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08:05:18 AM Nov 15th 2015
Um, am I crazy, or did the Radar page for RWBY completely disappear?
08:45:44 AM Nov 15th 2015
I think it was cutlisted. Since RWBY doesn't need to get past tv ratings for content like many shows, it can have innuendo and doesn't have a censor radar to fly under
09:00:09 AM Nov 15th 2015
Ah. Meh, it was interesting while it lasted. Maybe replace it with similar tropes in the main?
05:22:06 PM Feb 21st 2015
Pardon me but I was curious if it would be okay to add the five "man" band for Team RWBY with Ruby being the Hero and the Heart, Weiss being the Lancer, Blake being the Smart Girl and Yang being the Big Girl.
02:05:41 AM Feb 22nd 2015
You might want to ask here.
06:00:35 AM Feb 23rd 2015
I'll save you some time: No. It's Five-Man Band; you're proposing a group of four.
05:39:21 PM Feb 23rd 2015
edited by PoeticNight
Oh okay... Sorry I never saw the gender specfic part [more specficially the only one female part unless I misunderstood it.] and the four part was because I read on the five bad band that there is not always five members but no less than four[or maybe it was no more than seven?] and I thought since it was just the evil version of the five man band I thought it would be the same rules but thank you for explaining this.
02:04:48 AM Oct 17th 2014
RWBY's Nightmare Fuel page seems to have vanished off the face of the wiki.
02:07:40 AM Oct 17th 2014
From the "Show cuts" list on Cut List:

"It only has three entries, and two of them are Fridge Horror, rather than NF."
08:35:37 AM Sep 13th 2014
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so the height chart monty put out (found on Monty's facebook page) Is this canon? He put it out over facebook which is also where he's revealed a number of things such as weapons names, last names and other little tidbits
10:11:46 PM Sep 13th 2014
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This was also tweeted by Monty, so this is considered canon by Word of God.
12:38:55 AM Sep 14th 2014
Yep, from what I can tell it's indeed Word of God.
07:50:29 PM Sep 7th 2014
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I had a really crazy WMG, but I'm putting it here for now to see what people think about it and where it should belong. OK, here it is:

The world of RWBY takes place in the world of Asura's Wrath.

This may sound insane, but hear me out:

My theory is that:

1. Chakravartin survives the fight and took millions of years to recover to a state where he can create beings, but not as powerful yet, creating Grimm instead of Gohma. This can also explain why we haven't seen Grimm on a planetary scale. I also want to theorize that that Grimm have no soul because of how little Mantra is applied and how easily it is expended upon creation.

2. The world of Gaea went through so much destruction from the Gohma, the Seven Deities, and Chakravartin that it became a Remnant of what it was.

3. Mantra can be considered as Dust, one's Aura and in some cases, their Semblance; this is why humans are able to fight the Grimm.

4. If Lost Episode 2 is considered canon, this could be why the Moon is in pieces.

That's what I have so far. I really want to see where this will go.
04:10:51 PM Aug 28th 2014
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the Nightmare Fuel page it can be expand some more and by some I mean alot.
02:30:22 AM Aug 29th 2014
Go ahead and get started, then.
08:54:24 PM Sep 4th 2014
Well, to be honest, there aren't many creepy things in RWBY.

However, something comes to mind. In the video about Dust that was released before episode 5 of Volume 2, it says some people induced Dust in their bodies, right? Now, I'm sure we know how Dust is. I wonder what would the consequences be...I wouldn't like having electricity running through my muscles and veins all the time. Or fire. Or ice.
12:37:32 PM Aug 8th 2014
Should RWBY have a recap page?
02:54:50 PM Sep 5th 2014
I have thought of this too.

Maybe, but the main page works just as well. Basically it would require someone with the time and patience to make every page and add tropes. I certainly don't, once was enough.
01:35:35 PM Mar 8th 2014
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Something came to mind; should tropes for the characters' leitmotifs (for example "I Burn"'s a pretty clear "I Am Great!" Song-with a Boastful Rap in the full version for good measure-and "Red Like Roses" probably belongs under One-Woman Wail) go on their character pages, or the main page?
08:07:03 AM Dec 13th 2013
Pulled this from the page:

  • Generally speaking, each member of RWBY have their own individual Animal Motif. Ruby has a wolf motif (as confirmed by Monty), Blake has a cat motif, Yang has a dragon motif (seeing as part of her name translates into 'dragon'), and for Weiss a subtle rabbit motif.

Now, while the first three are obvious (well, Ruby isn't obvious, but she was confirmed by Word of God), I'm not seeing Weiss as a rabbit. At the very least, the example needs to be fleshed out more to describe the evidence for it.
08:11:53 AM Dec 13th 2013
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Really, only Blake's is "obvious." As you said, Ruby's isn't obvious but it's got Word of God so I'll concede that one, and Yang's isn't obvious at all. In fact I doubt it entirely, as her name is a shout out to Bruce Lee. Nothing else about her is dragon-like, unless you want to claim her fire-ness is dragon-y but that's a stretch and a half.
10:06:32 AM Dec 13th 2013
Motifs tend to be physical designs, personality quirks and symbolism Correct?

Can you really call it a motif if Blake is literally a Cat girl, and even then Blake's Cat-ness is so subdued, I'd almost say they are trying not to have Blake have cat-like traits. Now if only she broke into Gratuitous French!

Ruby is taking the original concept that Ruby was suppose to be a wolf girl but got changed, however she lacks any real nods to wolves or behavioral quirks associated with the animal -Weiss has more wolf motif traits, The lone wolf variety, but even I wouldn't say she has a wolf motif-

Yang has been symbolized by the Sun/Fire imagery/allusions, but other then her Name. No there isn't much Dragoness to her

Weiss... Someone wants Weiss X Velvet that is the only real answer here
10:27:54 PM Dec 13th 2013
Besides, since Ruby is based on Little Red Riding Hood, it's weird (but not out of place) for her to have a wolf motif since, well, wolves are her enemy, right? Word of God says it's What Could Have Been and in the series her wolf motif only appears once (as Circling Birdies).

Blake is obvious.

Yang is quite a stretch, but then again, Team CRDL has its members having bird names.

Weiss... nah.
06:14:59 PM Nov 27th 2013
Should we separate the tropes into folders now? The page is getting really long now.
12:54:35 AM Nov 28th 2013
Go for it. Don't do many folders, though; the scroll bar is not yet at minimal size.
06:46:32 PM Dec 9th 2013
I've split the page into 3 folders, is that good for now?
10:54:32 AM Nov 21st 2013
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I'm starting to think that Four-Temperament Ensemble for Team RWBY actually lines up much more with the "Combo Ensemble" part of that trope. Specifically:

  • Ruby is Sanguine+Choleric. She is passionate, energetic, and brave, although fool-hardy and impulsive may be a better description at times. She does seem to be fairly introverted and have a bit of trouble with people, but much of that is probably more to do with confidence, which will likely build as the series progresses.
  • Weiss is Choleric+Melancholic. "Calculative" describes nearly every aspect of her character, from how she deals with people to her fighting style. She's also quite judgemental and definitely has a Holier Than Thou demeanour to anyone who, in her eyes, hasn't proven themselves better than herself, and outright contempt to those useless enough to "prove" themselves worse than her.
  • Blake is Melancholic+Phlegmatic, largely keeping to herself, and remarkably idealistic (though it may be a bit hidden between the lines) for having such a troubled past. She doesn't come off as shy and timid, however this is probably more because she's become very good at putting up a front and hiding her feelings (again, due to her troubled past).
  • Yang is Phlegmatic+Sanguine. She watches out for and takes care of her sister, Ruby, and seems to be pretty easy going (most of the time...). She also seems to be quite optimistic about most people given her immediate initial reactions to both Blake and Weiss.

Oh, and I'm putting this here rather than going ahead and editing it into the page because some of it contradicts what another troper has already put. Also, I can't really make myself just delete all that hard work they've already done... ^^'
01:29:54 PM Jan 31st 2014
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Looks like shoe-horning to me. From reading the trope page, Ruby isn't sanguine at all. The only character in the group that fits the Sanguine description is Yang. The only person that fits the Choleric description is Weiss and nobody in the team fits the remaining two.

In terms of the Combo Ensemble part of the trope, it still looks very dubious. Ruby comes closest to being the Idealist (Melancholic/Phlegmatic) but it's shoehorning to try and fit her into everything that description says and she doesn't fit any of the other options without aforementioned shoehorning. It's the same for all the team: Yang's closest to the Guardian (Phlegmatic/Sanguine) but not good enough to say that trope properly suits her character, and it requires painful character twisting to try and apply Blake and Weiss to the remaining two options.

