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Crash Bandicoot, Jak, Uncharted and TLOU are all in the same universe
Crash takes place on a prehistoric Earth (explains the animals) and Jak takes place millions of years later when all most the Crash fauna gave gone extinct except for the plants which have become domesticated in Samos' hut.

Uncharted takes place in present day where some remnants of Crash and Jak (like wumpa fruit and precursor orbs) are present in the world but ridiculously rare.

TLOU takes place in an alternate timeline where Nate failed to stop the baddies in U1 from escaping with El Dorado with the spores/dust that makes people into runners. People then experimented on that to accidentally create the mutated Cordecepys Fungus in the game.


Nathan Drake is ex-military.
Nathan is unreasonably good with guns, hand-to-hand combat and keeping his cool in a gunfight for someone who is supposedly 'just' a fortune hunter. Considering his dedication to the treasure hunting trade both for the money and the adventure, it's not unreasonable to assume he enlisted, probably under the US Army or Marine Corps, as a grunt, to get physical conditioning for work in the field, build up capital to finance his operations, and to learn how to handle himself in combat, knowing that rival fortune hunters might very well shoot at him before anything else. Notice how he doesn't seem to owe anyone money like Sully, nor does he tire quickly or complain about the lack of amenities while on the job. It would certainly explain his complete, hard-line refusal to leave a man behind in Among Thieves.
  • Someone proposed a similar theory about Nate being a former US Navy SEAL. However, that specific theory's already kinda jossed in Uncharted 3, as Nate remarks that he never joined the US Navy, though the same game also revealed that Sully is ex-Navy. It's very likely that Sully taught at least some of his military training to Drake.
    • That theory is still perfectly viable, as many people, especially the U.S. Marines themselves, treat the U.S. Marines as a wholely separate military force from the U.S. Navy. Plus, he could always be lying, joking, being sarcastic, e.t.c.

Nathan Drake hooked up with Eddy Raja's sister.
A prequel motion comic has been announced, and will feature a new female character named Rika. Nathan Drake's journal has a page where there are the names and contact info of several women (along with a pressed flower), including Chloe, Elena...and a woman named Rika. The game credits list a voice actor for a currently unknown multiplayer character (probably in future DLC) named Rika Raja. If she is a relation of Eddy's, it would partially explain why Eddy hates Nate so much.

Nathan's hair was behind everything!
It's got a mind of its own, so it forces its host to steal things to sell for money so it can survive on hair care products. It's the only way I can answer why it never gets messed up or wet when it touches water or snow.

Nathan's health doesn't actually decrease in-game.
Contrary to popular belief, it isn't Nathan's health that grows steadily worse as he gets shot: it's actually his composure. When he gets shot, he gets flustered, and as such runs a higher chance of actually being hit by the next bullet that flies his way. As the screen moves towards black and white, his cool steadily slips away until he finally loses the uncanny ability to dodge bullets fired at him by trained marksmen and falls squarely into their sights. Hence, he can be nearly killed a single bullet from Flynn, but shrug off the mountain's worth of metal that gets thrown his way.
  • This could also be true for his enemies, as it doesn't always take the same number of shots to down a target (even if they're the same type of enemy). If the player can group their shots well so that the target is hit consistently (stunning them with a shot then shooting them again while they're reeling), it only takes about three or four shots (even if none of them are headshots) whereas letting them collect themselves can result in putting six or seven bullets in them before they fall.
    • An interesting alternative, it isn't Drakes composure that decreases, its his luck. He's just lucky enpough that they keep missing him, but as he tests his luck further, he's more likely to have a bullet connect.

