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  • Nate's Best Character Nominee video for the VGA '11 awards...
    Nate: I can do this! [Gilligan Cut] Oh, I can't do this!
    Nate: Augh, black was a bad choice!
    Nate: Guess I'm gonna go drink my own pee now...
  • Nolan North explaining how he got the inspiration for the phrase 'Kitty got wet' from his son.
    Nolan: An eight-year-old little boy. And I stole it.
  • This behind-the-scenes video with Nolan North and Emily Rose.
    Nolan: I think what attracts Drake to Elena the most is, just, the fact that she's compassionate...
    Emily: (nods)
    Nolan: ...she's intelligent...
    Emily: (nods)
    Nolan: ...she's, um—we're talking about Elena.
    Emily: Yeah! I get it.
    Nolan: So just... relax. Just cool the jets.
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  • During the production of Drake's Deception, Nolan North put together a book to showcase the sheer amount of skill and effort that goes into a game series like Uncharted. It's full of insights into the industry... and it's really freakin' hilarious. From the notes on the motion capture for the horseback scenes:
    During one of the mocap sessions we had to capture me riding the horse as if in a full gallop. This required me to bounce up and down in the saddle like an idiot for a full minute. It was one of the most ridiculous things anyone had ever seen. A grown man in a skin tight suit bopping along on an imaginary horse. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the stage was suddenly filled with the "My Little Pony" theme song blaring from the speakers.
  • Nathan Drake's favourite word (other than "crap", that is).
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  • The intro to the "The Brothers Drake" interview.
    Troy Baker: You do know that you're not actually Nathan Drake—
    Nolan North: You shut your mouth. You shut it.
    Troy: It's a character.
    Nolan: I will cut you, I will open you up, and bleed you out.
    Troy: [beat] Why is it always violence with you?
    Nolan: Because it has to be.
  • A Vine produced by Nolan North and Troy Baker has Nolan North trying to pick Troy Baker's pocket. The following ensues:
    Troy: Hey, were you trying to steal my wallet?
    Nolan: I guess that's...A Thief's End! (shot of both of them laughing obnoxiously)

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