Webcomic: Motherly Scootaloo

Motherly Scootaloo (formerly Pregnant Scootaloo)(warning, the author does NOT currently own th Pregnant Scootaloo URL, and it currently redirects you to a site with a virus) is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic webcomic on Tumblr. Like the title stated the story is based off Scootaloo getting pregnant from a classmate, and shows what comes after. Now has a donations bar. The author also has a Livestream account and a Mod Blog.The comic has spawned 2 spin-offs, Ask Rain Catcher, focusing on Scootaloo’s ex-boyfriend Rain Catcher, and Lightning Blitz Answers, a cute/funny based comic that updates based on donations (details here), focusing on Scootaloo’s son Lightning Blitz.

Warning, a large number of unmarked spoilers ahead!

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Tropes contained in Motherly Scootaloo: