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In General

  • Acceptable Targets: The British. And to a lesser extent, Serbians and South Africans. The third game tries to counter balance this by adding a British companion to Drake's team, and the fourth game attempts the same by having an American as the main villain, but the predominant depiction of British characters in the series shows them as either thuggish, scheming, or antagonistic.
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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Nathan Drake a happy-go-lucky adventurer who regrets but doesn't dwell on the high human cost of his endeavors, or is he a high-functioning clinical sociopath hiding behind a jokey facade, whose friends are mostly unaware of the true depths of his ruthlessness? You can read one argument for the latter here.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Double Subverted. While it's clear the life of a treasure hunter has lost it's appeal to her by the third game, Elena is always remarkably casual about guns and murder for somebody who got thrust into this life in literally one day. Even in the last game, when she becomes your AI partner once again for the last few chapters of the story, she hardly breaks a sweat over being forced to kill once again.
  • Author's Saving Throw: In response to the Unfortunate Implications some felt with the first installment having Drake shooting non-white enemies and trying to steal treasures, Naughty Dog made several narrative changes in the sequels.
    • Among Thieves and Drake's Deception had Renegade Russians and Evil Brits as the predominantly Caucasian antagonists of the respective entries. In addition, A Thief's End has Drake going up against Amoral Afrikaners for a Pirate Booty, the lead bad guy Rafe Adler is American, and the seemingly stereotypical Latin American drug lord set up as the Greater-Scope Villain turns out to be part of a lying flashback made up by Sam Drake precisely to appeal to Nathan.
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    • Drake's motivations become more altruistic as he is more focused on helping his friends and stopping the villains from threatening the world rather than stealing treasure.
    • The sequels also feature more emphasis on heroic non-white characters. Both Tenzin and Salim have rescued Drake from near-death and have plenty of badass moments. The Lost Legacy has two women of color as the main heroine's.
  • Breather Level: Each of the games have a few chapters which focus on story, exploring, climbing and/or solving puzzles, with little to no enemies appearing. The following chapters often have a lot of firefights and explosions to balance this out, though.
  • Broken Base: The lack of multiplayer in the Drake's Collection remastering. Some viewed the stated reason (Uncharted 2's multiplayer was still being played on the PS3) as a rather weak reason, especially since 2's multiplayer was critically acclaimed. Others felt the Collection was still worth the money with the three games within.
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  • Complete Monster: Zoran Lazarević & Asav. See those pages for details.
  • Demonic Spiders: Armored Soldiers. Introduced in the second game and being a mainstay enemy since, these bastards are the bane of Uncharted players and often end up being the ones who will put an end to a no-death run. Their armor allows them to soak up tons of gunfire before they're finally put down, and while you can take them down with a few well-placed headshots, particularly with rifles equipped with a zoom feature, they can be surprisingly adept at sidestepping at the last second. Armed with high-powered assault rifles, or much more commonly, One-Hit Kill-level shotguns, they'll slowly advance toward Drake Terminator-style, and the minute they catch up to him that's often it, forcing the player to restart from the latest checkpoint.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: There's been many an argument on who's hotter - Rafe Adler or Harry Flynn.
  • Escapist Character: Nathan. Highly skilled gunfighter, ladies' man, expert in adventurous archaeology, smart enough to know every bit of world history (and language) that's relevant, excellent climbing skills? Check. Average outlook, frequently panics? Check.
    • Subverted in Uncharted 3. It's implied that Nate is an escapist character for himself as well; he was never related to Francis Drake and was just an orphan abandoned by his parents. Uncharted 4 expands on this, revealing that both Nate and his brother Sam are on the run, and adopted new identities based on their historian mother's theory that Francis Drake had descendants.
  • Guide Dang It!: Good luck finding all the treasures on your own, unless somehow you're extremely proficient at finding tiny little sparkles tucked away in every freaking nook and cranny.
  • Ho Yay: Drake is frequently shipped with both Sully and Flynn. And now he's shipped with Sam, who is in turn often shipped with Rafe.
    • Female example: Lost Legacy has made Chloe and Nadine extremely popular.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Narm: The shear Superman level of strength and invulnerability Nate, and later Chloe, needs just to get through the game can be pretty hard to take seriously. Heck even just counting the climbing would mean Nate and his companions have the upper body strength and endurance that would make professional rock climbers look like infants.
  • Polished Port: The Nathan Drake Collection. Not only does it port the first three games to the PS4 in 1080p at 60fps, it also corrects gameplay niggles fans had from certain games, such as the awkward Waggle and grenade system in Drake's Fortune and the aiming lag in Drake's Deception. Chances are the only complaint you'll see online is that is doesn't include either of the later games' multiplayer modes.
  • Special Effect Failure: Nate's hair never responds to water note . For instance, the first trailer for Uncharted 4 shows Nate groggily climbing out of a river. It's very realistic, except for his hair, which is stiff as a brick and barely looks wet. This wouldn't be that noticeable if the games didn't love showing off how his clothes get wet.
    • The first 3 games make a lot of the background details a part of the skybox, such as the mountains in the second game, an approach that is quite obvious and really stands out in comparison to the highly detailed foregrounds. It's especially evident on the PS4 remasters, since the skyboxes weren't given a bump in resolution like a lot of the other assets were and thus look pixelated.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: These are the best Indiana Jones games ever, with the third game getting ads in Japan featuring Harrison Ford himself playing it.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Largely downplayed, if not outright averted. Uncharted 3 had to follow up on the universally acclaimed Uncharted 2. While most people felt it wasn't quite the masterpiece the second one was, it was still a brilliant game in and of itself. Uncharted 4 also suffered from this a bit, less from following Uncharted 3, than following Naughty Dog's 2013 hit The Last of Us, although it too was able to hold its own and is nevertheless considered superior to the third game in the series.
  • Uncanny Valley: Largely averted, but fingers in the second game look very... rectangular. It also seems as if there are floodlights hooked up to the characters' lower eyelids. They constantly have a shining, wet look to them, and look rather bug-like.
  • Unfortunate Implications: There are some who feel the series doesn't exactly treat non-white non-Americans the greatest. The first installment suffers the most for featuring mooks being ethnic minorities and Nathan being the only one capable of doing any actual treasure-hunting and clue-solving.
  • Video-Game Movies Suck: Completely averted with the short film; it was clearly a labor of love for the cast and crew.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was noted at the time for its lush and wonderful environments even though it suffered from a few graphical issues. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves fixes those issues and gives some of the best graphics you can ever have from the PlayStation 3. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception takes it a step further and refines those graphics to make it one of the most visually pleasing games for the system. Then Uncharted 4 came along, blowing all the previous games out of the water in this department, to the point where most people didn't think the first trailer was actually possible in game. It's considered one of, if not the best-looking PlayStation 4 games out there—which is saying something since the PS4 is only two years along in its life when 4 came out, setting the bar ridiculously high for any game released after it.


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