all of a sudden people want him back.
04:59:17 AM Sep 29th 2014
I'd say remove Wolf and Ice Climbers as well, personally speaking and move them to the Base Breakers trope.
12:24:32 PM Sep 23rd 2014
So I pulled Brawl from Even Better Sequel.

As it was, it conflicted with the fact it's very much a Contested Sequel, and an attempt to make it clear that it's not unanimously considered an improvement was deleted.

Note that I love Brawl, it's my favorite of the Smashes, but it's got way too many people who like it less than Melee to qualify as an Even Better Sequel.
12:53:05 AM Sep 24th 2014
"got way too many people who like it less than Melee"

Huh. On which evidence?
06:03:47 AM Sep 24th 2014
Well for one, the aforementioned Contested Sequel entry.

For another, just google "Brawl vs. Melee." The very first result is "Why is Melee better than Brawl."
06:42:03 AM Sep 24th 2014
Well, I could raise the same issue about Contested Sequel. And Even Better Sequel is a quality judgment, not a popularity one.

Mind you, I don't really care one way or another. I am raising this issue because 50% of all arguments and problems on YMMV articles come from people removing entries for insufficient reasons.
07:05:12 PM Sep 30th 2014
Brawl can stay under that, but with mention going to its Contested Sequel status as there already is, considering there are other pages that discuss varying sequel quality reactions like The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Besides, the actual trope page goes into detail about why it could arguably qualify (Namely the better critical reaction and the great sales) and Project M getting better remake remarks under that category is already there and worth mentioning.
07:38:19 PM Sep 11th 2014
This is why I don't want to have Dark Pit in any category yet.

1. Duck Hunt Dog and Bowser Jr. has a confirmed moveset and videos are on Youtube specially Duck Hunt Dog. We see what they're capable of from there. Dr. Mario and Dark Pit lack it but we know Dr. Mario has the same moves in Melee.

2. The game is coming out in 12 hours in Japan. Someone can confirm it the next day how much of a clone Dark Pit.

3. The entire argument on Dark Pit are on the same side. Saying Sakurai is bias and/or he should be a costume is on the same side of "Dark Pit should not be in Smash". This is already on the Broken Base page and should not be repeated twice.

4. I'm waiting for the final smash. If his final smash is the same as Pit, then there's nothing left to say but pictures have shown that the staff is his final smash which makes his final smash different from all the other clone characters so far. Once the final smash is shown, then he can be put in specific categories. Right now, there is not enough information except from the computer at a low level using him and the leaker failing to get the smash ball that was in front of him.
07:39:25 PM Sep 12th 2014
edited by
Well here link with all final smash.

Dark pit after all he used staff as Final Smash. So made him 92% different to Pit.

But i think he still Base Breaker for everyone that not want clone or that wanna another like Ridley for example.
10:33:01 PM Sep 12th 2014
Kind of obnoxious how people whining about how he's a clone are just grasping straws saying he has the same final smash as Zelda/Sheik never mind Duck Hunt Dog has the same final smash as Captain Falcon or how Dr. Mario has Mario and Lucina has Marth or Falco is still a clone. -sigh- Their logic fails every time.

Did people honestly think we were getting Ridley?! Ridley isn't even popular in Japan. If he can't get in this Smash Brothers, he'll never be playable. This has been going on since Brawl (or maybe Melee. I wasn't an internet kid to go all the way back) and no matter how much the fans shout for Ridley, we have not got him yet we ask for Shulk and he got in very quickly.

11:42:37 AM Sep 29th 2014
edited by
Is it necessary to whine about Ridley?

Look at a Little Mac, he's the perfect example of why character popularity in Japan isn't as relevant as it used to be.
11:58:37 PM Oct 1st 2014
Yes because even after not confirmed for Smash 4, now its a declaration of DLC and he will be in the game. If he's a boss, people will be in denial. These forums are just praying on the desperation at this point and its coming off as obnoxious to the point Ridley has an entire page constantly edited by fans and haters.

