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  • Broken Base: Reviewing the Censored Eleven got this. Some found the videos informative and entertaining, while some thought the videos were too political and would prefer he get back to rap reviews. Lady Jess, who also appeared in the videos, is a Base-Breaking Character as it is. Some like her viewpoints, others find her annoying and feel she takes advantage of her relationship with RC to push her views on his (considerably more popular) channel
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Lampshaded when he reviews a lyric from Nelly in the Worst Lyrics of August 2014 video.
      Nelly: Shake it like a parapalegic, please believe it!
      Rap Critic: *stunned* Oh, wow, dude, you just got that one wrong, didn't you?
    • He tries to point out how "Black Beatles" has nothing to do with The Beatles while specifically highlighting one of the few lyrics that actually references The Beatles. ("She's a good teaser.")
    • He himself suffers from this when he talked about "Keep on Keeping on" by MC Lyte in his "Worst Lyrics of June 2014" video, where the lyric in question, "Sugar from a booger" is actually included as a result of him mishearing it - the correct line is "sugar for my booga"; what makes this example particularly odd is that he has stated that he uses Rap Geniusnote , making one wonder why he didn't double check the lyric.
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    • He's now started the "Rap Critic Was Wrong" series of episodes to address this very problem.
  • Ear Worm: His outro music, which is actually a song from his own rap career called "Oh Really?"
  • Fridge Logic: Plenty in the songs he reviews.
  • Growing the Beard: His early episodes focused on picking on bad lyrics and the Fridge Logic of the songs. Over time however the show became more about analysing the messages of songs as well as discussing the social context of the messages portrayed, while poking fun at bad lyrics was toned down and given its own separate segment in "Top X Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard".
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Rap Critic's opinion of Pitbull's segue in his "Time Of Our Lives" video, where Pitbull essentially stops the song just to give encouragement to any of his listeners who might be facing some dark days. He notes that Pitbull didn't have to do it at all, but he did.
    The Rap Critic: Even better, Pitbull just stops the song for a second near the end, just to talk to you.
    Pitbull: This is for everybody going through tough times, believe me, I've been there, done that. But every day above ground is a great day, remember that.
    The Rap Critic: That was so... nice.
    • In "The Top 10 Best Rap Songs of 2018", he gives spots to Lil Wayne and (as a guest artist) Drake, two artists he is frequently negative towards, and he sounds positively relieved to be doing so.
    The Rap Critic: (on Lil Wayne's "Uproar") I knew this motherfucker had it in him!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the "Top 10 Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard...This Year (2013)" video, he pokes fun at Migos referring to doing cocaine as Hannah Montana by making up a song that goes "The Wiggles, The Wiggles, The Wiggles, The Wiggles! When this song comes on, it makes her ass do the wiggles!". Bizarrely, Jason Derulo would come out with a song that would refer to Shaking the Rump as "Wiggle" as well.
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    • Lampshaded when it comes to his review of "Swimming Pools". At the end of the review, he laments that the song has not achieved mainstream success. At the end of the next video however, he points out that the song did become popular, charting well between the two videos, thus making his previous complaining pointless.
    • In his "Worst Lyrics of 2014" list, the #2 spot slammed P. Diddy for a gratuitous and insensitive plug for his luxury vodka during a song protesting against Police Brutality, with RC doing a skit about protesters banding together for revolution, but "brought to you by Coca-Cola!" Then in 2017, Pepsi and Kendall Jenner got into a lot of heat for a commercial that effectively did this skit with complete sincerity.
    • His praise for Phife Dawg's guest appearances on Shaquille O'Neal's Shaq Diesel album is even funnier in light of his Worst Lyrics of June 2015 video, where he got some backlash for admitting that he didn't feel that Tribe were really that great, ripping apart "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" in particular (he did end up really liking We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service, though). Rap Critic may not be a huge Tribe fan, but when the alternative is Shaq rapping that he can flow like pee coming out you-know-what...
  • It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars: He is generally against this, as he argues that rap's usage of this trope has saturated the scene and overshadows songs with legitimate messages. He says that every artist that gets some time in the limelight should do something worthwhile with that time. That said, he does use this defence for Lil Jon due to the large amount of enthusiasm Lil Jon displays on his songs.
  • Internet Backdraft: His "Top 10 Worst Eminem Songs" video with Marc Mues has a bunch of dislikes than likes and a flood of disparaging comments, due to the pair's questionable choices ("Mockingbird" being a stand-out example), their misunderstandings of some songs, and their harsh attitudes (Mues, who has also gotten flak for being in the video, being the most harsh).
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: His crossover review of The Jazz Singer spends the last third in a furious, but justified rant about the damage that blackface has wreaked on African-American representation and how something that was deemed acceptable then shouldn't be given a pass now just because it was Fair for Its Day.
  • Values Resonance: After explaining some of the plot in Do the Right Thing in his "Fight the Power" review, he finds that there are similarities between the deaths of the real life Eric Garner and Radio Raheem.


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