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Awesome / The Cosmere

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The Cosmere is a series of books that is basically Fantasy MCU. You are bound to have awesome moments.

  • The shards themselves are one. Each one is one sixteenth of the power of God. They each have their own magic system and are the closest thing each world has to a diety on them. They are literally the thing that makes up the entire universe. Each share is capable of their own moments of awesome.
    • Their creation themselves would be a moment of awesome. Their original holders managed to kill God and split his power for themselves.

  • Hoid. Hoid is possibly the most mysterious and powerful non shard entity in the Cosmere, and, as such, is one of the most awesome.
    • Hoid was present at the Shattering of Adonlasium. The only reason he's not a Shard is because he refused.
    • Hoid has managed to be get access to severel different types of Investiture.

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