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Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti
  • There's many funny moments in this game, but one of the funniest is the Thriller parody. Rick wanders through a graveyard until he comes by a dance floor, where he finds a vampire (wearing Jacko's trademark red jacket) who is summoning zombies that dance alongside him before attacking Rick.
  • Another one is the Alien parody that doubles as a callback to the first boss of the first game. Rick finds a girl lying on an operating table, but when he approaches, her stomach bursts open and dozens of spiders come out. When Rick's killed them all, the girl wakes up with her wounds sealed and walks away as if nothing had happened.

Splatterhouse (2010 Remake)
  • The Terror Mask has a habit of being delightfully Ax-Crazy:
    "Hey, wanna see what your spine looks like?"
    "His insides should be on the outside!"
    "He's going to feel that in the morning... if he has a morning!"
    "Any last words—TOO LATE!"
    "I wanna see what's inside!"
    "Would it kill you to kill something?"
    "Let me put like this... *beat* I'm just getting warmed up!"
    "I say good day, sir!"
  • Around the end of Phase 2, the Terror Mask starts trolling Rick by acting like Jennifer.
    Terror Mask: "Riiiiiiick, save me!" (gasps) Did you hear that, Rick? I believe Jen is in fuckin' trouble! Let's go.
    Rick: Fuck. Will you just shut the fuck up!?
    • And later:
    Terror Mask: "No, Dr. West. No!" You hear that? That's Jen screaming for help. Get moving, lover-boy!
    Rick: Seriously. Stop.
    Terror Mask: "What are you doing? Ooh, Dr. West! It's so biiiiiiiig!"
    Rick: Do you EVER stop talking?
    • Also the scene where they confront the doll at the end of the level.
  • The Terror Mask lampshading the game's level of violence at one point of the Meat Factory level.note 
    Terror Mask: "See, that's the kind of shit that got us an M-rating."
  • The Terror Mask upon seeing Biggy Man:
    (Rick points the shotgun at the Biggy Man)
    Terror Mask: "Wait, wait, wait! — I know this guy! ...yeah, we are screwed."
  • In a Flashback to when Rick and Jen are heading to West Manor, Jen explains that she was chosen specifically by West to do the interview. Rick takes a moment to study his girlfriend's well-shaped rear.
    Rick: "Yeah, I wonder why."
  • West gives a Hannibal Lecture to Rick about the philosophy of the situation and how he will not stop until his plans are enacted. Rick's reply to this was simple:
    Rick: "Yeah? Well fuck you!"
    Dr. West: "No Rick, FUCK YOU!"
  • Rick is all hyped up after catching and returning back a giant meteor — but the Mask is totally unimpressed.
    Rick: "I just caught a fuckin' meteor!"
    Terror Mask: "Yeah, yeah, whatever."
  • In the Meat Factory level, Rick gets on an elevator and the mask tells him "Any floor'll do, fuck it", so Rick smashes the control panel, making the elevator start. When you step onto the elevator, it turns out that it actually has music.
  • This exchange:
    Rick: Oh, Jesus! This world's coming apart at the seams!
    Mask: Well, if the good Lord Jesus is planning on coming back, he's got about 20 minutes.
  • Cut dialogue reveals that Rick is afraid of clowns. The Terror Mask, being the Terror Mask, has fun with this.
    Mask: {Chuckling the whole time.} Big Bad Rick-o! [...] Got himself a new body that can punch holes through steel plate! [...] Fights monsters! Takes on evil older than time. [...] But what's the one thing he's really scared of? [...] Fucking Clowns! Ha! I can't believe I am riding shotgun with some wiener who's afraid of clowns! {Stops chuckling.} Woohoo! Wouldna seen that one coming! So, what else keep you hiding under the covers at night Tiger?
  • At the start of Phase Three, Rick jumps into a portal and finds himself in an abandoned junkyard. One of the piled-up trucks found there has an advertisement on its side promoting Cthulhu: The Musical.