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Umbramatic here!

I'm a huge fan of all sorts of stories across all forms of media. In particular, I like any decent fantasy and sci-fi, as long as it doesn't use too many of my pet peeve tropes, or use them too prominently. (In some cases, if the story is interesting enough, I may just ignore the pet peeve tropes and enjoy myself anyway.) I'm an aspiring author and hope someday to write comics, but I'll settle with nearly any form of storytelling to let my ideas loose. Unfortunately, I can have a hard time putting my ideas into writing.

After going through what can best be described as a mental breakdown, I actually emerged on the idealistic side of the sliding scale of idealism vs cynicism, as hard as it can be. My new perspective is that being depressed sucks, so I''m continually disgusted with the way Holywood, critics, etc. glorify the depressing. As a result, I'm something of an angst avoider, though, again, if the work is interesting enough I may just watch/read /play it anyway. Additionally, the cynicism of cynical works can occasionally be far more tolerable when the work is funny. I like funny.

The rest of the page is broken up into sections for whatever stuff I want to put on here.

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     Tropes I like using in my writing  

As an amateur writer, I use tropes all the time, but some stick out more than others. (Very much a WIP.)

     Pokedex Articles  

I'm a huge fan of Pokémon, and I've been so since its inception. So, it's only natural that I help with The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition . For the sake of keeping track (as well as blatant self-promotion), here's all the articles I've written (or rewritten) in order by National Dex number:


Also on the subject of Pokemon... I've been part of the RP We Are All Pokémon Trainers for over two years now, and it's been one heck of a wild ride. Here is an in-progress list of some highlights, both large and small. (Warning, heavy It Makes Sense in Context involved. If that's a problem just skip.)

My first post.

A reveal! (Long story behind that one, which I may also post here eventually.)

...And the heartwarming aftermath.

A bedtime story for a post-apocalyptic world.

The backstory of one particular Shiny Salamence.

And she dreamed of para, para, paradise~

Ship = canon~

The tragic tale of two villains.

The life of a germaphobic Rotom.

The beginning of my first anniversary celebration~ (It extends several pages past that, if you want to see all of it.)

A weirdness search.

Near-Breakup! (Don't worry, it gets better)

Ammy's beatdown of Ransei!Umbra.


Beating a champ with style.

If you happen to be in the RP with me and know any more, feel free to suggest them.

Additionally, a quote of mine that was sigged (well, half of it is mine):


"<It was a magical monkey~>"


Vandalism and such goes here: Umbramatic

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