Quotes: Pre-Mortem One-Liner

Grimskull: I ain't finished with you yet, Space Marine!
Titus: But I am finished with you, Ork. *BLAM*

Earth Queen: You wouldn't dare attack a queen!
Zaheer: Maybe I forgot to mention something to you. I don't believe in queens. (Uses his Airbending to suffocate her)
The Legend of Korra: "Long Live The Queen"

"Hasta la vista, Baby."

Dracula: You are... Bruce Wayne?!
Batman: I am the Batman. And you... are dust. (jumps aside, allowing the light to burn the vampire)

"Careful; I'm contagious."
Thrax right before his first kill in the movie, Osmosis Jones

"Say something nice."

"The Lannisters send their regards."