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  • Americans Hate Tingle: The fans of this game outside of Japan believe that Tarou Yamada and Luckyman are "wasted character slots" and that it should have gone to someone else, like Yoh, Kinnikuman or Yami Yugi. Luckyman's reception became much warmer after his gameplay trailer (and the fact that he actually came from an old yet successful Jump manga) whereas Tarou still seems universally hated.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Base-Breaking Character: Boa Hancock's inclusion is this to some people. While she is an Ensemble Dark Horse from her series of origin, she was also introduced fairly recently at the time and was horrendously minor in comparison to the other characters in the roster.
  • Broken Base: The support characters. A lot of fans want them as full playable characters, while others are happy they're present at all.
  • Game-Breaker: If timed right, Rukia's assist. This allows her to freeze anyone even in their OTG state; which via the latter, allows characters like Aizen to setup a 100% death combo.
  • Good Bad Bugs: There's a chance that if Goku hits his Spirit Bomb on any target just as when it's about to fade away, the second cinematic will play without it doing anything extra (and thus no extra damage). The timing has to be just right as well as when the opponent in question will walk into it.
    • Joseph can also fail to have his super work properly whenever used.
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    • Gon's eyes tend to suffer from blinking issues whenever he activates his super; during the startup, he may end up having his eyes closed part-way, all the way, or even have one eye completely closed with the other open. They return to normal (fully open) during the dash forward though.
    • Whenever anyone uses a perfect guard on either Raoh's guard break or his R1+Circle special, they will instantly retaliate with the final portion of their tag-team melee animation while Raoh's perfect guard animation is executed.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The cover art was designed so that characters from manga that are currently running in some form would appear at the front. This unfortunately includes Beelzebub, which concluded before the game was officially released.
    • In game wise, Luffy's Dark Phantom says something that is too close for home for a certain character the fanbase loves, and if you need a hint, time wise, this appears to take place before the Paramount War.
    Phantom Luffy: Battle results in sacrifices. Someday, you too will lose something important to you.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Famicom Jump series was developed by Chunsoft on the original Famicom to celebrate 20 years of Jump. 25 years and a few unrelated Jump crossovers later, the same company (now merged with Spike of Tenkaichi fame) is developing this game for Jump's 45th anniversary!
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  • Les Yay: In the opening, when Lala gets pushed into Chitoge, she grabs onto her rather affectionately. Love Bubbles even start appearing around them! It doesn't help that Lala's tail is wrapping around Chitoge.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In initial demos of the game, people were generally annoyed by the lengthy invincibility frames characters got after being knocked down. This was mostly fixed by the game's actual release, with the invincibility cut down by more than half, and again with the international release, though it still remains a criticized element.
    • For some, Raoh's dying words. If he's the last K.O. in the match, he'll recite his famous phase. However, this makes it so that he prolongs the time the match ending signal will appear, meaning within a small period of time if his opponent(s) happen(s) to be low on HP and with one more K.O. needed for his team's Victory Gauge, Raoh's partner can easily take a kill and snatch victory from the hands of his defeat. Some find it funny to do (or if Raoh' partner dies after Raoh himself starts to recite the speech), while some just can find it annoying to have their hard work go to waste when they happen to K.O. Raoh as their final notch needed for their Victory Gauge.
    • EVERYONE has VERY punishable moves; nearly all of their default attack strings have some sizable recovery afterwards, making this more of a bait-and-punish type of fighting game, and discouraging reckless combat. In regards to recovery lag, the hitstun and landing lag from a jump being doubled during stamina break also adds to ones woes if you happen to mistime something.
  • The Scrappy: Mostly detailed up in Americans Hate Tingle, but Tarou Yamada has earned a lot of players hatred, for everything from his gonk looks and very annoying voice, to his cowardly and self-centered comments in story mode.
  • They Wasted Perfectly Good Characters: Yoh Asakura, Jotaro and Dio, and Dai were found in the game's files, and for whatever reason, nothing was ever done with them. Especially tragic for Shaman King fans, given that Shueisha's loss of the series licences means the series will never have another chance to appear in a crossover game.
    • For that matter, most of, if not all, of the support characters.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot
    • While there's a lot of unique dialogue between various characters, some combinations aren't included in the game like Kenshiro and his Expy Jonathan Joestar.
      • Speaking of Jonathan, he has no special dialogue with his grandson, Joseph Joestar. It would've been fun to see how both JoJos interact as the prepare to fight together, or fight against each other. Granted, in the JoJo series canon, the two never met due to Jonathan's untimely death at the end of Part 1, which was before Joseph was even born.
