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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The nature of Listelka's love for Fugil is ambiguous. On one hand, she's sociopathic towards other characters (including her sisters) and only seems to have fallen in love with Fugil after he saved her and pledged his loyalty to her, making her crush seem self-serving. On the other hand, she didn't show any hate towards him after he killed her, and instead just cried in disbelief, hinting that she may genuinely love him enough to give him the benefit of doubt to the very end.
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    • How much does Fugil actually care about Lux? On one hand, he's sociopathic towards all his allies, even the ones he has no immediate plans to betray, since he only sees them as tools for his own ideals. Any mercy he shows towards Lux could be considered strictly pragmatic, given that the kingdom that Lux protects is a major chess piece in Fugil's schemes. On the other hand, he still refers to Lux as a foolish or wise younger brother, even when he's not addressing the latter, hinting he considers Lux a brother in spirit.
  • Broken Base: While the majority of fans new to the work like the animated version of the series just fine, fans of the original work are not happy with the massive Compressed Adaptation.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Coral being a girl is implied ever since her first appearance, where Lux finds himself inexplicably being attracted to "him". Later on, she's awkward about Lux seeing her naked (even if he perceives her to be male), looks very good when "disguised" as a girl, and shows the same Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies as the other girls.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Hayes Vi Arcadia is a former royal of the ancient Holy Arcadia Empire obsessed with nothing less than the annihilation of the New Kingdom of Atismata and the return of the Empire's tyrannical ways. Kicking off her war against Atismata by selling weapons and information to their enemies, Hayes makes her first formal move by leading an assault on Cross Feed academy, killing anyone in her way. Forcing Lux to assist her in showing her the way to an ancient ruin by infecting the boy's friend Phi with Ragnarok cells, Hayes goes back on her word and orders a corrupted Phi to slaughter Lux and her other friends, planning to cure the girl only after her friends are dead so as to drive her to killing herself. In her most despicable move, Hayes uses the colossal Gigas to lead a full-scale invasion of Atismata, ordering the capital and its countless inhabitants be wiped out to pave the way for her new coming order. After being revived by the Lords faction, Hayes attacks the academy with two Ragnaroks and later electrically tortures Lux to whip and rape his friends, nearly killing him when he refuses. On the verge of death, she fuses with Ragnarok Sacred Eclipse and betrays her eldest sister out of jealousy for her position, intending to control the Ruins and convert the masses into Elixir. Despite seeing herself as a victim of usurpation by the founders of the Old Arcadia Empirenote , her actions establish her as an irredeemable sadist motivated by envy and overblown, misplaced spite.
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    • The King of Vices is the mysterious figure responsible for turning the Republic of Heiburg into a de facto military dictatorship. Taking advantage of the aforementioned Hayes's arms trade with her country, the King increases the military's political influence and uses this power to sadistically enslave her citizens and empower the worst of Heiburg's soldiers. In need of a secret identity, the King sexually abuses and brainwashes Rosa, and then orders her to blind Stefa, allowing the dictator to Kill and Replace Stefa's cousin, Calensia. After a failed joint operation with Hayes to destroy the New Kingdom of Atismata, the King kills Heiburg's commander, replaces him with Rosa to act as her new proxy and scapegoat, and tries to have Lux and Celestia assassinated out of spite for their virtue. Anticipating that Lux and Philuffy are in Heiburg, the King sends Rosa to kill them, and then tries to convince Lux to kill a defeated Rosa in order to frame him as an assassin and traitor. Moving her plan into the final stages, she sends Rosa on a suicide mission to unleash Ragnarok Metatron to devastate Atismata. Unrepentant to her dying breath, the King of Vices mocks the heroes for their ideals while taking pride in being a predator rather than prey.
  • It Was His Sled: Lux is the Black Hero. By necessity, this has to be revealed for the story to move forward.
  • Love to Hate: Fugil is almost as hatable as most of the other villains, but having a similar past to Lux, lampshading the series's Central Theme of what it means to be a hero, kicking the Seven Dragon Paladins' asses in Volume 15, and occasionally aiding Lux for his own agenda make him more interesting than the more generically evil antagonists. His constant mockery towards Lux also makes the latter's victory against the Fugil clone that much sweeter.
  • No Yay: The scenes between Rosa and Calensia has the dominant one force the submissive one to agree that evil is stronger than good, complete with groping and creepy whispers. It gets worse in Volume 10, where "Calensia" brainwashes Rosa when the latter starts hesitating in being evil.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: It's a harem anime, what did you expect?
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Many fans of the original work, hoping to see any adaptation to finish the parts of the story yet to be translated were not happy to see the massive Compressed Adaptation that occurs in episodes 1 and 2. A great deal of plot relevant content was cut so that the entirety of Volume 1 could fit in two episodes.
  • The Un-Twist: Saniya is a man-hater who wants Lux out of the academy. You'd think Lux would earn her respect and she'd realize she misjudged him, right? Nope, she is in fact working for the bad guys.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The anime features an incredible blend of hand-drawn animation and CGI. A significant portion of the budget went into the fights, and it shows.
  • What an Idiot!: Yoruka's father and other members of the Old Empire hold her brother hostage to force her to become one of their deadliest assassins.
    You'd Expect: They would keep their brother unharmed as she proves to be very good at her job.
    Instead: They kill her brother anyway and gloat about it by showing off his head before her.
    Result: What do you think?
  • The Woobie: Lux Arcadia's suffering started when his father, the emperor, exiled his side of the family because of his grandfather's principled stance. The commoners refused to help Lux because of his relation to the evil family, leading to his mother dying from an accident without receiving medical attention. Later, Lux becomes a Drag-Knight to change the empire from the inside, but is forced to participate in a coup to save his childhood friend Philuffy from a horrifying experiment, which ends with Philuffy being turned into an Abyss-human anyways and his trusted "brother" Fugil betraying, defeating, and memory-wiping him. Afterwards, Lux is forced to work off his family's debts with no recognition of his role in the coup and has the nigh-thankless role of fighting off the new regime's numerous threats. Despite that, Lux continues to fight for his ideals of saving everyone rather than taking the easier choice of sacrificing some for the "greater good."

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