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Webcomic: Dark Legacy Comics
Dark Legacy Comics is a World of Warcraft-based Webcomic, maintained by Arad Keydar. It follows the adventures of Keydar's guild, Dark Legacy (which the author left in-game since the webcomic's creation). The regular cast includes the creator's character, Keydar, a human rogue, Gigzara (or Gigz), an elven priest with a Hair-Trigger Temper, Mijikai and Narya, respectively a gnome warrior and mage, Nyteblade (or Nyte), Narya's human wife, Krom, a rather grumpy human paladin, and Donald, an increasingly stupid representation of the Noob player.

The comic usually sticks to the gag-per-day/week format, however there have been two major arcs: The Horace Hypocrisy - which details what would happen if the NPCs started a revolution - and Bill #307a, in which Keydar helps The Society For The Betterment of NPCs pass a bill which outlaws the killing of any NPC. As a result of the guild's favourite game mechanics, Keydar quickly realizes that was a bad idea.

This show provides examples of:

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