Nathan Drake is a descendant of Altaïr, and is secretly an Assassin.
Think about it, both Altaïr and Ezio were proficient at parkour and navigating complex obstacles, like Drake. They also had a penchant for getting involved with items with supernatural powers. Plus, Nate and Desmond both share the same voice actor. Nate, in reality, is not a treasure hunter. That's merely a cover so that he can intercept dangerous, supernatural objects before the Templars could get them. El Dorado and the Tree of Life were merely one of the many Pieces of Eden the Templars were looking for. It's even possible that Nate and Desmond are relatives!
  • If Nate is descended from Altair, wouldn't he and Desmond have to be related?
    • I think he means closely related; brothers or first cousins rather than twentieth cousins.
      • Pieces of Eden are high technology left from Those Who Came Before after their civilization was wiped out, and Assassin's Creed II establishes that they come in practical forms like staves and swords in addition to the "apples." El Dorado and the Tree of Life don't fit this pattern. Alternatively, El Dorado (or rather, the plague it contains) and the Tree of Life are simply natural holdovers from the way the world was before the solar flare that wiped out Those Who Came Before and nearly wiped out the first of humanity. The Tree of Life could've been what allowed humanity to rise up against their masters in the first place, and some of them couldn't help but overdose on it, becoming the Guardians.
  • Obviously, Desmond and Nate are twin brothers.
    • What are you talking about? Nate is clearly Subject 16.
      • That's actually pretty plausible, if you tweak some fine details... Nate was just a somewhat small-time treasure hunter until Abstergo contacted him to help them find Pieces of Eden. Nate went entirely voluntarily, unaware of their cover for the Templars. Because he went of his own free will, they only contacted him every once in a while. After a few sessions in the Animus, they temporarily let him go, and due to the bleeding effect, he became proficient in firearms and parkour. Drake's Fortune happens. Abstergo contacts him again, more sessions in the Animus. This time though, Nate learns a bit of their background, and secretly decides to oppose them, becoming an Assassin. More bleeding effects; this time Nate learns to be stealthy, as well as more climbing. Abstergo, unaware of his opposition, lets him go. Among Thieves happens; Nate opposes Lazarevic because fighting Abstergo taught him about what happens to power in the wrong hands (plus, y'know, for the money). Other stuff happens. Eventually, Abstergo re-captures him and holds him against his will; the bleeding effect comes into full force, and he goes insane. Assassin's Creed happens.
      • "Other stuff happens" Other stuff like Drake following the archaeological work of T.E. Lawrence. (who may or may not be an Assassin/Templar) Finding Masyaf as it is being searched by the Templars, going through a Desmond-y hallucination sequence ultimately culminating in him pulling off an eagle drop only to be re-captured by Abstergo.
      • Bingo. Maybe the guys trying to stop Nate in Uncharted 3 are the Templars!

Uncharted 3's antagonists have Early Bird Cameos in Uncharted 2's updated multiplayer.
Recently, the multiplayer mode for Among Thieves was patched so that the level cap was rasied to 80. With this were given two rewards for reaching levels 70 and 80 — two villain skins called Dutch and Blain. They aren't joke skins like Doughnut Drake or Skelzor and they don't seem to be based on any existing character in the franchise, so there's so far no obvious explanation for where they came from and why they're the rewards for the players that have played the most. Unless they aren't important now, but will be later — possibly as the next game's main villains.
  • Nope, those are just generic enemies from the first game.

Victor Sullivan is both Tom from 500 Days of Summer and Arthur from Inception.
On the 500 Days of Summer page it's all but confirmed that the narrator of the film is an older Tom Hansen. On the Inception WMG page it's proposed that after breaking up with Autumn Tom changed his name to Arthur and the events of Inception happened. Now the link between all this and Uncharted is the fact that both Victor Sullivan and the narrator in 500 Days of Summer are played by Richard McGonagle. Therefore fun crazy ideas say that after a rich career in dream theft Arthur grew old, changed his name to Victor Sullivan, started engaging in regular theft, eventually met Drake etc.
  • Maybe in between those, he was also Tom Sheldon from Just Cause, using an assumed name because of the undercover nature of his workings with the CIA.

Naughty Dog is Building A World involving Ancient Astronauts who used Organic Technology
The MacGuffin of the first game was a Zombie Plague. The second was a Super Serum. Perhaps they'll even have Drake be part of an ancient warrior bloodline of inherently Badass Normals with Healing Factors.

