Recap / Dexter's Laboratory

This is a list of episodes from the series Dexter's Laboratory, which aired from April 28, 1996 to November 20, 2003 with 78 episodes in total.

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    Season One 
  1. DeeDeemensional / Magmanamus / Maternal Combat: When one of Dexter's inventions goes wrong, Dee Dee must go back in time to save him; Monkey has to defeat the noisy lava monster Magmanamus, who just wants to sleep; Dexter creates a mom-bot when his mother falls sick, but Dee Dee steals it.
  2. Dexter Dodgeball / Rasslor / Dexter's Assistant: Dexter builds a robot exoskeleton for dodgeball; An intergalactic wrestler (voiced by Randy Savage) challenges Monkey; Dexter makes Dee Dee smart, which he soon regrets, since she proves to be smarter than him.
  3. Dexter's Rival / Simion / Old Man Dexter: Mandark, the new kid at school, shows Dexter up on everything he was best in; Monkey fights the superintelligent supervillain chimp Simion; Dexter creates an aging machine to make him an adult, but Dee Dee's tampering turns Dexter into an old man note .
  4. Double Trouble / Barbequor / Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter clones himself to prevent Dee Dee and her friends from causing more mayhem; Monkey must stop Barbequor and Silver Spooner from devouring Earth; Dexter creates an invention that turns people into animals note .
  5. Jurassic Pooch / Orgon Grindor / Dimwit Dexter: Dexter creates a pet dinosaur, but it acts like a dog; Monkey is hypnotized by an alien invader into doing evil; Dexter becomes an idiot from lab-related stress note .
  6. Dee Dee's Room / Huntor / The Big Sister: Dexter must retrieve a critical invention from Dee Dee's room; Monkey encounters an alien hunter; Dexter accidentally turns Dee Dee into a giant note .
  7. Star Spangled Sidekicks / TV Super Pals / Game Over: Dexter and Dee Dee enter Major Glory's sidekick tryouts; Glory, Krunk, and Valhallen cannot decide what to watch on TV; Dexter gets trapped in a video game.
  8. Babysitter Blues / Valhallen's Room / Dream Machine: Dexter develops a crush on his babysitter; Valhallen loses his magic axe and Major Glory and Krunk must find it in his room; Dexter creates a good dream machine.
  9. Dollhouse Drama / Krunk's Date / The Big Cheese: When Dexter becomes suspicious of Dee Dee's lack of interference, he infiltrates her room by shrinking himself to doll size; Krunk falls in love with a member of Comrade Red's gang: She-Thing; Dexter creates a machine that will let him speak French, but it malfunctions, and all he's able to say is "omelette du fromage."
  10. Way of the Dee Dee / Say Uncle Sam / Tribe Called Girl: Dee Dee teaches Dexter how to be carefree; Major Glory's uncle plans on visiting him, so he needs the apartment cleaned up; Dexter decides to learn more about the opposite sex by observing them, naturalist-style.
  11. Space Case / Ratman / Dexter's Debt: Dexter gives Dee Dee away to aliens; Krunk and Valhallen meet Ratman in the basement; Dexter needs to repay two hundred million dollars to NASA.
  12. Dexter's Rival / Bee Where? / Mandarker: Mandark, the new kid at school, shows Dexter up on everything he was best in note ; The Justice Friends try to get rid of a bee; Mandark tries to beat Dexter with magic.
  13. Inflata-Dee Dee / Can't Nap / Monstory: Dee Dee inflates Dexter's hydro-plasmatic suit and now can't get on the ground; Valhallen invites White Tiger to stay at the apartment overnight, but Major Glory has allergies; Dexter's silencing formula turns Dee Dee into a giant monster.

    Season Two 
  1. Beard to Be Feared / Quackor the Fowl / Ant Pants: Dexter gives himself a beard; Mandark is unaware that his lab duck Quackor is a supervillain; Dexter and Dee Dee shrink themselves to visit an ant colony.
