Characters: Splatterhouse

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    Main Characters 

Rick Taylor

Voiced by: Josh Keaton (2010 remake)

The main hero, an everyday man forced to wear the demonic Terror Mask to face the forces of evil and save his girlfriend and, in the third title, his son.

Terror Mask

Voiced by: Jim Cummings (2010 remake)

An ancient Aztec/Mayan artifact of great power, which turns the user into a powerful warrior. The mask provides Rick the strength needed to complete his quest, but is quite sinister on his own and eventually tries to kill Rick and take over the world, but is destroyed. In the Remake the mask has a new personality, and wants to get revenge on the Corrupted for what they did to it.

Jennifer Willis

Voiced by: Shanelle Gray (2010 remake)

Rick's girlfriend, kidnapped by the evil forces of the House. She was turned into a monster and killed in the first game, brought back from hell in the second and saved again in the third. In the Remake Rick must save her from West, who wants to sacrifice her to the Corrupted.


Dr. Henry West

Voiced by: Richard Doyle (2010 remake)

A Mad Scientist and unseen owner of the West Mansion where the game takes place. In the Remake he kidnaps Jen for a sacrifice to the Corrupted in order to resurrect his dead wife Leonora.

  • Ascended Extra: In the remake.
  • Big Bad: In the remake.
  • Evil Old Folks: And much older than you think.
  • I Am A Humanitarian: Subverted, he tried, but apparently human flesh wasn't of his taste.
    • Ambiguous Syntax: He says, "...They consume human flesh with much relish. I tried it once myself. It was not to my taste." Is he talking about human flesh, or the relish?
  • Large Ham: Especially as he descend in madness.
  • Love Makes You Evil
  • Mad Scientist
  • Only a Flesh Wound: Near the end of the 2010 game, Rick rip out his arm in order to stop the sacrifice. He still doesn't seems too worried about his missing limb.
  • The Unfought: In the original series, unless he was turned in the Hell Chaos. Happens in the Remake as well.
    • Part of the reason for this is because he didn't exist in the original arcade version's story.
    • Averted in the second game. The scientist labeled as "Dr. Mueller" in the American and European manuals is in fact Dr. West.

Piggy Man (a.k.a. the Biggy Man)

The most popular monster in the game, is a large humanoid with chainsaws for hands that guards the mansion. In the Remake he's fought by Rick in the Meat Factory in the future New York.

Hell Chaos

The final enemy in the first game, is a rotten giant who comes out of a grave to kill Rick near the end of the game. Is speculated that this monster is actually Dr West's mutated corpse.

Ultimate Evil

An eldritch beast from the Void who was accidentally released by Rick when he opened the portal. It's fought by Rick in the woods just outside of the Mueller Mansion.

The Evil One

Leader of the demons of the Void, he's the Big Bad of the original series. In the third game he tries to use the Dark Stone to become invincible and conquer the world, but Rick crush his ambition.

The Overlord

The leader of the Corrupted, he's the first of them to step in the material realm. However the Mask force him to posess the various corpses of the weak enemies slaughtered along the way, allowing Rick to destroy it soundly. This backfires when the overlord's essence posess Jennifer.