    • The villains' presence in J-Adventure mode is limited to one MacGuffin quest, and they only get a single battle each.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Inevitable, since this is a non-traditional Free Floor Fighting game with a ton of over-the-top anime/manga characters (with their tendencies to be annoying being milked to death by higher levels of AI):
    • Some people deem Sasuke to be somewhat broken due to his useful midair projectiles (jumping strong), solid stun on both his Chidori and aforementioned projectiles, solid homing on his Great Fireball Jutsu that is only good enough to apply pressure to his far away targets, great range on his Guard Break since it involves his Susano'o's fist AND crumples on hit, and his Amaterasu that can sap his opponent's stamina like crazy AND interrupt their actions for sure if timed right (since it locks on from practically everywhere).
      • On top of all of that, his Victory Burst Super Mode (which is his Susano'o as aforementioned) without any terrain to hide behind is outright unavoidable. Even continuously firing arrows into an enemy who is near a wall can work as well, since the wall only serves to bounce them back and prevent their Mercy Invincibility from occurring fast enough. Should we also mention Sasuke is even invincible during the said Super as well, AND that he can perform his Super while his Victory Burst is going to run out (AND do it during his teammate's Super)? It shows something that people were quite angry when Sasuke was like everyone else, untouched in the + version.
      • However, Sasuke still has his weaknesses. The way his stamina gauge works as a Naruto character, he still has punishable attack strings like everyone else (save for his weak-to-strong combo arguably), he can't combo from his jumping weak attack, his Amaterasu drains his own stamina just as quick and always has a recovery animation, jumping strong sucks at close range, as well as his Susano'o mode not being able to protect him during certain moments from attacks through a slight bug. His Susano'o's attacks (save for the Super) can also all be blocked, and the stamina they take off on block isn't as impressive; the said super also has needs some accuracy to do reasonable damage.
    • Ichigo comes into a close second, since his combo game is very good to the point where it extends to very solid air combos (especially off of his Kogetsuzan), AND his Getsuga Tenshou is a very fast projectile to use for interruptions due to the 2 v 2 nature of the game (even if it does low damage with some notable start-up, it takes off plenty of stamina on block). Not to mention that his Area Attack has massive vertical range and knocks you far away. The only bad thing about him is his Death-or-Glory Attack Victory Burst Super (which can be easy to sidestep if seen coming, and forfeits a K.O. to his opposition's Victory Gauge), some of his damage alone isn't easy to access in the hands of a beginner, and his Tenshou Ranbu special having slow on start-up and being way too easy to punish out in the open. That, and his sidestep has a lot of delay like a few other characters (and also requiring some solid execution to be able to properly sidestep-cancel his attack strings).
    • Naruto like Sasuke, can also be annoying; the AI will lock you down with a ton of Shadow Clone loops which lead to free damage (and will also chase you down a far distance), which is tuned up harder whenever he enters Sage Mode. Not only does his Guard Break travel far (though it's pitifully easy to sidestep), but his weak-to-strong combo also tends to be unblockable up-close, and god help you if you fight a good Naruto player who knows how to use his Shadow Clones properly. There's even the fact that his shadow clones are also disjointed from him during his basic combos, meaning that even if you "counter-hit" Naruto out of a combo, chances are it was a shadow-clone-based combo where his clone alone can still hit you. Ironically however, his Rasengan has very low priority when it comes to charging head-on into attacks, even vs. Sasuke's Chidori.
    • Luffy, due to his ability to always reach 100% stamina with his charging action being his Gear Second as opposed to a normal stamina charge (he can even repel you if you're close to him with instant lagging hitstun), and this is barring the fact that he cannot exceed 100% stamina due to how his charging works so differently compared to everyone else in the game. Not to mention in just a simple auto-combo into his Gum-Gum Gatling special (which also can power him up into Gear Second if you keep up the assault) can net him almost half of one HP bar on anyone he hits fully with it; that's not also accounting for the fact he can increase his strength further by performing and powering up a special while in Gear Second to lace himself in Haki. Aside from his brain-dead damage from his combos, he also has a 100% damage combo as well (before getting patched in the + version). On the other hand, he's a bit difficult to use because despite having free 100% stamina at almost anytime, reckless players can deplete it very fast as well as Gear Second's activation with R1+X not being as spamable as one thinks (since it can't be used even when laced with Haki).
    • Kenshin. He is hands down the best close-range fighter in the game, and his Kuzuryuu Sen is VERY HARD to avoid (AND unblockable). His Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki R1+Circle special is also the fastest AND strongest one of its kind in the game. The only thing that sucks about him is his somewhat lackluster aerial combat (his only aerial attack is his Ryuutsuisen that goes straight down), his normals don't often cover much range and his battoujutsu stance can be hard to control (as well as lacking a Guard Break).
