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Nightmare Fuel: Dexter's Laboratory

  • Dexter's Laboratory has this in some episodes such as Dexter turning into a clown in the episode "The Laughing." (2nd segment)
  • The monster that comes out of the dimensional portal in "Deedeementional". It sprinkles salt on Dexter, devours him, and you can actually see little amoeba things in its stomach begin to digest him.
  • One episode started off with Dexter and Deedee refusing to flushing their dead fish down the toilet, later the ghost of said fish comes back to haunt them because they denied him entry to "the sewer beyond". The ending parodied the classic ending from Michael Jackson's Thriller.
    • Before that, the whole episode was one big Shout-Out to Poltergeist.
    • And if that's not enough, there's the part where a giant tentacle comes out of the toilet and grabs Dee-Dee.
  • The episode "Jeepers Creepers Where Is Peepers?" featured Dexter and Deedee's magical friend Koosie working together to save Peepers (another magical being), in one scene we see a rather disturbing graphic look at Peepers as he is having his energy sucked off. HE'S INSIDE OUT.
    • And this line from Peepers in a voice that is equally disturbing as the scene mentioned above: "Help me, Koosie, help me." *shudder*
  • There was also the episode "Dream Machine" (3rd segment). The title alone pretty much sets you up for an entire episode based around Nightmare Fuel. The worst part is the ending, in which Dexter suddenly comes to a realization that he's living in a nightmare because Dee Dee is smarter than him, at which point his clothes come off and he ends up stark naked in the middle of a laughing crowd. (Said crowd turns into a very creepy Eldritch Abomination a moment later.) Afterwards, he gets taunted by a bunch of laughing Dee Dees and the episode ends with him falling endlessly, screaming for Dee Dee to wake him up, but she happens to be asleep.
  • What about the episode with all the clones in it? At the end due to the overuse of the cloning machine, There is a creepy fusion of Dexter,Dee-Dee, and her two friends, that talks in a weird way.
  • "Chicken Scratch". The animation is more fluid (and downright ugly). It really gets scary when Dexter crazily scratches himself (including on metal spikes). It didn't help that his maniacal laughter was lifted from "The Laughing".
  • "The Bus Boy". Although the guy lurking at the back of bus which was quite a nice, jolly big guy.
  • There is an extremely disturbing episode where Dee-Dee won't stop telling Dexter knock-knock jokes, and in desperation, he reaches into his jacket to retrieve a vial that will leave her mute. Instead, he obtains a vial that has a warning on it that drinking it will turn you into a monster. He gives it to Dee-Dee who turns into a horrific beast, and the episode essentially consists of the two of them going back and forth drinking the vial and increasing in size, but while Dee Dee gets more disturbing by the second, Dexter's mutations are weak to say the least, until he drinks the contents of a nuclear plant and grows into an enormous Godzilla like creature. The episode concludes with Dee-Dee becoming an ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING spider creature that pins Dexter to the ground and speaks with a high pitched squealing, echoing voice.
    • The episode's name is "Monstory" and it's probably the scariest episode in the series.
  • The TRON parody episode where the evil deep-voiced computer program takes over the lab and Dexter and how close Dexter and Dee-Dee come to not defeating him.
  • The episode Star Check - basically a Star Trek parody. Dexter and his friends want to go to a Trekkie convention, but end up in a Darbie (Barbie parody) collectors' convention instead. Said doll collectors look and act like Klingons a lot. Especially when they accidentally open the box of a collector's item, which appears to be a capital sin around here. The expression on the other customers' faces is simply hair-raising.
    • The leader of the Darbie collectors, a hideous old crone who's prized possesion is an original Darbie from the 50s still in its packaging.
  • The first season episode "Dee-Dee's Room." How does it begin? With a zombiefied looking Dexter with pulsating veins over his face. It ends that way too.
    • The episode itself is surreal and freaky.
  • The "Gork" monster from "Misplaced In Space". It tries to DEVOUR Dexter!
  • The Hal expy's Nothing Is Scarier takeover of the lab in "Ultrajerk 4000". The worst part? The robot was designed to be Dexter's perfect replica (appearance notwithstanding).
    • The robot's face.
  • "Sore Eyes". In an attempt to make his vision clearer, Dexter's gets laser eye surgery that turns out to have Gone Horribly Right. Because of his new vision, his family's tiny flaws and imperfections are magnified a thousandfold, causing them to appear as ugly, disgusting mutants. It didn't help that Bill Wray worked on this. The worst part is that he now sees all the tiny microbes and bugs that infest our food
  • Future Mandark's fate in "Ego Trip". His Fat Bastard body violently mutates, causing all his fat to shoot up into his cranium, making his whole body EXPLODE, leaving only his brain. It's one of the worst cases of Nausea Fuel in the show's history.
  • Mandark summoning Jojo at the science fair.
  • Dexter going insane and destroying his lab in "Way of The Dee-Dee". Not helped by the episode's Tear Jerker ending.
  • Dexter's Mom's mental breakdown in "Psylightly Psycho" can turn anyone into a germaphobe.
    • The dust bunnies. DEAR GOD. THE DUST BUNNIES.
  • In the crossover episode with Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, in the flashback, as Dynomutt confidently tells Blue Falcon where the stolen diamond's location was at, behind him, Buzzord stabs him through with his claws. Watching Dynomutt, the goofy sidekick of Blue Falcon, being stabbed by a ruthless villain such as Buzzord and seeing him cringing in pain. God, poor Dynomutt!
  • What happens when Dexter's parents don't have their morning coffee.
    • You could see that their dad was about to do something unspeakable to his own children, and the only reason they were saved was through a joke whose meaning (as a pop culture reference) is obscure to younger viewers. And even then, when everything is okay, the last line of the episode, "BUT WHAT IF WE DIDN'T.", takes it right back to terrifying.
    • Earlier in the episode we get a Gross-Up Close-Up of Mom and Dad's faces. It's...not pretty.
  • Dexter's parents and Dee Dee getting possessed in "Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind".
  • "Ewww, That's Growth" has Dexter trying to accelerate his body growth so he can be big enough to ride a rollercoaster. His experiment succeeds, but as soon as they arrive at the rollercoaster, they must go down an impossibly long queue, and by the end, Dexter's gotten much bigger than most of the other people waiting for the rollercoaster. Once an elongated Dexter finally gets on the rollercoaster and enjoys the ride, his head crashes into the upper part of a tunnel. The scene abruptly cuts to a THE END card. And an uncomfortable feeling will most likely come over you.
  • Koosies laugh in the "The Koose Is On The Loose" can be pretty creepy especially at the end when all it shows is the end card with no music and all you can hear is his laugh.
  • In the Missing Episode "Rude Removal" when Mom gets mad.
    • The episode's title card. While humorous, it's something you never thought you see the characters do in official artwork, especially in Dee Dee's case.
  • Dexter's guilt induced daydreams in " Space Case" including a giant fork like object heading directly towards Dee Dee's head, Dee Dee's arm being sliced in place of a sausage and Dee Dee's decapitated head on Dexter's plate!
  • Whenever Dexter's mom gets angry, she's pretty terrifying, especially in the episode "Dee Dee Locks And The Ness". Its no wonder why Dexter, Dee Dee, and their dad never say no to her favors.
  • Puppet Pal Mitch, especially in the live-action skits. *shudder*
  • "Dexter's Assistant", in which Dexter makes Dee Dee smarter. He does so by removing her brain, complete with opening up her head while she's still awake, taking out her tiny brain, and placing a larger, smarter one in its place!
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