I don't think the trope should be applied to Team RWBY in either format.
08:45:34 PM Nov 11th 2013
Any reason why the entire article was just deleted?
01:17:49 PM Nov 19th 2013
Considering it was followed by a series of trolling edits, it would seem that some detractors are starting to get petty.
01:38:21 PM Nov 19th 2013
Yeah, but we cleaned it up and banned the trolls. Next time you see something like this, report it on Ask The Tropers.
06:49:32 AM Nov 10th 2013
I think we need to start working out the spoiler tags. As is, it's pretty simple to just go down the list, see a name with a quote blocked out with a spoiler, then later see a the unspoiled quote later with the name blocked out instead. As is, it doesn't seem too effective. Should we always block out the name, quote, or just everything?
10:47:32 AM Nov 10th 2013
I would say to put the tags on the whole thing, name and all.
11:29:40 AM Nov 10th 2013
I covered up a few that I saw, mainly Wham Line and Wham Episode, which were the biggest examples of what I was talking about (made even worse in that they were right next to each other for comparison).
06:02:46 PM Oct 31st 2013
What's up with the comment about the suit of armor in World of Badass? I think the theory of its symbolic nature is better suited for YMMV or WMG, or is that just a me thing? As it is, it just seems out of place...
03:08:57 PM Nov 2nd 2013
Removing it. As things are, the evidence (Weiss's scar) points towards the knight being a real thing, and any theories otherwise do belong to WMG.
01:29:01 PM Oct 27th 2013
Where is the signup for the contest to design velvet's combat gear? The crew mentioned it in a livestream but I can't find it anywhere.
09:14:53 AM Nov 7th 2013
They said it would be two weeks from that video, so we'll probably find out about it in a couple days.
07:44:14 AM Oct 19th 2013
seriously, we should put in a fanficrecs section. How do i do it?
07:56:25 AM Oct 19th 2013
Go to FanficRecs.RWBY and start editing. Be sure to copy over the standard Fanfic Recs templates.
12:18:12 PM Oct 11th 2013
Does RWBY have a forum thread? What section should one start it in if not?
08:37:05 PM Oct 20th 2013
There is one in the New Media section.
04:06:13 AM Oct 9th 2013
edited by
I'm kinda irked at Mr. Mercen X rewording the original posts in the WMG page. Some of them are rather unnecessary and sometimes making the post lost its point.

Like this one:
  • Except that her team may, in fact, be comprised of genderflips implying she has a closer relation to Pyrrhus than the actual Pyrrha. *raspberry*
  • Going off what is mentioned below, I'm now convinced that Pyrrha will die due to being a motif expy-thing of Achilles... who dies...

It was a response of someone who wanted their ideas to be read. To delete it is mean, really mean.
10:52:28 PM Oct 10th 2013
I apologize to anyone I may have upset. It wasn't my intention. I'm uncertain if you're aware that your examples are both my posts.

Nevertheless, you're correct that I have made at least a few edits that drastically altered an original post when I got carried away. I tend to see a lot of redundancy and a lot of opinionative flagellating. In fact, I changed the above mostly because I regretted posting the *raspberry*

And again, I'm sorry if I heavily altered posts that were not my own and I'll steer clear in the future.
09:17:16 AM Oct 1st 2013
Should we be putting RWBY in the Anime folders on pages? It is web animation, but it's meant to be an Anime, and Crunchyroll acknowledges it as one.
10:00:01 AM Oct 1st 2013
... no. It's Animesque, but that doesn't make it anime any more than Avatar: The Last Airbender.
01:19:42 PM Oct 1st 2013
Just checking.
08:36:52 AM Sep 28th 2013
  • All-Natural Gem Polish: Implied, as Roman calls the Dust gem he takes from shop "uncut" despite it's perfectly symmetrical and cylindrical appearance.
    • It's also possible that "uncut" refers to the purity, like how some refer to drugs with lookalikes added in as being "cut" with something. With the name "Dust", it's not hard to imagine this as the case.

I've dropped this trope over here so people can work out what to do about it. Right now, everyone seems to be guessing whether the trope applies by trying to guess what Roman meant.

For all we know, 'cut' could simply refer to the ground dust version (seen on the shop walls and in Weiss's suitcases) and 'uncut' to the 'undusted' (whole gem) version that Roman wanted rather than the more realistic definitions of 'cut' and 'uncut'. Since no-one really knows, the trope example seems to be attracting natter instead of confirming it really does apply.
02:34:38 PM Sep 23rd 2013
Should we remove Bug War? That isn't really what the Grimm are, they're just the monstrous antagonists for a Points of Light setting.
03:37:04 PM Sep 23rd 2013
edited by
That looks like a really badly written trope to me. It sets itself up to be insectoid-only, but then starts suggesting it's actually about any kind of monster enemy but insects tend to be the most common type of monster army created.

