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Just For Fun: Happy Tree Friends: The Anime
Try to recognize every character. note 

So you didn't expect this version of the Happy Tree Friends? Believe it or not, the Fandom has transformed the little, cute, colorful critters into really popular anime characters, giving them depth and creating a lot of fan stories involving them.

Many can be seen here: Happy Tree Friends (you still have to make an account to see all the portrayals). Those who have a pixiv-account can find even more under the "HTF", "HTF擬人化" (Basically "HTF Humanization") and "ハピツリ" ("Hapitsuri") tags. The characters are human and more developed than the actual, canon characters, though there is no possible way to join all the interpretations of a character into one.

Note: This is only a large fanon creation, there is not an actual, official anime.

The most common themes or conceptions portrayed in the anime styled fanstories or fanart are:

Gun CounterpartJust for FunHeard Any Good Jokes Lately?

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