Affably Evil: Fan Works

Azumanga Daioh
  • Yukari Is Free has Nai'tyrrus/Ghostmaster, political ambassador of the Veluszhi Imperial Military, and definitely the most polite of its three leaders, unlike his compatriots Warmaster and Nerdmaster. This is best exemplified during his attack on Hawaii, where he politely takes tea with and speaks courteously to Sasuke and Rei, even while his ghost familiars are destroying the city, and he even fully admits that he's only keeping Sasuke and Rei around until they bore him.

Ben 10
  • Tech 10 Rebooted has Warlord Kroz, a fairly decent person to be around until you fight him, and even then, he mostly remains calm and collected.

  • In Downfall, most of the villains are motivated by truly noble intents. Of course, any fic that has Unohana, Ukitake, and Kyoraku working to overthrow the's a given. Bonus points for making Aizen, Gin, and Tousen the good guys. Realistically. By the time the reader's done, they want Seireitei burnt to the ground...
  • Alabaster Orchestra:
    • Bazz-B has no problem flirting with or poking fun at his enemies in the midst of battle.
    • The Emperor holds a civilized discourse with Aizen.
    • Aizen as well, reciprocating the Emperor's respect even as he politely declines the offer to join the Vandenreich in exchange for his freedom. He even politely offers condolences to the Emperor when he senses Driscoll's death.
    • Mask quickly befriends Ichigo and offers him support after he joins the Empire.
    • The elderly and bespectacled Stern Ritter gives Ichigo a supportive nod during his induction into the Stern Ritter.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • In False Smiles, the Scoobies manage to stop Mayor Wilkins' ascension by first finding out exactly what he needs to do and when he needs to do it in order to ascend in the first place, and then stopping him from meeting all the requirements. At the end of the story, the Mayor, who is still technically invincible and immortal, actually congratulates the Scoobies on a job well done, and thanks for being such fine upstanding examples of young people taking an interest in the safety of the community. He also remarks that he'll just wait around until his next chance to turn into a gigantic man-eating snake demon. In the mean time, he tells them, he's going to concentrate on civic improvement and keeping the "bad elements" out of Sunnydale.

Cross Over

  • Chaos from the Tamers Forever Series isn't actually evil but still, for a ten billion year old avatar of destruction and disorder, it's remarkable just how normal he seems.

Dragon Ball

Good Omens

Gravity Falls
  • The fic Home Is Where The Haunt Is features the OC antagonist Patrick Mason, who is very polite and formal... until he loses his temper.

Harry Potter
  • In the musical Harry Potter parody, A Very Potter Musical:
    • Quirrell and Voldemort sing, dance, pick up girls, and watch She's All That in between plotting to murder Harry. Oh, and one of Voldemort's Horcruxes is a Zac Efron poster.
    • The Dementor shown returning Quirrel's civilian clothes was also quite nice.
    • The sequel has Lucius Malfoy and Dolores Umbridge. The former avoids walking at nearly every opportunity, preferring instead to show off with increasingly complicated ballet moves; Umbridge comes off as an odd mixture of Southern Baptist preacher, yandere, and drill sergeant. And she's played by gorgeous Joe Walker note .


Jackie Chan Adventures
  • In Queen Of All Oni, Jade's personality is more or less the same even after her Face-Heel Turn, other than having fewer morals (and wanting revenge on Tohru for becoming Uncle's apprentice instead of her). For example, when she has Ozeki attack Section 13, she gives him specific orders to NOT kill anyone, and she broke the Dog Talisman to make Scruffy immortal again, for no apparent reason other than pampering her pet. Also, she pays the Enforcers regularly (and apparently it's a lot of money), and doesn't torture them like Shendu and Daolon Wong did, and even AFTER she gave Chow the code-name "Bonkers" for suggesting they rename one of her plans, they STILL feel that she's a better boss than Shendu (probably better than any boss they had in canon come to think about it), so much so they agree instantly on it.
    • Monsieur Verde is also pretty affable. Though considering he's loosely based on Dr. Facilier, that's to be expected.
    • Kuro's such a nice and polite guy, you almost forget he's a demon General.

The Lion King
  • There are couple of examples in The Lion King Adventures:
    • King Hapana seems very friendly on the outside. Until you find out that he likes cutting animals open to find out how their biology works.
    • Amri is very friendly towards new arrivals. But if a Pride Lander shows up, then watch out. She only harbors a grudge towards the Pride Lands residents in her first story, though.

  • In Perfection Is Overrated, Meiko Moriya might be pretending to be Mai's friend but remains relatively courteous and polite to her after Mai blows her and Bachiko's cover by realizing that they weren't friends. She even apologizes for being relatively familiar with someone she's just met, and goes from calling her "Mai" to calling her the more polite and formal "Tokiha-san".

