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Funny: Dexter's Laboratory
  • "My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire!"
  • One episode revolves around Dexter trying to avoid being shoved into in the swimming pool by his dad. By the end of the episode he finally jumps in... only to lose something on the way out.
  • The christmas episode. Dexter vs Santa Claus!
    • And the part where Dexter apologizes for ruining Christmas, "again."
  • The entirety of "The Parrot Trap" where Dexter makes a robot parrot. Here's a highlight:
    Robo-parrot: Dexter's a stupid girl!
    Dexter: No, no, no. Dexter is the most brilliant mind in the entire universe!
    Robo-parrot: Dexter's a cookie!
    Dexter: I am not a cookie!
    Robo-parrot: Dexter's a cookie!
    Dexter: Am not!
    • Also:
    Mom: Now wait just a minute here...where am I going to find plastic worms and minnows?
    Robo-Parrot: The Florida Everglades!
  • The episode where Dee Dee was made smarter than Dexter ended with this unforgettable scene:
    Dexter (yelling at his assistant, a cymbal-banging bear toy): THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! (Cue toy banging its cymbals onto Dexter's nose)
  • Dexter's fart heard around the world which is so powerful that it sends the parents TV through a wall and breaks it.
  • Every single glorious, over-the-top moment of the Speed Racer parody "Mock Five", especially the abuse of the Motor Mouth trope.
  • This part from when the computer has lost its voice:
    The Computer: (In Dee Dee's voice) Hi Dexter!
  • Mandark's epic rant at the end of "Momdark".
  • The muffin episode, with Dad making an all-out war out of getting his hands on those delicious muffins, is one of the funniest things in animation.
    • Funniest part was Dexter and Dee-Dee sending Dad to his room twice! The first time when it happens, he then tries to make Dexter bring him the muffins.
    Dexter: (gasp) No, that is not possible! Oh, wait, no, you're right.
    Dad: So join me! Come to the muffin side! Don't resist, Dexter! (begins trying to hypnotize Dexter) It is your destiny.
    Dexter: NEVER!
    Dad: You will get the muffins for me!
    Dexter: (hypnotized) I will get the muffins for you. (walks over to get the muffins) Will get the muffins for you. (begins bringing them to Dad)
    Dad: Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Dee-Dee: Dexter, no! It's a mind trick! Snap out of it! (smacks Dexter)
  • The Justice Friends sketches, which consist of Major Glory, Val Hallen, and the Infraggable Krunk facing the challenge of everyday lives as they share an apartment. for example, "Val Hallen's Room";
    Krunk: Krunk never been inside Val Hallen's room! Teddy and Krunk scared!
    Major Glory: Krunk! You are a Justice Friend! and Teddy doesn't pay one-third of the rent.
    • Ratman, a mere child of thirty.
  • Finding out just why the ice cream man refuses to stop for Dexter in "Ice Cream Scream". Actually, that's just the icing on one of the funniest episodes of the series.
    Ice Cream Man: I can't even eat ice cream anymore, because of the pain! All because of your stupid pennies! (incoherent scream of rage)
  • The majority of "Dexter's Lab: A Story", the one where Dexter found a lost dog. Arguably every moment after he gets said dog to speak human English qualifies.
    Dog: Hey, hey dogs! I can hear you barking, can you hear me barking?
    • One would wonder if the people who did Up got their inspiration for the talking dogs from this episode.
    • The ending where we see what the dog's owner is like. Let's just say that it explains a lot about the dog himself.
  • Dexter, what's that?
  • The episode "911", especially Dee-Dee watching the EBS message with rapt attention, reacting throughout the episode as if she were watching a comedy, a horror movie, and a love story.
    • At one Point, Mom and Dad are watching it too.
  • "The Koos Is Loose": "If you turn your lips inside out, you look just like Jimmy Carter."
  • The entirety of "sdrawkcaB", in which Dexter invents a belt that allows him to go in reverse. It leads to him talking backwards, un-eating a sandwich, running up and down the stairs, and then discovering that Dee Dee has been messing with the forward/reverse switch: "(gasp) Dee Dee!" *switch* "!eeD eeD (psag)". He finally one-ups her when she puts on the belt, letting her fall to the floor from a great height, then flipping it into reverse several times.
  • Towards the end of the episode, "The Continuum of Cartoon Fools", Dexter tries various ways to find out how Dee-Dee got into his lab, and in this scene, Dexter pretty much goes bonkers by smashing a watermelon.
  • The entire episode of "My Dad VS Your Dad". "ARE YOU CRAZY?! YOU JUST THREW A DUCK AT ME!"
  • "Monstrosi-Dee Dee" is a CMOF. Funniest part being Dee-Dee giving Dexter various hiding places only for her as a monster to discover them and Dexter practically failing to realize that the monster is his sister.
  • In "Jeepers Creepers, Where Is Peepers," Dexter and Koos' annoyed response to the Animesque villain Hukuchu's drawn-out monologue:
  • "Dee-Dee and the Man", where Dexter "fires" Dee-Dee, but eventually misses her and tries to find a replacement "spastic sister".
    Dexter: I'd like to see you dance, please.
    New Dee-Dee: Okay, but it's fifty bucks extra.
  • "Decode of Honor":
    • "Your club is for big I-D-K-S-Cs!" "I... D... K... hey! I'm gonna tell mom!"
    • The ending, with Action Hank and his men getting into a knock-down drag-out fight with the Pony Puffs... who manage to put up a good fight.
  • "Rude Removal".
    • In particular, the "Oh s***," ending and Polite!Dexter and Dee-Dee.
      • All of Rude Removal. ALL OF IT.
  • The ending of "Things That Go Bonk in the Night", when it turns out to be All Just a Dream, Puppet Pal Mitch's dream to be exact. They resolve never to stay up and watch the four-day Justice Friends marathon again, and wish each other good night. Then:
    Puppet Pal Mitch: Puppet Pal Clem! There's a spider in your bed!
    *Puppet Pal Clem sits up and hits his head on the top bunk bed*
    Puppet Pal Mitch: BONK!
  • "Dimwit Dexter", starting from the moment he turns stupid to the end.
  • The snowball fight episode brings us this scene.
    Dexter: First base...
    (Pan up to show Dexter his hiding behind the legs of a couple making out)
    Kissing dude: You said it, brother! (Cue Rimshot).
  • The banned episode "Barbequor" brings us the Silver Spooner and how he acts through most of the episode. He also happens to be a fan of Judy Garland.
    Monkey: Ack ack!
    Silver Spooner(His eyes turn into stars): Judy Garland!? Where!? *Monkey grabs his spoon from under his feet and hits him over the head with it*
  • "Dexter and Computress Get Mandark," in all its hilariously nonsensical glory.
  • From "Dad Is Disturbed", Dad convincing Dexter that the golf game he's watching has a violent scene coming up and laughing like a maniac when it works.
  • At the end of "A Dad Cartoon", Dad sends his car, which has gotten wrecked during his attempts to clean it, off to the repair shop to be fixed. It ends up flying off a cliff, revealing several other cars that have been "sent to the repair shop".
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