Fan Fic / The CRONIES

The CRONIES is a fanfiction series that takes place primarily in the Sonic universe. Written formally by a trio of fanfic writers called "The Triple Peeps", this tale was originally meant to be a '"Friends"' parody, hence why the title card looks like that.

Sonic and Shadow were sitting in the Eggman Cafe. Shadow comments that the coffee tastes like Eggman, Sonic asks him how he knows what Eggman tastes like, and then a random person busts in and yells that the bank's being stolen (building and all). Henceforth, the two of them decide to make up their own superhero team, consisting of their pals, Amy Rose as the adorable "team secretary", and "sometimes Eggman."

From there, comedic adventures occasionally fueled by an ongoing arc/plot would occur. Villain(s) will rear their ugly heads, asses will get kicked, the villain(s) will be trounced afterwards, and commercials will happen inbetween.

There are a couple of 'Side-stories', per se, that fit into the 'Croniesverse', but are hard to gauge where they exist in the timeline. They are:

- Jonny Quest Vs. Li Syaoran Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The official prequel, so to speak, of Eggman Adventures. Jessie Bannon tells Jonny about a young martial artist named Li Syaoran who could beat him up. Meanwhile, a dinner at Sakura's house goes awfully awry when Syaoran mixes it up with her big brother, Touya. And WHY were Shadow and Eggman in the neighborhood at the time??

- Sonic Iron Chef! Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Sonic and Shadow challenge two of the original Iron Chefs. The commercials were food related, and was also the starting point of Farah Oersted's unerring hatred towards Eggman. Takes place somewhere before Eggman Adventures 3.

- Eggman... on ICE!!! Eggman decides one day to make a skating version of his life story, and EVERYONE'S INVITED TO WATCH!! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? Takes place somewhere before Cronies 7.

- The Davis and Akuma Chronicles This one-shot story takes place after the events of Eggman on Ice, and during the "Eggman betrays the gang and Shadow and Rouge were in on it all along, just so they could abduct Tails" arc, a.k.a. after Cronies 9. A day in the life of "The Master of the Fist", Akuma and happy-go-lucky Digidestined, Davis Motomiya.

Recently Uncanceled with the posting of Cronies TRY 8.

Tropes found within the CRONIES: