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Heartwarming: Splatterhouse
  • Rick will stop at nothing to save Jennifer. He will fight through an army of demons and zombies, kill enormous beasts with his bare hands and even storm the pits of hell to get her back.
  • The scenes in the Remake with Rick and Jennifer before the events of the game. May very possibly be because the rest of the game is more occupied with trying to paint the walls as red as possible.
    • This is especially true in the scene that shows how Rick got the mortal injury at the start of the game. When the creepy doctor and his inhuman monsters tried to take Jennifer away, Rick (who at this point weights 99 pounds soaking wet) not only places himself between Jen and the monsters, he attacks those monsters while telling her to run. Mask or no mask, Rick was willing to die for Jenny right from the start. The mask might have given him the power to save the girl, but the love, drive and courage to do so was all Rick.
  • The Remake is a Meta example. The game could have very possibly been a lame brawler filled with copious amounts of gore with a few aesthetic features thrown in to cash in on a mildly popular retro series. But no, instead the game ends up being made almost 100% for the fans. There's enough continuity nods and mythology gags to make your head hurt, Ensemble Darkhorse Biggy Man is treated epicly just for the fans, and the game is good enough to stand on its own to newcomers. The fact that the fanbase is comparatively small to other franchises just makes it all the sweeter... Alternatively, if you're a fan of the original series and despise the remake, at least it comes with the original trilogy.
  • Splatterhouse 2010: The mask speaks to you before the final battle.
    You promised you'd love her till the End Of The World... Well, the End Of The World IS coming, time to prove you're a man of your word!
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