Quotes: Pre-Mortem One-Liner

"Long live the king!"
Scar, The Lion King

Grimskull: I ain't finished with you yet, Space Marine!
Titus: But I am finished with you, Ork. *BLAM*

Earth Queen: You wouldn't dare attack a queen!
Zaheer: Maybe I forgot to mention something to you. I don't believe in queens. (Uses his Airbending to suffocate her)
The Legend of Korra: "Long Live The Queen"

"Hasta la vista, Baby."

Chucky: Andy, no! We're friends to the end, remember?
Andy: This IS the end, friend!

Dracula: You are... Bruce Wayne?
Batman: I am the Batman. And you... are dust. (jumps aside, allowing the light to burn the vampire)

"I never made it to the 6th grade, kid. And it doesn't look like you're gonna, either!"
Harry Lime attempting to shoot Kevin, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

"Careful; I'm contagious."
Thrax right before his first kill in the movie, Osmosis Jones

"Say something nice."

"The Lannisters send their regards."

"You lived like a rogue. You can die like a rogue."
Firestar to Tigerstar, Warrior Cats: The Last Hope

"Behold... the Shadow of the Father."
The Arbiter over Silent Dominion, Avatar Of Victory