  2. Mom and Jerry / Chubby Cheese / That Crazy Robot: Dexter switches his brain with a mouse's; Dexter tries to win a toy at the local Suck E. Cheese's; One of Dexter's robots becomes a servant for Dee Dee.
  3. D & DD / Hamhocks and Armlocks: Dexter's friends make Dee Dee the Game Master of their Dungeons & Dragons game; Dexter gives his dad a robotic arm.
  4. Hunger Strikes / The Koos is Loose / Morning Stretch: Dexter creates an invention that will make him enjoy his vegetables; Dee Dee's imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop comes to life; Dexter creates a machine to turn 30 seconds into 30 minutes.
  5. Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster / Backfire / Book 'Em: Dee Dee creates her own bedtime story; Dexter's latest improvement to the family car goes wrong; Dexter must return a library book.
  6. Sister's Got a Brand New Bag / Shoo, Shoe Gnomes / Lab of the Lost: Dee Dee gets some new dance moves; Dexter and Dee Dee try to find shoe gnomes; Dexter comes across an abandoned part of his lab.
  7. Labels / Game Show / Fantastic Boyage: Dexter creates a labeling gun; Dexter and Dee Dee compete on a game show; Dexter tries to cure Dee Dee's common cold, but many mistakes are made on the way.
  8. Filet of Soul / Golden Diskette: Dexter and Dee Dee are haunted by the ghost of a goldfish that wasn't flushed down the toilet; Dee Dee wins a free trip to the lab of Professor Hawk in this parody of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  9. Snowdown / Figure Not Included / Mock 5: Dexter's dad teaches him the art of snowball throwing; Dexter makes his own Major Glory action figure to join a Major Glory gang; Dexter enters a soapbox derby in this Speed Racer parody.
  10. Ewww That's Growth / Nuclear Confusion / Germ Warfare: Dexter increases his height to go on a roller-coaster; Dexter must find the hidden core of his nuclear lamp; Dexter tries to avoid getting the flu.
  11. A Hard Day's Day / Road Rash / Ocean Commotion: Dexter tries to move his lab to the Moon; Dexter's parents get him a bike so he tries to outrun Dee Dee's roller-skates; Dexter's family goes to the beach.
  12. The Bus Boy / Things That Go Bonk in the Night / Ol' McDexter: Dexter tries to get his pencil out of the back of the bus, even though the other kids dissuade him with terrifying stories about what lies there; Krunk dreams about the Puppet Pals on TV; Dexter gets sent to an Amish camp for the summer and tries to modernize them.
  13. Sassy Come Home / Photo Finish: Dee Dee befriends a sasquatch while Dexter tries to catch it; Dexter must stop Dee Dee from showing photos of his lab to their parents and goes on a James Bond-esque adventure to keep them from being developed.
  14. Star Check Unconventional / Dexter is Dirty / Ice Cream Scream: Dexter and his friends get stuck at a "Darbie" doll convention; Dexter laminates himself; Dexter tries to catch the ice cream truck.
  15. Decode of Honor / World's Greatest Mom / Ultrajerk 2000: Dexter and Dee Dee accidentally switch the coded messages in their cereal boxes; Dexter's mom gets hit by a ray and develops superpowers; Dexter's new robot proves to be a megalomaniacal jerk.
  16. Techno Turtle / Surprise / Got Your Goat: Dexter gives a turtle various enhancements; Dexter turns himself invisible on his birthday; Dexter and Dee Dee go to South America to catch the chupacabra.
  17. Dee Dee Be Deep / 911 / Down in the Dumps: Dexter gives Dee Dee a deep bass voice trying to stop her annoying singing; Dexter decides to solve emergencies for his neighbourhood when the Emergency Broadcast System interrupts Action Hank; Dexter must get Dee Dee's favourite teddy bear back when he throws it out.
  18. Unfortunate Cookie / The Muffin King: Dexter and Dee Dee get their fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap; Dexter and Dee Dee have to stop their father from eating their mother's freshly made muffins.
  19. Picture Day / Now That's a Stretch / Dexter Detention: Dexter makes himself more photogenic; Dexter improves his flexibility to ease his life; Dexter tries to escape detention.
