Trivia: Splatterhouse

  • Colbert Bump: Thanks to Happy Videogame Nerd and Big Al from Toonzone.
  • Fan Nickname: Captain Mozzarella, a name given to the final boss of the first game due to his tattered skin's resemblance to melted cheese.
  • Franchise Killer: The Splatterhouse series has always been a Cult Classic, and although the remake is a decent game in its own right, a combination of poor sales and Namco Bandai laying off most of the staff that worked on the game leave it's future very much in doubt.
    • Technically, the franchise was already dead in Japan, since the Western-made remake was never exported in Japan, as the series is rarely acknowledged by Namco Bandai's Japanese branch and it's heavily implied the entire series could be an Old Shame, as to this date, there's few info about the Japanese creators of the franchise, other than the first game was credited to someone named "A. Usukura". Taking into account the Japanese-made games were a product of their era, along with many social shifts towards perception of violence between the U.S. and Japan, it's understandable why the Japanese branch doesn't want to have any relation with the series anymore.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Rick was voiced by Ryu Hayabusa, Human Torch, Ocelot, Greg, and Young!Hercules.
  • No Export for You: The original Splatterhouse had a Japanese-only PC port, which was closest to being arcade perfect next to the FM Towns port up until arcade original's inclusion in the 2010 game.
  • Viral Marketing: Jennifer Willis as a Playboy centerfold.
  • What Could Have Been: Aside from scrapped enemies, the 2010 game once had a level that took place in a frozen Nazi hangar; Rick would have fought Nazi zombies and mechs.
    • Originally, Mirror Rick showed signs of active sentience, attempting to pull a Kill and Replace on the real Rick.
    • And also, regarding the soundtrack from the same game, bands such as In Flames and GWAR and even CANNIBAL CORPSE have been mentioned to appear, but didn't in the end.
    • Perhaps the biggest of them all. The original idea of the game was that Rick was a slasher villain chasing Jennifer through the house, but was changed at the last minute. While the later games obviously made Rick unambiguously heroic, the first game isn't hard to interpret this way.
  • Wiki Rule: The Splatterhouse Wiki, which is NSFW not just for the gore, but there are some topless shots of Jennifer from the 2010 game.