Johnny McCoolname

Let's face it, as common as the name "John" and its derivatives may be in Real Life, in works of fiction the particular derivative "Johnny" manages to sound quite cool and awesome in its own way, no matter how many ways it's spelled. And especially more so if the name-bearer is a badass in some capacity.

And if Johnny's surname will add to or emphasize that bad-assery, then so much the better.

Of course, it doesn't always have to be that Johnny McCool Name is a badass simply because (at least in-universe) his name makes him sound that way. It could be that his really is a Meaningful Name, or a name to give pause to.

To qualify for this trope, not just anybody named Johnny Something can apply. The surname has to be something that either sounds cool and can be justified (therefore, not something like "Johnson" unless the character has done something particular noteworthy as per the stipulations of the trope) or that speaks to his personality or some other aspect of the character, or if he is The Hero of an eponymous work. And the character is Always Male.

Nicknames are allowed, so the character can be known as, say, Johnny The Magnificent or simply Johnny Magnificent.

A sub-trope of Awesome McCool Name.

Compare Luke Nounverber and Adjective Noun Fred. Contrast Unfortunate Names.


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     Anime and Manga  

     Comic Books  

  • Johnny English, bumbling secret agent (excusable, as his movie is an Affectionate Parody of the spy movie genre, plus he's played by Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean fame).
  • The title character of the movie Johnny Tsunami is a surfer and Badass Grandpa (variation in that he's not the protagonist of the film's main story, his grandson is, who is also Johnny, who uses their surname, Kapahala).
  • The titular protagonist of the 1954 movie Johnny Guitar is a reformed gunslinger. His real name, Johnny Logan, is just as impressive.
  • Johnny Dangerously, a former gangster.
  • Johnny Five, the name adopted by NOVA robotics creation SAINT #5 after his escape.
  • Johnny Appleseed, a Disney animated film based on the life of John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman, who is famous for the legend that depicts him planting apple trees everywhere he goes.
  • Johnny Utah, an FBI agent and the main character in Point Break (1991).
  • Johnny Baca from Con Air is a fairly pedestrian name, but his nickname, "Johnny 23" is a villainous example, it being the number of known rapes he's been convicted for.
  • The Roberto Begnini film Johnny Stecchino. The eponymous character is a mafia boss. Or, well, his Doppelgänger.
  • Johnny Cool, a 1963 crime film. Not to mention the title song performed by Sammy Davis, Jr..
  • In The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow, the eponymous Johnny Hollow is the mysterious benefactor of an unseen Occult Detective, who has provided said detective with a Spooky Photograph that may confirm the sinister activities of a Mystery Cult.
  • The eponymous character of the film Johnny Handsome (although, before the facially deformed John Sedley receives extensive reconstructive surgery that makes him look like a young Mickey Rourke, it's a mocking Ironic Nickname).


  • "Gentleman" Johnnie Marcone from The Dresden Files is a crime boss who endeavors to keep bloodshed to a minimum in his operations, hence his nickname. Mind you, it isn't his real name...

     Live Action TV  

  • Radio rock DJ "Doctor" Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati (real name Johnny Caravella, and played by Howard Hesseman).
  • Jonny Fairplay from Survivor.
  • Johnny Bravo (no, not THAT one), the character Greg was going to play on a The Brady Bunch episode. He thought an agent was offering him a singing gig, but found that they altered his voice a lot and only wanted him because he fit the costume.


     Professional Wrestling  
  • Marc Mero wrestled in WCW as Johnny B. Badd.
  • Before he became John Morrison, John Hennigan's WWE name was "Johnny Nitro." He also had a series of minor appearances as "Johnny Blaze" and "Johnny Spade" before settling on "Nitro".
  • John Laurinaitis, the former Executive Vice President of Talent Relations of WWE and Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw, formerly wrestled under the name "Johnny Ace". Because "Laurinaitis" is difficult to pronounce, smarks still often refer to him by his ring name.
  • Johnny Grunge of The Public Enemy.

  • Johnny Dollar, the eponymous insurance investigator from the 1950s radio series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

  • While not a character, exactly, "Johnny Lightning" is a brand of die-cast collectible cars similar to Hot Wheels.
  • Johnny Thunder, the lead character of LEGO Adventurers.

     Video Games  
  • Johnny Cage, box-office superstar and martial artist (it's only his stage name, however; his real name is John Carlton).
  • Johnny Napalm is a character in the Guitar Hero games.
  • The Saints Row series has Johnny Gat, convicted of over 300 counts of first degree murder. No, not 250, there is no statute of limitations on first degree murder.
  • Johnny from Guilty Gear, the male leader of the otherwise female Jellyfish Pirates, who wears all black with sunglasses, practices iaijutsu, and is likely named after Johnny Cash.
  • Johnny Dash, the Badass Adorable Kid Hero of Monster Bash.
  • From Bioshock 2, Subject Delta's "real" name was Johnny Topside before his transformation. Given the setting, it was probably the coolest name imaginable.
  • Johnny Style, the sunglasses-wearing rabbit pirate from Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure who always seems to beat Zack to wherever he's searching for treasure.

     Web Original  

     Western Animation  

     Real Life  
  • Old west outlaw Johnny Ringo, self-termed "King of the Cowboys" and a player in the OK Corral story (on the Clanton side).
  • In The '50s, movie star Lana Turner dated a gangster named John "Johnny Stomp" Stompanato. (That is, until Turner's daughter killed him.) He showed up in L.A. Confidential, too.
  • "Gentleman" Johnny Burgoyne.
  • Writer and musician Johnny Strike.
  • Not a person, but Johnny Rockets, the name of an American diner, counts.
  • Texas A&M Quarterback and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel. Generally referred to as Johnny Football.
  • Johnny Reb, the archetypal Confederate soldier in The American Civil War.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch