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7th Nov, 2019 02:08:04 PM

Everything except the first two paragraphs and the last should either be on a work page or is some sort of irrelevant trivia. The last sentence of the second paragraph also has no real relevance to anything.

The first two paragraphs (sans mentioned sentence) and the last look more or less fine, though.

7th Nov, 2019 02:16:44 PM

Wait, let me break this down more, because this is SUCH a long text spam;

Paragraph 1- details the process they use to make games; probably fine

Paragraph 2- details positives and negatives of this process; also fine, except for the irrelevant last sentence

Paragraph 3- very negatively worded and more likely belongs on specific work pages (maybe one sentence mentioning frequent leaks would be fine)

Paragraph 4- bashing, belongs under Porting Disaster for specific works

Paragraph 5- actually maybe ok?

Paragraph 6/7- somewhat bash-y, most of this properly should be on Rayman pages

Paragraph 8- totally irrelevant, cut faster than a thing you cut really fast

Paragraph 9- good summary, keep

Edited by DefiantKitsune
8th Nov, 2019 01:49:16 AM

Ugh, that's probably the longest description I've ever seen (on any page, not just creator pages). Trimming it is a good idea, per Clear, Concise, Witty. Personally, I think the complaining should be the first to go.

Edited by GastonRabbit
8th Nov, 2019 01:34:42 PM

I've kept the first two and last paragraphs and excised everything else. Thanks for everyone's input :)


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