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YMMV / Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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  • Moral Event Horizon: Jason Dante is already an immoral jerkass who is Only in It for the Money but he crosses it wanted to sell irradiated gold to the black market even after knowing it beforehand.
  • Replacement Scrappy: As the game takes place before Drake's Fortune, Elena's role as Nate's love interest is replaced by Marisa Chase doesn't suit well by the fans. Even Sony has problems developing her during the test trials. At first testers complain she is too weak, then when they toughen up, she ended up "like a bitch" and on the third attempt, she is too similar to Elena.
  • That One Level:
    • The river rapids level, while short, is truly frustrating, especially on harder levels. You have to use the motion control on the Vita to move him, and the last several rocks will be your undoing many times.
    • Playing the previous level on Crushing mode. You have to run away with guns blazing at you from all sides with little cover available and by the time. To make matters worse, Chase's AI might sometimes block your path, slowing you down and making you a sitting duck. And since there is no checkpoint, multiple attempts are required in this level.
  • That One Puzzle: There's one puzzle involving invisible ink that reacts to bright light. It's solved by exposing the Vita's rear touchscreen to light... and somehow, holding it half a damn inch from a blazing light bulb isn't enough to make it react. And when it does work, the progress crawls along maybe 2% and stops until you get light on another spot by waggling it around and cursing. The frustration stems from the game implying that you need to expose the rear touchpad area to light, when it's in fact the rear camera that handles the detection.
    • Some events require the player to pick up items and clean them by rubbing off the dirt. Frustrating controls (requiring both touchpads) aside, certain artifacts need to be completely spotless before the player is allowed to continue, even if the relevant information is revealed after just a bit of cleaning.
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    • In an subversion, there's a slide puzzle late in the game that looks like it will take a long time to figure out...until you realize that you can freely drag and drop tiles between any location, removing the challenge almost entirely.
  • Waggle: The game, a launch title for the then-new Vita, was designed specifically to show off the hardware's gimmicks and consequently features a lot of this. This includes features such as using the touchscreen to zoom the camera (with your finger inevitably covering the scale), using the rear touchpad to do the same, the balancing events that require tilting the Vita, the light exposure puzzle, and a main menu that does not respond to any buttons and requires touch input to operate.

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