It was mostly shrugs if you look at the reaction rather than a few translated responses. They whined about one character because he was American and most characters are based on their favorites anyway. Why we still have Jigglypuff. Why clones don't get a shrug in the JP fandom and probably why everyone is mad that Tharja trophy got removed (typical).
06:16:45 PM Sep 11th 2014
edited by
I wanna add another clone that be Base Breaker in many like Dr. Mario (same or less level depend) that is Dark Pit. Despite for unique than is Kid Icarus series, he more like Moveset Clone in this game, just less speed and more power than diferents of Pit.

The case many people that hate idea anothers clones in game and even he appear in leak be problems for all internet. Even had jokes about him in game.

I not why everyone not thinking about him be Base Breaker, even when he appear Palutena's trailer becoming dicussed about be altenative costume o character.
07:02:56 PM Sep 11th 2014
Add it when we see Dark Pit's final Smash. Otherwise, its just people jumping to conclusion that he is a 100% clone like Lucina.

People act surprise when he was already shown off and the first assumption was that Pit was wearing Dark Pit's outfit.

What pisses me off though is how he has his staff in his artwork and poses but doesn't use it. Unless this is his final smash.

Because the leaker won't even use Dark Pit and only showed off 2 of his abilities.
07:10:31 PM Sep 11th 2014
Plus I don't need to see any hypocritical statements in the scrappy section. Because so far the fanbase is justifying all the clones in the game (Lucina, Dr. Mario and Falco specifically as the minute he was used, the chat room exploded with cheers as he performs the same moves as Fox), but the only reason Dark Pit is getting flak is because of an already Broken Base of Kid Icarus and "Sakurai being bias" while we don't even have his final smash.
03:52:51 PM Sep 11th 2014
Here's a patched up, slightly sorter version of the Ridley debate that was under Epileptic Trees. Not putting it back up till it's considered good to go. Apologies for my initial usage of future tense. I've removed the size thing, as another quick look at the shadow showcases how crazy small Pikachu was compared to Ridley (Not even Bowser is remotely as large). Sakurai's trolling tendencies are removed too, as that wound up irrelevant.

  • The question of Ridley's inclusion in the games is one that's always been hotly debated, but after some showcased footage of Ridley's shadow on the Pyrosphere stage with the caption of "Other boss character appearances", the fans got riled up. One side had noted that the shadow's animations and actions seemed more similar to a player than a boss, while the other side pointed out they had no clue how the bosses would function as they had only seen the Yellow Devil at the time, and how likely it was that Sakurai was more teasing that he would show up as a boss rather than not at all (Metal Face's tease at the end of Shulk's trailer supported this). The latter side wound up right: Ridley is not on the roster.
02:50:34 PM Sep 11th 2014
Everyone, only add Dark Pit, once we see what he does. The leaker failed to use all of his moves and failed to show off his final smash. I keep seeing people say Dark Pit plays like Brawl Pit but I haven't seen anything given I was in the stream when the leaker (failed) to play Dark Pit.
02:15:34 PM Sep 11th 2014
Seems Duck Hunt Dog is going to be a base breaker now. I noticed on youtube comments that some love his inclusion while others hate him for stealing a character slot from other good characters.
02:51:41 AM Sep 11th 2014
Well the leak is confirmed except for Bowser Jr. What do we do with Epileptic (spelling) Tree now?
10:25:28 AM Sep 8th 2014
edited by
Someone really needs to rewrite this part:

(Fourth example in Epileptic Trees)

""A series of Wii U/3DS leaks were released shortly before the Japanese release of the 3DS version, and they supposedly revealed the identities the remaining characters, newcomers and veterans alike:

  • The first of these (the ESRB leak) revealed the return of not only a number Brawl veterans that hadn't been confirmed yet (Wario, Ganondorf, Falco, ROB, and Jigglypuff; with Lucas, Ice Climbers, and Wolf being notable cuts) but also Melee's Dr. Mario; while having Bowser Jr., the Duck Hunt dog, Shulk, and Dark Pit as newcomers.

