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Tropers: Dark Soldier
Hi, Mom!

DarkSoldier is a geek. His friends know him as the go-to guy for random bits of information.

He likes to play Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars RPG. He likes to write statblocks in d20 Modern; he's got an archive that includes characters from M*A*S*H and Metal Gear Solid, among others.

His Author Appeal is timelines. He likes timelines. He likes ordered lists of events so he knows when things happened in relation to others. He likes day-to-day and even hour-to-hour timelines that can avert Traveling at the Speed of Plot.

He tends to act like a Grammar Nazi when it comes to the placement of punctuation in relation to quotation marks; in his case, he always puts them inside the quotation marks, because that's the right way to do it!

He's also a part-time background performer ("extra"). These are his roles. Try to spot him.

He would like to claim that he created these entries:

Here's another cool fact: his grandfather's cousin was Leonard Nimoy's first wife.

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