Awesome / Splatterhouse


Splatterhouse 2
  • The fact that the Deadmen are afraid of Rick and the Mask, to the point where they'd rather face a fat, carnivorous blob of death than face Rick. Remember these are the same shmucks who happily tried to murder you in the first game.
  • Rick goes directly into Hell to save Jennifer's soul - and he escapes with it, bringing Jen back to life in the process. He went through Hell and back to save the woman he loves. Damn.
  • Remember how in the first game how Rick punched knives in the second boss? Well, in the third boss, HE PUNCHES A FLYING CHAINSAW!

Splatterhouse 3
  • Get the good ending and watch the Terror Mask genuinely freaking out.
    "I can't see! I can't hear! I'm dying!"

Splatterhouse (2010)
  • With the ability to tell a proper narrative, we see Jennifer actually show some resistance against Dr. West. By stabbing him through the skull with a jagged ritual knife. Admittedly, he just pulls it out and laughs, but if he hadn't been immortal, the game would have been over much quicker.
  • The Biggy Man fight. First he evokes some good ol' nostalgia with the 2D fight, and then when you think he's down, BAM! You've fallen through the floor. And then you knock heads and try to Splatter Kill him, the bastard manages to get over that as well and when you finally do kill him, it's with his own chainsaw hand, which you drag along with you to the next level.
    Terror Mask: Show him why we call it... SPLATTERHOUSE.
    • The greatest part is what comes next: A DUEL OF CHAINSAWS, on the very verge OF THE END OF THE WORLD. What can be more epic than that?
  • During the cutscene before the final boss in the remake, Rick finds out through the Mask that the sacrifice needed to open the gates of Hell was not just one, not ten, not a thousand, but ten thousand souls - which is about as many demons Rick killed to get to Jen. The Mask reveals that it used Rick to open the gates of Hell just because it wanted to kick the asses of The Corrupted and send them back to Hell as revenge for having to be their slave for an eternity. In simple terms, the Terror Mask tricked Rick into putting him on to bring the Corrupted onto Earth just so it could flip them off and dropkick them back into Hell.
    • Before Dr. West can kill Jennifer as part of the sacrifice, Rick comes out of nowhere, rips off the arm West is holding the dagger with, then proceeds to club him with it before tending to Jen.
  • Rick catches A METEOR! The Mask (supposedly) stays rather apathetic about it.

  • This fan made video celebrating the release of the Remake.