  • Following this, two other major rumors appeared: one (the Izat True/Motherfucking Leaker leak) provided video evidence that Shulk and Bowser Jr. were joining the roster, and that Ganondorf would be back. This leak also claimed that Ridley, Dixie Kong, Mach Rider, and Impa would be newcomers, and that Mewtwo would return, and he later teased characters that would appear as DLC (which he later admitted he made up, drawing ire from the internet and damaging his own credibility). However, another set of rumors (the Ninka leak) popped up around this time, supporting the presence of Dixie Kong, Ridley, and Mewtwo, but also brought new support for the presence of Chorus Kids after they were believed to have been deconfirmed by the derailing of the Gematsu leak.

  • Shortly after the Ninka leak, another image leak of the roster◊ featured support for both the Gematsu leak (sans Chrom), Ninka's leak, and the ESRB leak (and confirming that Wolf was not cut). While accusations go around that the image is faked, others believe that regardless if the image is real or not, it could be indicative of what the final roster of the game is.

  • Overall, there are a lot of rumors swirling and very few hard facts. However, Shulk was confirmed four days after the video leak, and he used the same artwork that the ESRB leak utilized, giving more credibility to all of these rumors (with the exception of the Izat True/Motherfucking Leaker leak).""

There are some blatantly wrong facts, such as stating that Izat True and MF Leaker are related, and actually they aren't. Also, the third part (the one that refers to the Wolf picture) is, in my opinion, pointless.

I won't be fixing this due to language issues, but if someone is willing to do it, I reccomend him/her to read this: http://smashboards.com/threads/the-ninka_kiwi-vaanrose-4chan-esrb-leak-post-mortem-analysis.366774/

Vaanrose's statements pretty much clear the whole mess of misconceptions that happened with these leaks. Quite a good read, I gotta say.


EDIT 29/09/2014: Ignore this. I will be doing it by myself.
03:58:27 PM Sep 5th 2014
Question for LGBT Fanbase trope...can Pit be added. I find it really odd that Pit was one of the biggest targets by the yaoi fanbase in 2008 and he's not listed here...
02:05:52 AM Aug 19th 2014
What happened to all the tropes?! Did someone go on a deleting spree again?!
03:36:46 AM Aug 19th 2014
Where? I still see the lists both here and on the videogame tab.
11:25:00 PM Aug 20th 2014
Oh my page wasn't loading yesterday and deleted pretty much all of what was in Broken Base and Base Breaker. Its fixed now but it gave me a scare given what happened to another fandom...
07:51:22 PM Aug 11th 2014
For the Broken Base, do you think we need to merge some of the topics on there? Assist trophies are brought up twice and I find that rather redundant.
11:16:19 PM Aug 11th 2014
That seems like a case for a merge, yeah.
01:19:56 PM Aug 12th 2014
I merged it but I deleted the Japanese fanbase reaction. I want a link of Japanese forums showing that they're angry like what with happened with Little Mac because I find it odd how they're still complaining about Little Mac when almost all of the characters are based on Japan's requested character.
07:56:42 PM Jul 14th 2014
We need to do something about the Gematsu leaks in this YMMV. Some of the posts are giving it more credit than they actually deserve. Heck, there are people now saying that just because Chrom wasn't confirmed that the whole list shouldn't be questioned...despite the fact 2 characters were confirmed and one was deconfirmed from the list.

For example, if you say a Pokemon from X/Y, that doesn't mean you're correct because its a vague statement. Xermeas is confirmed for X/Y Pokeball and that statement would count. And Palutena was leaked way at the beginning so he can't take credit for that.
04:19:56 PM Jun 15th 2014
It seems like the Pokemon anime's Hate Dumb has invaded this page. Can we tone it down and not start a Fandom Rivalry?
07:06:29 PM Jun 15th 2014
Is it Darth Megatron? He tends to... mention the Pokemon Anime in a lot of other mediums.
08:35:50 PM Jun 15th 2014
Let me check.
09:20:17 PM Jun 15th 2014
Some quick scanning reveals he made at least most of those edits.
09:21:30 PM Jun 15th 2014
edited by
I noticed that too, but wasn't sure if I should say anything.
06:05:13 AM Jun 16th 2014
So... is he wrong? I've been taking his word that Pokémon Speak is hated by fans of the Pokemon games, as I am a fan of them but not really tied to the fandom.

