Tear Jerker / Splatterhouse

  • In the end of the fifth stage of the original Splatterhouse from 1988, Rick's beloved Jennifer (roughly) uttered the words "Help, my darling.", and then mutates into a hideous clawed beast. It cackles out an insidious laughter before and while fighting Rick. During the fight, Jennifer reverts to her normal self and begs Rick to save her before the monster takes over again. After the battle, Jennifer tragically dies in Rick's arms.
  • The 2010 remake also has a similar fate. After taking down the Overlord, the game ends with Jennifer getting posessed by the Corrupted just before the gateway was closed off. Dr. West succeeded with his plans of bringing his wife back from the dead, and Rick is left with a former shell of his beloved girlfriend.
  • All three of the bad endings of Splatterhouse 3. While Rick saves the world from the chaos the Terror Mask intended to unleash, he's still devastated by his failure to save his wife and/or son, and the Terror Mask twists the knife by reminding Rick that it will return as long as he is suffering.
    • Failing to save Jennifer in time while succeeding in saving David ends with Rick a single father having to explain to his son that his mother is dead.
    • If you succeed in saving Jennifer, but not David, Jennifer will ask Rick where their son is and react to Rick's answer with "No!".
    • Should you fail to save both of them, Rick is implied to be driven insane by the loss of his family.