  20. Don't Be a Baby / Peltra / G.I.R.L. Squad: Dexter accidentally turns everyone but Dee Dee and himself into babies; Peltra wants to turn Monkey into a fur coat; Dee Dee and her friends become crime fighters.
  21. Sports a Poppin' / Koosalagoopagoop / Project Dee Dee: Dexter's dad tries to teach his son sports; Koos returns and tells Dee Dee that he is the king of Dee Dee's imagination world; Dexter tries to helps Dee Dee with her science project.
  22. Topped Off / Dee Dee's Tail / No Power Trip: Dexter and Dee Dee become coffee addicts; Dexter turns Dee Dee into a horse; When the power shuts down in his lab, Dexter tries to restore it.
  23. Sister Mom / The Laughing: Dexter disguises Dee Dee as his mother to go to a meeting with the principal; When he is bitten by a clown, Dexter becomes one every night and goes about terrorizing the town.
  24. Dexter's Lab: A Story / Coupon for Craziness / Better Off Wet: Dexter teaches a dog to speak - and finds he doesn't really have anything to say; Dexter switches places with a hyperactive boy with scientist parents; Dexter tries to avoid being pushed into the family's new swimming pool.
  25. Critical Gas / Let's Save the World You Jerk! / Average Joe: After Dexter eats a burrito, he mistakes his intestinal rumblings as his imminent death; Dexter and Mandark reluctantly team up to save the world from a comet; Dexter changes his life when a fake test makes him think he's not really a genius.
  26. Rushmore Rumble / A Boy and His Bug / You Vegetabelieve It!: Dexter and Mandark fight each other with giant-sized versions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; Dexter creates a metal-eating termite; Dexter creates gigantic garden plants.
  27. Aye Aye Eyes / Dee Dee and the Man: A little girl with huge eyes falls in love with Dexter; Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, but soon begins to miss her.
  28. Old Flame / Don't Be a Hero / My Favorite Martian: Dexter finds the caveman who invented fire in the past and takes him on a tour of his lab; Dexter tries to become a superhero, but all the ways he tries end up backfiring on him; Dexter goes to Mars to find intelligent life, and finds an alien who's really Dee Dee (who stowed away on his trip) in disguise.
  29. "Paper Route Bout / The Ol' Switcherooms / Trick or Tree House": Dad trains Dee Dee to fight off the ninja bikers who target her paper route every morning; Dexter and Dee Dee are forced to stay in each other's rooms as punishment; Dee Dee will not let Dexter into her new treehouse.
  30. Quiet Riot / Accent You Hate / Catch of the Day: Dexter tries to get some sleep; A bully starts harassing Dexter for his accent; Dexter and his father try to be the first to reach the fishing grounds.
  31. Dad is Disturbed / Framed / That's Using Your Head: Dexter's dad tries to watch TV, but something always gets in the way; Broken glasses become the newest fad at Dexter's school; Dexter mistakes a crazy hobo for someone trying to contact aliens.
  32. DiM / Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song / Repairanoid: In this largely-silent episode, Dexter goes to buy a lightbulb; Dexter takes piano lessons against his will from Professor Williams; An electrician discovers Dexter's lab.
  33. sdrawckaB / The Continuum of Cartoon Fools / Sun, Surf and Science: Dexter invents a belt that allows people to do things backwards; Dexter tries to figure how Dee Dee keeps entering his lab; Mandark enters a surfing contest to win Dee Dee's heart.
  34. Big Bots / Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind / Misplaced in Space: Dexter and Dee Dee try to save an island with giant robots; Dexter's parents and Dee Dee are mind controlled by an alien; Dexter accidentally teleports himself to an extraterrestrial prison.
  35. Dee Dee's Rival / Pslightly Psycho / Game for a Game: Mandark's sister tries to outdo Dee Dee at dance school; Dexter's family gives mom a break from chores for Mother's Day; Dexter decides to prove to Dee Dee that she cannot beat him at every game.
  36. Blackfoot and Slim / Trapped with a Vengeance / The Parrot Trap: A nature documentary team observe Dexter and Dee Dee in their natural habitat; Dexter is trapped in the school by the angry janitor; Dexter makes a robotic parrot.
  37. Dexter and Computress Get Mandark / Pain in the Mouth / Dexter vs. Santa's Claws: In this episode written by a 6-year-old boy, Dexter and Computress, well, get Mandark; Major Glory and Valhallen try to cure Krunk's toothache without going to the dentist; Dexter is hellbent on proving that Santa isn't real.
  38. Dyno-Might / LABretto: The Blue Falcon comes to Dexter's lab to have Dynomutt fixed, and Dexter gives him a new and improved Dynomutt - which turns out to be too good; In this mini-opera, we see the story of how Dexter became who he is.
  39. Last But Not Beast: During a trip to Japan, Dexter accidentally releases a Kaiju, and he, his family, the Justice Friends, and Monkey team up to fight it.

  1. Ego Trip: When an army of robots invade his lab through a time machine, Dexter travels to the future to find out what happened.

    Season Three 
  1. Streaky Clean / A Dad Cartoon / Sole Brother: Dexter makes a Kill Sat for the sole purpose of cleaning his clothes, but it malfunctions; Dexter's dad tries to fix his car; Dexter becomes fused to Dee Dee's foot.
  2. Mind Over Chatter / A Quackor Cartoon / Momdark: Dexter tries to give himself the ability to read minds, but mistakenly allows everyone to read his mind instead; Quackor attempts revenge on Monkey; Mandark kidnaps Dexter's mom and then disguises himself as her in an attempt to sneak into Dexter's lab.
  3. Copping an Aptitude / A Failed Lab Experiment / The Grand-Daddy of All Inventions: Dexter goes to college and finds it's not how he expected; Dexter creates goggles that allow him to see through solid objects, but things go wrong; Dexter learns his grandfather has a laboratory too.
  4. Poppa Wheelie / A Mom Cartoon / The Mock Side of the Moon: It's Career Day at school, but Dexter is ashamed of his dad; Dexter's mom fights another woman at the supermarket; Dexter travels to the moon and finds an alien fleet prepared to go to Earth.
  5. If Memory Serves / A Mandark Cartoon / Tele-Trauma: Dexter creates a device to retrieve and record his memories; Mandark goes through a typical day while scheming to defeat Dexter; Dexter creates a device that beams TV shows directly into his head.
  6. A Boy Named Sue / Lab on the Run: Mandark relates the story of his origin; Two robots (voiced by Fred Willard and Martin Mull) escape from Dexter's lab and try to live in the outside world.
  7. Dos Boot / A Dee Dee Cartoon / Would You Like That in the Can?: Mandark enters Dexter's computer through cyberspace, so Dexter enters cyberspace himself to defeat him; Dee Dee plays in her own "lab"; Dexter and his friend Douglass Mordecai sneak into the girl's bathroom to retrieve Dexter's lunchbox after another student picked it up by mistake.
  8. That Magic Moment / A Silent Cartoon / Opposites Attract: Dexter's uncle Fergel O'Reilly (voiced by Mark Hamill) visits the family; Dee Dee paints the lab pink; a magnetic field causes Dexter and Dee Dee to get stuck together.
  9. Comic Relief / A Third Dad Cartoon / RoboDexo3000: Dexter makes a lifelike superhero comic, with Dee Dee as the villainess "Deestructa"; Dexter's dad plays golf with his kids; Dexter creates the ultimate robot to replace his previous one.
  10. Glove at First Sight / A Mom and Dad Cartoon / Smells Like Victory: We learn how Dexter's parents met in the 80s; Dexter and Dee Dee eavesdrop on their parents and mistakenly conclude that they are breaking up; the U.S. army discovers Dexter's lab and believes it is a base for alien invaders.
  11. Oh, Brother / Another Dad Cartoon / Bar Exam: Dexter turns Dee Dee into a boy; while home alone, Dexter's dad dances through the house; Dexter must pass P.E. or else he'll be held back a grade.