I mean, some of it probably could stand to be pruned for the sake of being a bit contentious, but is there a sizable fandom that feels the same as him?
09:22:43 AM Jun 16th 2014
From what I've seen of fanfics and other members of the fandom I interact with Pokémon Speak is an accepted (though not universally loved) part of the franchise. Many fans simply assume it's how Pokemon talk at this point.

Regardless it's kinda annoying to see so much natter about the Pokemon anime on a Smash page.
11:10:48 AM Aug 22nd 2014
I have personally seen people criticize Smash for using the Pokemon anime portrayal due to either a personal bias against the show, the show being non-canon, or due to the idea that using the anime to portray pokemon goes against the point of this series. I think that mentioning that this criticism exists in YMMV is justified, as long as the examples themselves don't take a side.
10:49:40 PM Sep 29th 2014
On that subject, I have to ask about Greninja's description in the YMMV. It seems much of the descriptions indicates that Greninja is loved for not being based on some major anime counterpart (despite the fact the XY anime had just recently around that time), yet it also place Greninja as a subject of accusation for possibly being based on potential counterparts in the form of Ash's Froakie and Ninja Giot's Greninja.

I personally see Greninja's inclusion the same way as Lucario, the new star Pokémon that Game Freak promotes on several medias (Games, Movies, Anime, Smash Bros). But it seems there two conflicting tales of whether or not Greninja is based on the anime in this page, and many of it is leaning towards it's based on the games not anime. I would like to see some clean up on this issue.
11:38:00 PM Sep 29th 2014
edited by
It's not, people are hating on the Pokémon Speak, which is a major sour spot for the Periphery Demographic (speaking from experience here). Even then it's Love It or Hate It due to the Narm factor of Greninja's silly voice contrasting its otherwise cool appearance and demeanor.
07:57:07 AM Sep 30th 2014
Glad to finally hear someone else thinks that. At this point I just assumed it was just Darth Megatron's opinion. Good to hear that we're not just troping one guy's reactions.
10:41:28 AM Sep 30th 2014
Thanks for the clarification.
10:09:39 AM Oct 12th 2014
Makes sense, the older demographic not really liking Pokémon Speak is probably the reason it wasn't in Origins. On the Super Smash Bros. subpage, I'm trying to collectively and factually describe fans' opinions based on what I've seen on various boards rather than express my peeves with it (and mine alone)

Personally, I'm actually feeling a bit more kindly towards the anime (and Greninja), but that could change if they go the Best Wishes route again.
03:28:47 PM Apr 7th 2014
edited by

The part in quotation marks is kept on the Wiki. The rest isn't.

There is no way to infer from the context that this article is reliable enough. The original twitter itself is unfindable and cannot be verified. This actually means using it as proof won't work as random tripping was not said. Also, seeing as how Sakurai is often a Lying Creator at times, as he changed his mind of things among games, this even more vague statement doesn't mean much. He said no tripping will return. Clearly some tripping did, meaning that we can't take anything useful from it either.

It's best to just leave it off since people insist on using an unreliable article instead of just waiting and seeing.

...In addition, Diddy's Banana Peels weren't even confirmed. Hinted at. So we couldn't use that write-up either.
08:14:08 AM Apr 8th 2014
The original tweet is irrelevant. A journalist said he had a personal interview with the man, and the whole context of that article is about the random tripping specifically. An article on a known gaming website is enough; we don't need a signed and certified affidavit. You're being a little pedantic here. I don't see anything that makes the article "unreliable."
08:26:32 AM Apr 8th 2014
edited by
Yes, we do need a direct statement from Sakurai, not an article that can't be properly sourced from the official statement.

And I'd appreciate it if you didn't call people names. Keep it completely civil, please.