The player is not Nate, but actually a screenwriter for a fictional adventure film series called Uncharted.
Seeing how cinematic the games are, you are not controlling Nate Drake himself, you are writing the action scenes of the Uncharted films while your fellow screenwriter writes the story and plot elements in the cutscenes. The game itself is actually all just in yours and your fellow screenwriter's imagination.
  • And whenever you die, it's the screenwriter crumpling up his paper and saying "Nah, that sucks, let's try that again"? That's actually kind of interesting to think about.

Drake is a young Monkey Fist.
Both explorers and he's obviously some sort of monkey. Eventually he'll go to collect the monkey statues and then MONKEY!

Tomb Raider (2013) and Uncharted are set in the same universe.
Think about it. Both have localized paranormal events that don't seem to leave their specific area. They both have badass archeologists. And last, but not least, both games have a similar way of telling the story, such as having regular people attacking the protagonist first and slowly adding in paranormal elements.
  • If that were true, they'd be counterparts living in separate universes which can be concluded with the fact that they haven't met once yet and they haven't left clues of their presence in any of their games.

As an extra bit of irony, Nate will turn out to really be related to Sir Francis Drake
.Turns out that history was wrong there. It also would account for him being Ambiguously Brown, since Francis had a fling with either one of Central America's natives or a Spanish lady, and the effects from that are still in Drake's blood.

Drake's story may be over with 4; but Cutter, Chloe, and Sam can take the protagonist helm in potential future Games.
Confirmed in Chloe's case, as she will one of the protagonists of The Lost Legacy, the other being Nadine.

On a future adventure, a Drake, possibly Nathan's daughter, will find Atlantis
It just seems like a too obvious plot for the series's formula to skip. Naturally, a greedy British businessman will doublecross her around the second act to get their hands over Atlantean orichalcum, which will, in the series' tradition of Doing In The Wizard, turn out to be a mundane yet extremely valuable material (such as a room-temperature superconductor, a power source, or simply an extremely hard yet extremely light "super titanium"). After descending into the depths of Atlantis in a mini submarine and a fight involving explosives, the undersea cave in which it is located will inevitably collapse, burying the orichalcum forever.

If there's another game, it'll be called Uncharted 5: Drake's Legacy
It'd probably be a game with the Drake-Fisher-Sullivan Badass Family, focusing primarily on Nate and his daughter Cassie uncovering another lost city. Maybe Nate's roped into another adventure while on some kind of family outing with Cassie, unintentionally roping his daughter into the mess, and deal with him helping her develop into a badass like her parents, with Elena as an Action Mom helping out. Would be nice to see it as an excuse to work on the AI mechanics and figure some way to add to that, and continue the Last of Us style father/daughter action dynamic.
  • Alternatively, it could be a prequel about Drake's mother Cassandra and her adventures while working for/with Evelyn. Since Naughty Dog said this will be the last game in the series to star Nathan Drake himself, it seems unlikely we'll get another game with him. Besides, he deserves the happy ending he got at the end of IV. Let him enjoy his peace.
  • Alternatively again, the game could feature Cassie as the main protagonist with Nate and Elena in a more supporting role. It is entirely possible that Cassie, after hearing about her parents adventures, coupled with the "I'm invincible" mentality many young adults have, will go out seeking her own adventure, driving a wedge between her and her parents. Sam could act as her Sully (kind of) and be the one to introduce her to the darker side of the treasure hunting biz in an attempt to relive some of the Glory Days, while Nate and Elena call on every underworld contact they have left (Chloe and Charlie anyone?) to try and bring their daughter home safe and sound. At the start of the game Cassie would be cocky and sarcastic to everyone, not unlike how her father was at the start of the first game (though probably with less interest in the treasure and more interest in the glory to be gained from finding it) but after either Nate or Sam is critically wounded she matures and realizes how childish she's been, reconciling with her parents, who then help her find the treasure to keep it out of the bad guy's hands (because it's dangerous and I want the return of the supernatural twist God Dammit!)
  • Shut up, and take my money!!! - Agent_B

The movie will take place shortly after the flashback sequence from Drake's Deception

Nathan is descended from Captain Morgan
So Nate isn't actually descended from Sir Francis Drake. That's fine. You know who he does share his real surname with? Captain Henry Morgan, one of the best known privateers in the world.

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