Mass Effect
  • In Uplifted most of the high ranking Nazis act like this.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Friendship is Witchcraft has, naturally, canon Friend to All Living Things Fluttershy, who still keeps most of what makes her adorable in the actual series, even trying to talk Rarity out of donating her sister's college fund to the local Religion of Evil, finally giving in at Rarity's insistence. And accepting the money; who do you think is cult leader?
  • Distraught from My Brave Pony: The Movie has no problem holding parties and serving ice cream to the very same ponies that he plans on destroying.
  • The Pony POV Series has second Big Bad Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper, who is unwaveringly polite to the Mane Cast (including Trixie), even when they're fighting. Which is to be expected — she is still Fluttershy, after all.
    • In Dark World, Rancor, Discord's little sister, is a Friendly Enemy towards the mane cast despite the fact she's one of Discord's Co-Dragons and a Blood Knight who is looking forward to her turn to fight them. She does things such as asking Rarity for her autograph (she's a fan of Rarity's past life, Melody), commending them on their fights, and even giving Apple Pie the last pages of a comic the Valeyard used in a Break the Cutie on her, revealing it was a Bittersweet Ending and not a Downer Ending for seemingly no other reason than to Pet the Dog. And while she is vicious when she actually fights them, she spends the majority of the fight talking to them politely. And hitting on Spike. Justified as she's a Punch Clock Villain who has no actual grudge towards them and is only doing this because her Father told her to.
  • In the PONY.MOV series, we have (yet again) Fluttershy! It seems that every time Fluttershy is portrayed as a villain she's depicted as this, although that's hardly surprising when you consider how she is in canon. To drive the point home, she never even swears (whereas the others are shown to all curse like drunken sailors) not even after she snaps and becomes a chainsaw wielding psycho!
  • In Crisis Equestria, Lord Silvertongue is extremely polite and formal with all of his employees... so long as they're on his good side. He doesn't tolerate failure very much, though, and has a habit of brutally punishing those who fail. The lesson of the day: do a good job!
  • The Dogfather from Diaries of a Madman prefers to be polite and well-mannered with those he encounters, despite his status as a crime lord.
  • Princess Dinky from Bad Future Crusaders is well liked by her followers for always being pleasant and even chatting with them from time to time, despite "the nasty rumors surrounding her".
  • Fluttershy, again, plays this role in The Abundance. As one of the "Five Queens Of Harmony", she will spread true harmony all over brainwashing ponies into being obedient and kind, and she tries to be the most reasonable one of them all. Trixie, however, deconstructs this; Fluttershy is completely delusional and the only reason she is kind is because she doesn't want to engage in the horrible acts of the other Queens, she just sits back and watches. To Trixie, that makes her the worst one.

  • In A Growing Affection Doraku explains to a captured Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Lee that A) He is a demon. B)He enslaves people and steals people's abilities by drinking their blood C) He isn't a vampire D) Would they mind telling him about the world's current situation over dinner?
    • It should be noted he told them to try to escape over dinner too.
  • In Gender Confusion, it's difficult to distinguish who the bad guys really are until one of them actually goes out and commits a canon atrocity... and then you still need to remind yourself that, yes, they were the ones in the wrong.

Power Rangers
  • Drake, leader of the Ouroboros Society from Power Rangers GPX SIU. Very polite and praises the Rangers, calling them a Worthy Opponent, but is still up to something...

  • Sebastian Moran is portrayed this way in this Sherlock fanfic. When he isn't acting as Moriarty's hired gun, Moran's a friendly guy who's nice to little old ladies and likes dogs.

Sherlock Holmes

Super Mario Bros.

Teen Titans
  • Jewel Of Darkness: Guerra is a pretty friendly person when he's not hired to fight you, and he tends to be rather polite, complimenting people he views as putting up a good fight.

  • Luminosity's lower-ranking Volturi are all like this. The worst is Jane, who is best defined as amoral—if she hits you with her power, then she looks at you funny if you scream.
  • In The (Not So) Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and its companion piece, Ashes through an Hourglass, Alec from the Volturi comes across as charming, insightful, and sympathetic, without betraying his more villainous tendencies like manipulating Bree, showing a general indifference to human life, and casually ploting and rationalizing murder.
    • The larger portion of reader reviews consider Alec not just amusing and appealing but actually persuasive in his outlook on being a vampire, which is almost always in stark contrast to the noble ideals and humane lifestyle of the Cullen family.

  • Kyrio Streika, from New Dawn. He is always polite, always serene, never once raises his voice or even curses. He is always friendly and even helpful to Matthew and company, which makes sense, given Matthew is his son. He is a devoted family man, despite having difficulties that he came across during his occupation of choice. He also happens to be rather like Sousuke Aizen in several ways, including being very disturbingly violent in contrast to his eloquent words and actions, and having plans within plans, effortlessly manipulating most everyone he comes across and killing the rest, all for the good of his dear son.
  • Gravity Falls Rule 63: Bonnie Gleeful. She's a very sweet lady, even when she's killing you with her own two hands.