That context is still worthless since that'd be assuming that Sakurai knew 100% what the interviewer meant(assuming the interviewer even said it word for word and didn't paraphrase at all), or that he even was saying random tripping was gone. We can only tell what the interviewer meant, but definitely not what Sakurai meant. It's not reliable, we already know we can't find the real tweet, which is the actual source. It too easily comes off as a potential biased source. There's no way to legitimately rely on it any more.

And yes, the original tweet is extremely relevant, since we don't even know if the article creator is being truthful at all. We're looking for Sakurai's official confirmation random tripping was gone(which there's no way to tell if he definitely meant that no matter what from his specific statement alone. It's purely WMG as it is now). Only the Tweet can tell us anything, and that's gone.

We're still better off just leaving it out to dry since the real source is gone, only left with a "I said this guy said" source. Which is of course unreliable for this wiki. We have to be a lot stricter than this.
08:42:41 AM Apr 8th 2014
Errr... did I miss some name-calling?

But anyway, I think referencing the interview is fine. We have no reason not to trust Kotaku, it's not a random blog but a fairly respecting video game journalism site.

I don't see any mention of forced tripping either way, so that can go. But then again, I don't think anyone had any issue with it so it's not really relevant to Scrappy Mechanic anyway.
08:49:33 AM Apr 8th 2014
The interview did not actually mention random tripping either. It's just apparent to some people.

And calling people "pedantic" is needlessly insulting.

We can't really take anything as confirmed from anyone but Sakurai. Kotaku isn't as reliable as him either. That, and he didn't confirm which kind of tripping would be taken out. Again, it's just better off left out since the article can't properly source the original conversation. No, being a good site doesn't make it as reliable as an official site either. It's not legitimate confirmation. If anything, he did say "No tripping will return" and then some did. Meaning that Lying Creator could too easily be in play right now. Likewise, with no source for the twitter, it's taking the word of a guy that Sakurai said something. Sorry, but I don't see how that's trustworthy enough. It's still unreliable to this day. It was reliable when we could reference or quote the exact twitter post. I looked for that twitter since I saw this article and still couldn't find it anyway. I'm really not so sure it was as real as we think it is.

We're better off keeping this in WMG'ing since the context of Sakurai's reply is not implied like the article writer's was originally.
10:44:45 AM Jun 12th 2013
"While it might not be considered superior to melee, Brawl is still considered ok" What. the. hell. Brawl is almost universally considered to be a better game than melee. The only real exception is the tournament scene, which is a very vocal minority. Just ok? What the hell, It's reviews and its sales speak louder than fans.
11:43:38 AM Jun 12th 2013
That part of it is specifically referring to the people who consider Melee to be inherently better than Brawl.
11:43:10 AM Aug 1st 2012
I still can't believe people think shit like this is acceptable.

  • Which is ironic, considering these people aren't "Stop Having Fun" Guys by definition. "Stop Having Fun" Guys play within the perameters set within the default game, whereas competitive Smash players limit things such as stage selection and item usage. A more vulgar, but ultimately more descriptive term that's used for this kind of Smash player is "tourneyfag".
08:01:19 PM Oct 9th 2011
Are we really going to keep up the Smashboards stuff? That's just going to lead to Flame Bait very quickly.

It's already a very dark topic in Smashboards itself. Are we sure this is a good idea?
02:00:33 PM Oct 22nd 2011
(Late reply, but I've just reincorporated the discussion pages to my watchlist, didn't saw them before)

No, it isn't. In fact, one of the forum rules which also apply on the wiki is that drama importing is forbidden. Add the fact that the deletion of a warning (regarding the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, no less) and the rule against complaining... well...

@Amagicalbadger: A tip for you: you might want to check Administrivia for all you need to know, as you broke three rules at once. You might get banned for that!
02:20:46 PM Nov 24th 2011
To clarify, the drama thing was only specific to the forums. Anyway, agreed regardless.

It's important to clarify that he was banned in what regions, as that is interesting information. But we don't need to delve heavily into it, as you can go to Smashboards for all your problems.

And yeah, I reported Amagicalbadger in the Ask The Tropers anyway. We took care of it, with some extra wiki magic as is. Hopefully, what we've said should be enough.

Likewise, I do hope that we won't need to ever lock YMMV.
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