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    Present Bronze Saints 

Andromeda Shun

One of the original Five-Man Band. Concerned for the fate of his dear friend Seiya, he goes to Saori to see how he's doing. It's there that she explains how Hades sword is slowly killing Seiya, and that if they don't manage to destroy it within three days, Seiya will die. He agrees to accompany her on her journey, and winds up as the first bronze saint to return to the past.

Pegasus Seiya

Athena's most loyal saint. During the final battle with Hades, Seiya took a direct attack from Hades in order to save Athena. While his sacrifice did lead them to victory, he's become a catatonic Empty Shell, unable to speak or move. In truth, Hades left Seiya with a very potent Curse: Hades' sword of hatred still remains within Seiya. In three days, the sword shall reach his heart and kill him.

Phoenix Ikki

Shun's older brother. When following Shun and Saori, he winds up as the second bronze saint to make the journey to the past.

    18th Century Bronze Saints 

Pegasus Tenma

A young orphan who was taken in by Suikyo along with Alone. Although he was selfish as a child, he came to realize the error of his ways and grow up to be a strong, dedicated young man. He's deeply loyal to Alone, who forgave his selfish actions as a child. Suikyo taught him how to burn his cosmo, a skill that would later save his life when he donned the Pegasus cloth in order to free Alone form Hades' possession.
  • Anime Hair
  • Big Bad Friend: His best friend Alone winds up as the vessel for Hades.
  • Bishounen
  • Bully Hunter: He would always take care of Alone's bullies.
  • Expy: of Seiya.
  • The Hero: Essentially takes on this role as Seiya is stuck in a coma.
  • Honor Before Reason: Defied! He's one of the few saints who realizes that the new saints from the future came to help, so he ignores many reestablished rules in order to help them. He also is willing to work with the Gold Saints whom just a moment ago were trying to murder his best friend because he understands that they had the best of intentions, and are likely his best bet on getting Alone back to normal. There's also his Know When to Fold 'Em moment below.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: With Alone.
    • His entire talk about the importance of feeling another man's warmth and how that changed his ways.
  • Hot-Blooded: He's pretty much a carbon copy of Seiya, after all.
  • Identical Stranger: Shun mistook him for Seiya, and mistook Seiya's spirit for him. His character design would be completely identical if his clothes turned red when he put on his cloth.
  • Jerk Ass: Was one as a child, but grew out of it.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: When he realizes that Shion and Dohko are simply too much for him, he chooses to hop on his horse with Alone and ride away to safety instead of pushing his luck.
  • Made of Iron: Notable in that he hasn't had much experience using a cloth, but he was still powerful enough to impress two gold saints.
  • That Man Is Dead: His bratty, selfish self as a child. He's not proud of it.
  • We Named the Monkey Jack: He named his horse Pegasus.

    18th Century Gold Saints 

Aries Shion

See Saint Seiya: Gold Saints

Taurus Ox

Gemini Cain and Abel

  • Cain and Abel: And ironically, Abel is the evil one.
  • Expy: Of Saga.
  • Evil Brunette Twin: Abel has darker hair than Cain.
  • Shadow Archetype: To the point their names are written with the kanjis of "Light" and "Shadow".
  • Split Personality: Taken to the extremes. Cain and Abel litteraly can't appear at the same time. If Cain is being dominant, Abel dissapears and viceversa. They even go to the extreme to call each other their own shadow. Abel even implies that he's a second personality created by Cain to throw into Abel all his evilness.

Cancer Deathtoll

Leo Kaizer

  • Animal Motifs: Lion
  • The Beastmaster: He has a giant lion named Goldie who also helps guard the sanctuary.
  • Bad Ass: The first one to face off with Suikyo and win.
  • Honor Before Reason: Even when Goldie makes it clear that Tenma and Shun mean no harm, he still doesn't let them through.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Athena.
  • We Named the Monkey Jack: He named his lion Goldie, which can cause some confusion, as the gold saints are often referred to as Goldies by western fans, particularly the impossibly huge Latin American following.

Virgo Shijima

Libra Dohko

See Saint Seiya: Gold Saints

Capricorn Izo

Aquarius Mystria

Pisces Cardinale

Ophiuchus Odysseus


The Satallites are Artemis's equivalent to Athena's saints. They're warriors dedicated to protecting the moon goddess, almost completely consisting of women archers.




    Gods and Goddesses 

Athena/ Saori Kido

After Hades' defeat, Saori takes care of the comatose Seiya. She eventually discovers that Seiya's heart is slowly being penetrated by Hades sword of hatred, which will kill him in three days. Saori chooses to save the life of the man who did so for her so many times and travel back in time in order to destroy Hades' sword in the previous holy war.


The Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, and sister to Athena. Athena goes to her seeking a means to travel back in time in order to destroy Hades' sword and save Seiya. Artemis is so touched by her sister's devotion to Seiya that she agrees, and helps Saori make contact with Chronos, the god of time.



During the climactic battle between Athena's saints and Hades in 1999, Seiya intervenes before Hades gets the chance to finish off Athena. It's then that the God of the Underworld recalls how in a previous life, the Pegasus Saint was a close friend of his...



Tenma and Alone's childhood caretaker. He left the sanctuary after the death of his younger brother due to illness. He saved Alone and Tenma from freezing to death as children, and taught the latter how to use his cosmo and left him with the cloth box for the Pegasus Cloth.


A specter with the power to control other people's movements.



Tenma's childhood friend, and a skilled painter. He's incredibly kind and selfless. He's tricked into taking Hades' sword by Pandora, invoking his possession by Hades.