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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Adonalsium is a central figure of the series, but also the one the least is known about, resulting in copious amount of this. Is Was Once a Man in effect, or was Adonalsium simply sentient investiture? Why did he need to be Shattered? Did he decide to abandon his creation, did he plan to destroy it, or perhaps he was already dying and final blow needed to be dealt? Did he know about future Vessels' plan to destroy him, and if so, did he approve? Is everything going according to his plan, or did the Cosmere go completely, irrevocably Off the Rails?
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    • Skai, AKA Dominon, gets his share. What was his relationship with Aona/Devotion? Was he evil and/or focused on global conquest, or was he benevolent?
    • Bavadin/Autonomy. Is she working with or otherwise assisting Odium? Is she the mysterious force assaulting Scadrial? Did she aid the Splintering of Aona and Skai? If you take those questions to the forums, you'll get all possible combinations of answers.
    • Hoid. Just what are his goals in the Cosmere? Is he the unsung hero, a regretful antihero, or an outright villain? What does he plan to do? Just how did he get immortal and unable to harm living beings?
  • Archive Panic: It's slowly shaping up to become this. Some people are scared off from starting The Stormlight Archive because of its anticipated length of 10 books with each book presumably being well over 1000 pages long, and that's only one story of the Cosmere. If you count Mistborn as one book series, there are currently six books released, but at least seven more to come, making the whole series at least 13 books long, scattered over 4 eras of the planet's history, and that's not taking into account that Sanderson has expressed interest to squeeze another era between the third and estimated fourth one. Then there are stand-alone books like Elantris and Warbreaker, both of which are planned to get sequels at some point (two of them for Elantris, at least one for Warbreaker), the graphic novel series White Sand and a whole bunch of short stories. The whole Cosmere sequence is expected to encompass at least 40 novels, not counting the novellas. As for now, it still is quite easy to follow since it is possible to get hold of all Cosmere stories released to date in no more than twelve releases (one of them being a graphic novel, another one a short story anthology - mind that one novel and one graphic novel are set to be released before the end of 2017 though). In some more years, things will probably look less managable, especially considering his short story output.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Hoid, the Cosmere's original darkhorse.
    • Bavadin seems to be on track to become this, thanks to the fun habit of pretending to be different deities (of both genders) and forming entire pantheons made up only by different personas of her. The fandom has taken the idea and ran with it.
  • Fanfic Fuel: There are still six Shards that remain unknown, and there are thousand-years-long gaps between various books. Oh, and there's an entire city of worldhoppers out there, so fanfic authors can run wild.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Brandon Sanderson" is 16 letters long if you don't count the space. The Arc Number of the Cosmere makes his parents naming of him a riot.
  • Memetic Bystander:
    • Hoid was there for, or at least involved with, pretty much everything.
    • Bavadin is quickly growing into this with the reveal that she's been pretending to be many different gods and that there are entire pantheons where every member is actually Bavadin. Everyone is Bavadin now!
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  • Viewer Gender Confusion: The first mention of Bavadin was lacking the gender pronounds, and a stray Word of God pegged them as male. Come Arcanum Unbounded, two years later, and Bavadin is confirmed to be a woman, with Sanderson clarifying that some level of Ambiguous Gender Identity is going on.


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