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Just For Fun: Gun Counterpart
Note: This is mostly Just for Fun.

Swords and guns, probably the two coolest and most versatile weapons in all media. As many creators have seen what those weapons could do, they are always trying to make best out of those weapons, as if each is trying to out-cool the other – and in the process, they tend to mimic each other.

To put it simply, this is a list of tropes from Guns and Gunplay Tropes and I Like Swords (or other tropes from Weapons and Wielding Tropes) which have similar concepts to each other, the difference being the weapon used: Melee – Range. For example, "X Trope from Guns and Gunplay Tropes is Y Trope from I Like Swords WITH GUNS!" And vice versa.

Related to The Musketeer, Samurai Cowboy, Guns vs. Swords and its opposite Sword and Gun, all of which combine swords and guns.


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Gun AccessoriesGuns and Gunplay TropesGun Fu
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Gray's AnatomyJust for FunHappy Tree Friends: The Anime

alternative title(s): Gun Counterpart
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