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This troper:

  • is male,
  • is a regular on this site and
  • used to go by the forum handle of G.G.


I am GAP or I am GAP now due to my old handle being not inadequate for editing and posting tropes. I had been in the TV Tropes forums for six years (I believe) and I had never looked back. I was in college at one time but unfortunately due to some money troubles and negligence on part, I have to find new ways to back into school and work on a degree. I'll admit that I wasn't thinking about a long term career however I did wanted to be a doctor but I only wanted it for the money.


I am also an aspiring writer but due to my procrastination habits, fear and some laziness (not entirely true), I rarely get around to it. I had yet to write a single fan fiction, original fiction or any short story in a year now and it is bothering me that I am not. I use write some short stories in my high school years but I hadn't gotten around anything else since. I had a lot of ideas in my mind but most of them had already been executed by someone else and its usually clearer than my ideas.

Well, that is all you need to know about me and while real life cannot separated into tropes, I going to trope myself and try to find tropes that fit me perfectly. Here goes.

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