There is an implication in RWBY that it is some kind of war, or at least the humans view it as a sort of war, so I don't know if the trope is entirely inappropriate... just really badly described.
02:12:58 PM Nov 6th 2013
Bug Wars is a reference to Starship Troopers' Bug War. A war against insects is most in the spirit of the trope due to triggering fears related to insects, but it can fit any pretty much any war against an animal-like enemy.
07:27:34 PM Sep 19th 2013
OK, how long are we going to be linking to episodes on the main page? It's cumbersome and weird, but I want to make sure nobody will be irritated enough to put it back if I remove it.
07:33:27 PM Sep 19th 2013
I'm down with yoinking it.
02:30:43 PM Sep 23rd 2013
edited by
Maybe just link to Episode 1?
03:33:14 PM Sep 23rd 2013
I thought it was weird as well. The first word of the first paragraph links to the RWBY part of the Rooster Teeth website, so there's already a link people can follow to find the episodes.
08:50:38 PM Sep 23rd 2013
Yoinked all but the first episode. Thanks for the input.
09:30:31 AM Sep 24th 2013
I edited it. Doesn't make much sense to have a list for one episode.
07:38:00 AM Sep 26th 2013
Yeah, I suppose so.
09:05:35 PM Sep 10th 2013
Has anybody noticed that Blake's animation seems much more fluid and smooth than the others, especially in combat? I was wondering if I was just imagining things. Also, would there be a trope for a noticeably more intricate animation alongside the jerkier combat of the others?
04:17:18 AM Sep 16th 2013
07:25:47 PM Sep 19th 2013
03:29:46 PM Sep 4th 2013
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We should add a Fanfic Recs section. There are at least 10 good stories on fanfiction.net in the RWBY category (If we go by the words of Sturgeon) And I've already found 2 of them. I would do it myself if I wasn't crap with namespaces and indices

Edit: Make that 5
03:01:16 PM Jul 22nd 2013
About the voice acting. Did anybody see Achievement hunter's michael twitter post about the trailers being recorded AFTER the first episode
07:32:07 PM Sep 15th 2013
I saw it. I don't remember when, but the entries referencing it check out.
08:50:13 AM Jul 19th 2013
There has to be a better place for that big ugly "promotion" folder that holds all the links to the trailers and such, but I can't think of one. Anyone got any ideas?
09:46:16 AM Jul 19th 2013
Perhaps removing the folder and the description of the trailers and just put them at the bottom where trailers usually is. The description does seem rather unneccesary now that the series has premiered.
08:49:08 AM Jul 20th 2013
Condensed them down a bit, like you suggested. How's it look now?
08:58:06 AM Jul 20th 2013
Much better, thank you.
02:57:47 PM Jun 30th 2013
I hear that the pilot for RWBY won't be released online until two weeks after the premiere. Does anyone know if this is true?
09:40:06 PM Jul 5th 2013
Yes it was confirmed by Barbara in podcast 244 and Monty at the RWBY panel at RTX.
06:16:55 AM Jul 7th 2013
Does anyone know why that is?
10:36:52 AM Dec 27th 2012
How do we know the grave is of Ruby's mother?
04:35:18 PM Feb 16th 2013
It's an assumption.
12:56:00 PM Oct 30th 2015
Nope, not anymore. The name on the grave in the red trailer is not exacly clearest but readable, and clearly readable in ep. 1 vol. 3, Summer Rose. Yang in ep. 6 vol. 2 already stated that Summer is Rose's mother.
05:12:48 PM Dec 9th 2012
edited by Andyzero
Could someone put a redirect in Main/RWBY to WebAnimation/RWBY? It's locked right now. That should help transitions. Unless there's a better way to do that?
04:33:11 AM Dec 12th 2012
I've sent a request to the mods. Just hang tight.
05:58:41 AM Dec 12th 2012
edited by lu127
We don't want main redirects to work pages. Please don't create them. Those that already exist are leftovers from a time when there were no namespaces.
05:37:20 PM Mar 22nd 2013
Well, it's kinda hard to get to the page if you don't know the subdirectory (in this case, Web Animation). There are buttons for subdirectories for films, but not yet web animations.

Can we at least get some text on the main page that contains the link to the proper RWBY page? Such as "If you are looking for the work by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth, go here:"?

08:56:05 PM Oct 29th 2013
edited by
If it helps I just finished manually correcting most of the wicks pointing to Main.RWBY so that they now point directly to WebAnimation.RWBY.
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