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Characters: DonPachi
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     Introduced in Don Pachi 

Un-named Operator

Voice: Eriko Yamana (DaiFukkatsu), Asami Shimoda (SaiDaiOuJou)

The operator has never been named anything other than "Operator" although in SaiDaiOuJou she at least has a face. In DonPachi the operator was a very excited man.


The ultimate weapon of the enemy robot forces, it is a gigantic bee that can shoot out a lot of bullets. Pictured to the right is not Hibachi itself, but rather, its regeneration chamber in DaiOuJou since Hibachi is actually too small to get an accurate image of (since it would be covered in bullets and lasers half as large as itself). It first appeared in DonPachi as the True Final Boss, although considerably larger than it was in DoDonPachi and beyond.

     Introduced in Do Don Pachi 

Colonel Schwarlitz Longhena/Longhener

The mysterious commander of the DonPachi Corps throughout the whole DoDonPachi game series (excluding DonPachi).

     Introduced in Do Don Pachi Dai Ou Jou 

DFSD-010 Shotia & Shooty

Voice: Yuzuki Asakura

She was a playable character in Dai Ou Jou focusing on shot power and quantity of bombs. She returns in the form of Shooty as the boss of stage 5 of Dai Fukkatsu, now many times more powerful than ever before. She is described as being pure and faithful - formerly to her human pilot, and now in her obedience to Next EXY.

DFSD-014 Leinyan & Ray'n

Voice: Mizuki Yamaguchi

She was a playable character in Dai Ou Jou focusing on laser power. She returns in the form of Ray'n as the boss of stage 4 of Dai Fukkatsu, still focusing on laser attacks. Once again she returns in Dai Fukkatsu' in Arrange Mode A as Leinyan as she was in Dai Ou Jou.
  • Beam Spam: As a boss in Dai Fukkatsu, going with the fact that she was the Ray / Laser type in Dai Ou Jou.
  • Chinese Girl: She wears a stereotypical chinese dress, and one piece of artwork for DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label EXTRA shows her serving dim sum at the mess hall.
  • Creepy Doll
  • Humongous Mecha: As Ray'n
  • Interspecies Romance: Her ending in Dai Ou Jou shows she has truely and emotionally become attached to her pilot who she cannot bear being away from and defies the odds to be with him.
  • Killer Robot: As Ray'n
  • Meaningful Name: In Dai Ou Jou she is the Ray / Laser type.
  • Robot Girl
  • Show Some Leg: She wears a stereotypical chinese dress which exposes her legs.
  • Transforming Mecha
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: She was originally designed for peace and to protect, but her programming was changed into this. In her ending in Dai Ou Jou, she has to be forcefully pulled away from her pilot, and even THEN.....

FSD-002 Exy & Next EXY

Voice: Ryo Terashima

She was a playable character in Dai Ou Jou being excellent at both shot and laser power but having the fewest number of bombs. She returns in the form of Next EXY as the boss of stage 2 of Dai Fukkatsu, physically now the weakest of the original Element Dolls. She is responsible for rebuilding the killer robot army and traveling back in time to 2008.

PFSD-015 Piper

She is introduced in DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label EXTRA and is focused on being able to gain Hyper items more often. On the other hand, she starts with no bombs and her Hyper mode has a shorter duration. She is a prototype for a planned mass-production run of Element Dolls. Her programming is incomplete and her emotions are not fully developed. She only learned how to smile when her pilot smiled.

     Introduced in Do Don Pachi Dai Fukkatsu 


Voice: Shizuka Tsuji

She is the poster girl for Dai Fukkatsu and has white pantsu. Her original design was intended to assist senior citizens and make humans feel more comfortable. She is now the boss of Dai Fukkatsu stage 1.


Voice: Saki Ogasawara

The boss of Dai Fukkatsu stage 3, she supposedly has the highest potential power out of all the Element Daughters.

     Introduced in Do Don Pachi Maximum 

Ingram K. Daugh

A lead researcher at EVAC Industry. In the trailer for Maximum, he is shown boasting EVAC's military forces, and challenges the player to try out EVAC's Maximum Bullet Simulator (read: the game) to experience firsthand and develop appreciation for EVAC's advancements.

  • Fourth Wall Mail Slot: On the Maximum website, Daugh and his guide answer various FAQs.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Ingram K. Daugh. "IKD" is short for Tsuneki Ikeda, one of CAVE's most prominent programmers.
  • Large Ham
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: On the Maximum FAQ, he suggests that the player try out various such challenges if the game becomes too easy for them. One such example:
    Q: This game is too easy for me. What shall I do?
    A: What!? Our Danmaku war machines are too easy for you? At the end of the last stage...Oh wait, you should see that yourself.
    Q: What I consider that "easy" as well?
    A: Play the entire stages with one finger.

     Introduced in Do Don Pachi Sai Dai Ou Jou 


Voice: Yukana

She is the Element Doll for the Type-A ship (red, straight-forward shot, fast movement speed) in SaiDaiOuJou. She has an extremely aggressive personality and believes that the best defense is an even better offense.


Voice: Eri Kitamura

She is the Element Doll for the Type-B ship (green, turning shot, medium movement speed) in SaiDaiOuJou. Since she is a relatively new model, she is uncertain about herself and always looks to her pilot for guidance.


Voice: Mamiko Noto

She is the Element Doll for the Type-C ship (blue, wideshot, slow movement speed) in SaiDaiOuJou. She has a calm personality, is as quiet as a mouse, and calculates her decisions carefully.

ED01 Hina / Hibachi / Inbachi

Voice: Aoi Yuuki

Hina is the first of two Element Dolls created as part of a project to create the ultimate Element Doll. She was programmed with a sister relationship to other other Element Doll, ED02 Saya, as well as an overarching directive to protect humanity. To improve her combat prowess (as well as her sister's), she was pitted against Saya in virtual drills. However, in doing so, she fell into a logical paradox due to the order of eliminating the enemy human pilot. As a result, she was kept in stasis while her sister was deactivated for data analysis. A few years following their shutdown, a massive explosion destroyed the laboratory they were kept in, and she disappeared without a trace.

ED02 Saya

Voice : Aya Hirano

Saya is the second of two Element Dolls created as part of a project to create the ultimate Element Doll. Following the discontinuation of the project due to Hina falling into a logical paradox, Saya was deactivated and had her data analysed. Some time later, she was reactivated and continued her duties as an Element Doll designed to protect humanity. When the DonPachi Squad was formed to combat Hibachi's attacks on the world in order to forcefully mechanise all of humanity, she was reprogrammed with an additional directive: to destroy Hibachi and, to a further extent, her own sister, Hina. As with the other Element Dolls, Saya is fiercely devoted to her master, the Pilot, and is designed to hide her feelings, but deep down, she is confused and hurt by what her sister is doing.

Saya is the console-exclusive Element Doll for the Type-D Ship in Xbox 360 Mode.

  • Announcer Chatter: With the Operator throughout much of Xbox 360 Mode. The rest of it is with Hibachi.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Saya defeats Hibachi, but in doing so, she left Hina in her death throes. The cutscene immediately following Inbachi's destruction shows a tearful Saya cradling the upper remnants of Hina as the latter dies giving a Final Speech on how strong Saya has become and how much she loved her. All this, while an arranged version of "Peaceful Death" from Daioujou plays in the background. We all cry with her.
    • The Stinger: After the credits, however, we see Saya standing alone on a cliff, and she hears a voice. She then turns toward the camera and smiles, implying that either the pilot had come over to comfort her or that Hina was rebuilt. This ambiguity is made even more ambiguous by the colour of the text, which is green and not teal (as it was when Hina was giving her Final Speech).
  • Bodyguard Crush: She's very precocious and always wants to do her absolute best to help out and please the Pilot with a smile.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Her special beam attack and her bombs are used from her energy meter with the former draining it the longer she uses it while the latter costs 2000 energy units to use. You can restore it by grabbing the green badges as you do combos while Saya is in Hyper Mode.
  • Cradling Your Kill: If the box art for the Xbox 360 version isn't enough indication, there's also her ending in Xbox 360 Mode.
  • Difficult but Awesome: Saya has a shot where her options can track the enemies' position while she shoots, her beam weapon is pretty strong and her special weapon packs a punch. However, all of Saya's attacks (including her bombs) Cast from Hit Points and she has no spare lives—if the player gets hit with her energy bar at 0, it's Game Over! Thankfully, you can continue right where she left off. One can say that Xbox 360 Mode is Expert Mode for those who have truly mastered the game.
  • Eleventh Hour Superpower: She enters it once her confrontation with Hibachi enters its boiling point. You have to earn it throughout the game, though!
  • Genki Girl: The most energetic of the four playable Element Dolls. Until her final battle with Hibachi where she ends up extremely distressed.
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Joshikousei: Her second outfit is like this, and she wears it throughout the Xbox 360 intro.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: Saya's internal distress stems from her sister relationship with Hina and the directive to destroy Hibachi. This puts her relationship with the Big Bad in an interesting light, as she loves Hina, and is determined to destroy Hibachi, but they are both the same being, and she cannot kill one without killing the other.
  • Little Miss Badass: In the hands of an expert, Saya can really plow into the battlefield just by being there.
  • Robot Girl
  • Say My Name: After Inbachi is destroyed. And as Hina dies.
  • Third-Person Person

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