  12. Jeepers, Creepers, Where is Peepers? / Go, Dexter Family! Go!: Dexter and Koos must rescue Koos' friend Peepers and the land of imagination from an invader; Dexter's family teams up to rescue him from aliens.
  13. Scare Tactics / A Mom Cartoon / My Dad vs. Your Dad: Dexter and his dad both become rattled by a scary movie; Dexter's mom fights another woman at the supermarket note ; Dexter and Mandark's parents meet each other and eventually start fighting.

    Season Four 
  1. Beau Tie / Remember Me / Overlabbing: Dee Dee's new boyfriend likes science, so Dexter tries to talk to him and show him his work; Dexter gets amnesia, so Dee Dee attempts to mold him in her image; Dexter and Mandark drill underground to expand their labs and meet each other.
  2. Sis-Tem Error / Bad Cable Manners / Dexter's Library: Dee Dee accidentally shuts down the lab and tries to prevent Dexter from finding out she was responsible; Dexter helps his dad get cable TV; Dexter becomes the stern administrator of the local library.
  3. The Scrying Game / Monstrosi-Dee Dee / Dad Man Walking: Dee Dee learns of a game that can predict the future; Dee Dee eats an apple that turns her into a monster; Dexter's dad sleepwalks into the lab.
  4. Dexter's Little Dilemma / Faux Chapeau / D2: Dexter attempts to study his parents by shrinking them and placing them in a model of the house without their knowledge; Dee Dee wears Dexter's invention around town because it looks like a hat; Dexter and Dee Dee decide they make a good team and start doing everything together.
  5. Head Band / Stuffed Animal House / Used Ink: A song that gets stuck in people's heads is actually a virus; Dexter accidentally brings Dee Dee's stuffed animals to life; Dexter creates a special ink that can control people when used to write commands.
  6. School Girl Crushed / Chess Mom / Father Knows Least: Dexter and Mandark reluctantly team up when a new girl at school starts outdoing them; Dexter's mom repeatedly embarrasses him while he's competing in a chess tournament; Dexter's dad has to watch the kids while his wife is visiting her sister.
  7. Dexter the Barbarian / Tuber Time / Sore Eyes: Dexter tries to emulate a Barbarian Hero; Dexter studies potatoes and their ability to generate electricity; Dexter gives himself laser eye surgery.
  8. Babe Sitter / Mountain Mandark / 2Geniuses 2Gether 4Ever: Mandarks parents hire Dee Dee to babysit him; Mandark gets in touch with nature; Dexter and Mandark team up, but Dexter finds himself doing all the work.
  9. Height Unseen / Bygone Errors / Folly Calls: Dexter tries to make everyone shorter than him; in the future, an elderly Dexter talks about the Glory Days, but Dee Dee interrupts him and explains what really happened; When Dee Dee accidentally cuts off her pigtail, Dexter gives her a formula to grow it back, but she uses too much and her hair grows out of control.
  10. Voice Over / Blonde Leading the Blonde / Comic Stripper: Dexter tries to fix his computer's voice module; Dee Dee secretly dyes Dexter's hair blonde; Dexter finds out that all of Mandark's plans are taken from a comic book.
  11. Tee Party / Dexter's Wacky Races: Dexter and his dad enter a golf tournament, but dad is inept at it; Dexter, Monkey, Agent Honeydew, the Justice Friends, Dee Dee, her imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop, Mandark, his parents, and Dexter's parents participate in a cross-country race.
  12. The Lab of Tomorrow / Chicken Scratch / Garage Sale: A documentary on the future of laboratories; When Dexter gets the chicken pox, Dee Dee tells him scratching himself will make him turn into a chicken, and he believes her; Dexter's parents get one of Dexter's inventions and sells it at a garage sale.
  13. They Got Chops / Poetic Injustice / Comedy of Feathers: Dexter and Dee Dee both learn martial arts; Dexter falls in love with a new girl at school and desperately tries to win her heart; Dee Dee tries to save an ostrich at the zoo.

    Lost Episode 
  1. Rude Removal: Dexter accidentally creates foul-mouthed, rude versions of himself and Dee Dee.