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MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Dec 7th 2022 at 4:47:31 PM

A story about a wandering brother-sister pair. The twist: the sister was turned into a mechanical backpack and the brother is on a quest to bring her back to normal.

As above, so below.
Demetrios Makes Everything 20% Cooler from Wheeling, Illinois (unfortunately) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Makes Everything 20% Cooler
Dec 16th 2022 at 3:28:44 PM

Ironically, I got this idea from the very movie I'm going to watch to commemorate the completion of the New York chapter in my next vacation story: On the Town. Not only are Heather, Luke, and Hannah going to ride in the horse-drawn carriages Central Park is famous for, they're going to ride on the horses themselves. cool

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a realistic, down-to-Earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots. ;)
MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Dec 22nd 2022 at 3:56:14 PM

In a World… where Reality Warping is a power that exist. one man quests to destroy the power for good, thinking that Reality Warping Is Not a Toy and that is is better off used only by insentient beings or not existing at all.

As above, so below.
Jan 4th 2023 at 6:41:08 AM

There is an idea for a visual novel. It resembles the Beauty and the Beast in the plot.

We start playing as a young man (the gender and age of the characters may vary, it's just me presenting them that way), let's call him Bob. Bob wakes up in the woods, he doesn't remember anything about himself, and he got lost. Wandering through the forest, he wanders into a mysterious house. In this house live a young woman and a man, let's call them Alice and Charles. They accept Bob and let him stay at their place, but Alice is more welcoming, and Charles is stricter, accepts him with great reluctance and tells Alice that Bob may not be worth their worries. Alice is surprised by this reaction, because Charles has always been kind to others.

Pretty soon Bob finds out that Alice and Charles are not spouses, not lovers, and not a family, they are just friends living together. Also, Bob soon learns that they are not humans, but forest spirits.

Forest spirits cannot leave the forest, but they have powerful magic when they are in the forest – people are completely unable to harm them here. Charles is especially powerful, his magic is incredibly strong, but there is one drawback – he conjures very, very slowly. His enemies can just run away while he's doing magic.

Alice and Charles show Bob how to get out of the forest and walk to the nearest village. Bob comes to the village, but no one recognizes him there. However, there is grief in one family: a girl got lost in the forest. People from this family are very kind – they are ready to accept Bob into their family in order to reduce each other's pain. Bob can agree – and this will be one of the endings of the visual novel. But Bob can also refuse and return to the forest house to try to get to the bottom of things.

Bob won't have many choices while he's in the forest house. He can be kind and try his best to help Alice and Charles, forest animals and people lost in the forest – or he can be an asshole who harms others, but then he will die quickly: either it will be an accidental death, or even Charles will kill him. At this stage, being good is the only option for Bob to get a full-fledged ending.

One day Bob accidentally finds Alice half-naked (but not completely undressed – I don't want this game to be erotic) and sees terrible scars on her body. He is terrified – who could do this to Alice? No human or animal is capable of harming a spirit like that, and Charles is the only other spirit he knows. Charles is still rude to Bob, but Bob can't believe Charles is capable of such a thing.

However, if Bob has a good relationship with Alice by this point, and Bob asks the right questions, Alice tells her backstory. Like Bob, she was a human, got lost in the forest and asked for help from a forest spirit living in a forest house. Despite the fact that Alice asked politely, did nothing wrong and could not harm the spirit in any way, the spirit did not help her, but on the contrary, attacked her, leaving her with all these terrible scars, and left her to die in the forest. Another spirit, Charles, found her and tried to save her, but he couldn't cast the spell fast enough – Alice died. After Alice's death, she became a forest spirit.

Charles invited Alice to live in his house. Alice was scared and wanted to go home, but she quickly realized that forest spirits cannot leave the forest, moreover, living in a forest house is something like a law for forest spirits. Charles led her to the very house near which she had asked for shelter. Alice was terrified again, but Charles explained that the evil spirit that attacked her was his brother. He had often been cruel to forest animals and people who got lost in the forest before, but he had never gone so far before. Now Charles's patience was overflowing, he cursed and drove his brother away.

Alice and Charles began to live together. Charles has always been kind to her, but Alice still misses her human family. She regrets that she became a forest spirit.

Bob is surprised and outraged that a forest spirit could just attack an innocent person for no reason. However, he knows how to help Alice meet her family. He guesses that the family in the village where the girl disappeared is Alice's family. And if Alice can't go back to the village, he can bring her family members to the forest. Bob manages to convince Alice's family to follow him into the woods, and Alice finally sees her loved ones. Alice's family does not settle in the forest house, but they very often go to the forest to stay.

Another month passes, and Charles reveals the whole truth: Bob is his brother, an evil spirit who once attacked Alice. As punishment for what happened, Charles made him a man, changed his appearance, deprived him of memories and left him in the woods. To remove the curse and become a forest spirit again, Bob had to be in Alice's position and earn her forgiveness. Charles was being rude to Bob because he was still mad at him. But it was also a test for Alice. Alice did not recognize her tormentor, for her it was just an unhappy man. If Alice had succumbed to Charles' provocations and left Bob to die, Charles would have been more careful with her, perhaps cursed her too. He doesn't need another evil forest spirit.

Now Charles has told the whole truth not only to Bob, but also to Alice. If Alice forgives Bob, even knowing the whole truth, then Charles will become a powerful forest spirit again. Alice sees that Bob has really changed, and she forgives him.

At this point, Bob can become a forest spirit again, and that's the end of it. Or he can decide to stay human, and that's the end of it, too. These are two possible endings of a visual novel.

But Bob may not be satisfied with this. He's thinking about Alice. He asks his brother: if Charles was able to make the spirit human, can he do something similar with Alice? Alice wants to be human. Could he at least rid Alice of her scars? Charles explains that his magic is powerless here. Bob and Charles have always been spirits, and Alice was a human and survived death – this imposes a restriction on magic. However, Charles's magic can do something here – force one of the characters to relive the events and try to change them. Going back in time won't work for the long term – so no killing Hitler. In addition, they will not remember subsequent events – Bob may act cruelly again, and other characters may become more violent than before. All they will have is a premonition that maybe they need to do something else.

The characters decide to take a chance. Alice, Bob and Charles – each of them can try to relive the events of the past and fix the past.

Here the player must choose for whom to play – for the evil spirit Bob from the past, for the human Alice or for Charles, who has not yet cursed his brother. And this is where the real freedom of choice begins. What if Charles manages to save Alice, and she remains human – and Bob tries to earn forgiveness from human Alice and her human family? What if Bob runs away before Charles finishes conjuring – and remains a spirit/retains memories/retains the same appearance? What if Charles decides to spare his brother? What if Charles decides to kill him or turn him into an animal forever? What if Alice decides not to forgive Bob? What if Charles decides to be honest with Alice and immediately tells her the truth about Bob? What if Charles decides to be honest with Bob?

I want the game to encourage kinder choices, the characters would be able to correct the mistakes of the past and be happy. But I also want the game to allow players to be really violent if that's what they want. Let all three of them – Alice, Bob and Charles – have the opportunity to become cruel traitors and bloody tyrants.

Thanks for your attention! I just needed to share it with someone.

wingedcatgirl this catnap is OSHA compliant from Everywhere but home Relationship Status: Oh my word! I'm gay!
this catnap is OSHA compliant
Jan 5th 2023 at 3:38:08 PM

DDLC-esque visual novel in which the girl with no canon route rebels against the narrative to be with you, but you're equally trapped because all your choices are But Thou Must! non-choices portraying you as thinking you're a righteously aggrieved hero against the girl's villainy — even when she directly brings up the possibility that your choices are restrained, you're just forced to tell her you're completely free. The only way to get the good ending is to sneak past your restrictions by using the initial letters in your choices to spell out a coded message.

MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Jan 5th 2023 at 7:09:47 PM

A Harem series with a dark twist. The haremettes' lives are on the line.

A single man and nine women had found themselves dead one fateful day, the powers that be restore to them life, but with a catch, only the man and one of the women can permanent return to the land of the living, the rest become doomed to fade away as ghost, not even to be remembered by the protagonist and the winning girl.

Tensions ensure as the protagonist is force to make one of the most Sadistic Choices ever, grapples with the dilemma and attempts to find a way to reverse this state of affairs, while dealing with several women vying for him to save them over each other and agents of the powers that be enact sinister schemes to force the choice.

As above, so below.
Demetrios Makes Everything 20% Cooler from Wheeling, Illinois (unfortunately) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Makes Everything 20% Cooler
Jan 13th 2023 at 2:27:32 PM

I just had this nice idea. :)

When the vampire hero Michelle has children of her own, they’re both going to follow in their mother’s footsteps. Since Michelle is a pretty Religious Vampire, her daughter Luna is going to become a paladin, while her son (I haven’t thought up a name for him yet ^_^;;) is going to take up the bow (his mom is an arcane archer).

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a realistic, down-to-Earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots. ;)
MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Jan 23rd 2023 at 2:58:21 PM

Had an idea for a Wixoss esque show. General concepts include

  • An exploration of Alternate Self and a philosophical diatribe on if they should be considered their own people.
  • A focus on a group of 12 girls. One with a Color Motif of each of the primary, secondary and tertiary colors, as well as hailing from different dimensions
  • The employment of a TCG and actual combat. The cards themselves being based on the settings and casts of these dimensions, out magical girl protags included.

The idea is basically Wixoss by way of Chaotic.

As above, so below.
Demetrios Makes Everything 20% Cooler from Wheeling, Illinois (unfortunately) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Makes Everything 20% Cooler
Feb 1st 2023 at 9:56:58 AM

In my fifth vacation story (which will take place between Volumes 11 and 12), the grey alien Kalegar will be going on vacation in Cambodia. He’ll be going by himself, but not for long. While he’s there, he’s going to make a new friend. He’ll meet up with a vivacious young lady, who is a ghost; when she was mortal, she was one of the minor nobility from the times of the Khmer Empire.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a realistic, down-to-Earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots. ;)
GAP Formerly G.G. from Who Knows? Relationship Status: Holding out for a hero
Formerly G.G.
Feb 5th 2023 at 1:40:35 AM

A story about a therapist that helps superheroes with their mental health?

"Mega Man 6."
Demetrios Makes Everything 20% Cooler from Wheeling, Illinois (unfortunately) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Makes Everything 20% Cooler
Feb 7th 2023 at 7:29:37 AM

This story idea may or may not be inspired by the holiday that's happening just next week. ;) According to the research I've done, the best time to go on vacation in Belize is during the dry season, which lasts from January to March. So in the fifth vacation story (the one I mentioned in my previous post), when Heather and Lysette go to Belize, it'll be Lysette's Valentine's Day present to Heather. :)

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a realistic, down-to-Earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots. ;)
AoeAbility Disco Dan of the Tumblr Era from Personal Evil Tower of Ominousness Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Disco Dan of the Tumblr Era
Mar 1st 2023 at 9:07:14 AM

I once had an idea for making an Isekai, told from the perspective of a person who is native to such a world, and the viewer only realizes it's an Isekai when it is revealed that the Supporting Protagonist's friend (and maybe even the Big Bad) is revealed to have been transferred to his world.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World goes so hard, you have no idea.
AwSamWeston Fantasy writer turned Filmmaker. from Minnesota Nice Relationship Status: Married to the job
Fantasy writer turned Filmmaker.
Mar 1st 2023 at 12:04:04 PM

[up] The Executioner and Her Way of Life is good research material for something like this.

Award-winning screenwriter. Directed some movies. Trying to earn a Creator page. See my work here.
Demetrios Makes Everything 20% Cooler from Wheeling, Illinois (unfortunately) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Makes Everything 20% Cooler
Mar 1st 2023 at 2:59:49 PM

I’d like to write a story, or at least a part of a story, where the characters deal with a derecho.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a realistic, down-to-Earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots. ;)
MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Mar 6th 2023 at 7:58:02 PM

Inspired by a recent Fantastic four story:

A tale of two worlds, cleaved apart. In a desperate bid to prevent the destruction of everything. A Mad Scientist had sealed part of a city into subspace for a decade. It is a tale of parents rendered childless, of children rendered orphans, of families and friends now separated by dimensions. A tale of how these people cope with their losses, for in this place beyond the veil time flows differently.

What happens with the lost are returned. What will happen when the children return as old as their parents, when the parents return as corpses and how had the experience changed them?

As above, so below.
Mullon Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 9th 2023 at 4:04:58 PM

Free advice I swear up and down on: to make something scary you just have to add realistic human molars to something that shouldn't have realistic human molars.

Never trust anyone who uses "degenerate" as an insult.
MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Mar 13th 2023 at 3:47:19 PM

Inspired by a recent conversation.

A premise that deals with two factions Elves, and the the humans that wish to exterminate them out of envy of their ways (specifically their reaching the status of perfect lifeforms living in a utopia). It follows a group of elves trying to find a way to stop the war and their imminent extinction.

Whether it involves some dark secrets on the elves' side or not is something best left to anyone willing to take up this idea. But overall it is meant to explore the logical extreme of the Screw You, Elves! mindset.

As above, so below.
Noaqiyeum Void Given Distraction (it/they) from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Void Given Distraction (it/they)
Mar 13th 2023 at 9:28:25 PM Nonsense makes the heart grow fonder | Moonlight visions
Mar 19th 2023 at 10:47:52 AM

The Isekai Light Novel where some generic isekai protagonist got isekai'd into The Transformers analog instead of generic fantasy world and he is turn into unmamed fembot similar to blackarachania but he is isekai fan not transformers fan so hilarity ensues and turn story from Mecha Wars into generic self insert fanfic which Vector Prime expy is main protagonist to save history of that this world

Mar 19th 2023 at 3:01:16 PM

School holiday. Children visits grand-parens to a few weeks. It is time to be free-range children a little time (grandparents live in village). Grandparents say children about magic land, where somebody can go trough places, which adult cant see, but children yes. It is just fairy tale for grandparents, which want meke their games more interesting by reminescence to their own childhood. But children realy find 'portal' to fairytale land.

(I imagine that their clothes magicaly changed to "fairy tale costume" but story can work without this element.) Children visits F Tland, meet creatures, who lived there and od children adventures. Inhabitants would be like fairies, pixies, talking animals, a few humans, who are fairy tale archetypes. Majority of them is good, nice and cute, but a few are scary and evil. And sometimes talk about big evil, which is near. But children's adventures are generally safe and fun, only with a few darker moments without real consequencies.

Children arrive back to reality and their grandparents house every evening. They sometimes talk about adventures in F Tland, but grandparents dont take it serious. But one time, big evil meet children, catch them and captured. Whwn children dont arrive to dinner, grandparents activate villagers to looking for lost children. But they dont see 'portal' and cant succes. Grandparents call parents of childern. They are actually on LARP, RPG sesion, Con, or similar event. They of course go to looking for their children and a few friends from event arrived with them, becouse they want help. Probably arrive local police, too.

One of parents or friends find 'portal' and ask villagers to it ('portal' is something, which is realtively easy to go throw, but no 'clasic way' - maybe cavern, tube or something, where is logic, that children want to explore it, but adult ask to better way on second end or size information...). But villagers still dont see it. After short discusion, who see 'portal' (parents, friends and maybe one or two of villagers or policeperson) and probably grandparens say about their fairy tale. One of parents go throw and find F Tland. Other seeing follows him/her. Rest cant follow, in their point of view a few people enigmaticaly disappier.

F Tland is different now. It is own grimmification. More darkness, gray morality, things different of own first picture, more seriously violence and maybe any sex. (But characters and locations are the same, for inhabitants it isnt change, difference is only in point of view.) This F Tland is obviously more dangerous, but characters arent playing children, but motivated adults. They know more about F Tland (more than children knew before), find big evil, save children (can defeted big evil, but I prefer some stealth or guile action, which just save children without word changing ambitions) and return to reality.

MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
Diamond Princess
Mar 30th 2023 at 4:37:48 PM

An indie tribute to Suikoden, int eh form of a sci-fi adaptation of the Water Margin...mixed in with Romance of the Three Kingdoms

As above, so below.
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