      • However, Kenshin's R1+Circle when done with a triple Kenshin team-comp actually doubles as a massive Game-Breaker; by successfully landing one R1+Circle Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki, the other Kenshin (and/or the assist version) can followup with another one in a continuously damaging juggle loop that both freezes time around both the attacker and victim(s), and abuses the said R1+Circle's level of invincibility if properly triggered. The only thing the two on-point Kenshins have to worry about are their stamina amounts since the said R1+Circle costs a hefty amount per use.
    • Kagura is hands-down one of the best assists in the game. She and Sadaharu relentlessly hunt their initially locked-onto-target down for a long while. Expect a TON of people online to ALWAYS use her, and to always stay on your toes due to her presence. She's often tied with Jaguar Jun'ichi in terms of over-usage (he's often used to setup unblockable combos). The only good thing about her that doesn't make her as overpowered is that like several assists, she doesn't drain stamina on block (let alone inflict meaningful damage).
      • Also on the subject of assists, SKET-dan is also quite utterly annoying; Bossun either fires his slingshot at long range to keep you locked in hitstun, while Himeko just beats you up with her crowbar up close; the former case is often VERY LIKELY to give you a stamina debuff. Have fun.
      • Speaking of Jaguar, he too is just as annoying; his assist is unblockable for free combos, and will chase down the target as far as possible, so there's no escaping him. If there's anything with invincibility frames that won't last for a while be it certain supers, you can bet your ass that Jaguar will run up to you full ham just to interrupt you. The only problem he shares with Kagura is that he's useless when his target stays at a higher-level of terrain apart from his.
      • While Kumagawa is rare, having him paralyze you at close range is bad enough, but at far range, you'll have your stamina permanently locked-out for a set amount of time (hopefully before his own assist attack is off cooldown). The main problem is that terrain and/or certain obstacles can easily block his assist, and it has crap accuracy if targets are being thrown around the place.
    • Vegeta's Big Bang Attack assist was also too good at times. That is, until it got nerfed in the Plus version (less damage and tracking ability; it also has a long cooldown). That, and his Final Flash super was somewhat nerfed into taking off less stamina on block and also doing a bit less damage, making him much more trivial than before. However, Vegeta himself is still far from playable on the other hand but mainly as decent (save for his AI Breaker strategy).
    • Akainu's Bakuretsu Kazan (R1+Circle) is pure cheese, as it locks on from any distance, just like Sasuke's Amaterasu. That, and he can hit like a truck as well. Some people also consider his Super to be cheese (ESPECIALLY if you're up against a wall, which causes the attack to inflict more damage due to wallbounce abuse). However, his Super is easy to avoid by standing right in front of him while all of his other attacks are a bit sluggish with notable stamina costs.
    • Killua's also high tier for similar reasons to Sasuke in terms of electric-type stunning on his moves; use him right, and Killua can net you some huge damage combos. But of course, he's ranked a bit low for a reason in that he's a bit link and stamina dependent (as well as having a slow sidestep, often needing to make use of sneaking up on someone with Zetsu instead of using a punishing sidestep game); but once you activate his Kanmuru's Denkou Sekka, a skilled player can dish out plenty of damage with him with low stamina costs. He can even link into his Super very easily from any of his crumpling hit confirms, and his Just Guard is a no-damage counter that crumples for nearly any free combo.
    • Hiei moves forward VERY far on his basic combo, and the one uppercut needed to lift you up on the first input of his weak attack string is guaranteed to open up free combos on many situations. However, via the former point Hiei covers so much distance as he attacks with his weak string, making it a hassle to rush back up to him in time if you've managed to dodge his attacks. That, and a majority of his moves have high stun on hit (such as his jumping weak attack), especially if he's powered up his sword with demonic flame. Should we also mention his Kousoku Giri special is an annoying move that can hit you from nearly anywhere if Hiei's in proper range? The only downsides to him are he uses up a ton of stamina for his combo extensions (Rengoku Shou using up a ton of it), he charges it slowly, and his Kousoku Giri is very easy to punish if blocked or if it happens to miss due to distance and/or angling.
    • Tsuna, since he has very reliable combos and can just smack you around back and forth, his stamina charges fairly fast, and his X-Burner is one of the game's best long range attacks. However, not only can his Guard Break not be combo'ed off of too well, but he's stamina dependent (he can only go up to 100%) and the terrain can affect his combos.
    • However, the aforementioned Sasuke comes in close second to Saiki, who is one of his hard counters. Saiki has notable and hard-to-grasp range on his basic attacks, with his Aport special being a very annoying attack that teleports you to unwanted areas if used smartly. His rock orbiting shield is also very useful for both extending combos and interrupting physical assaults while lasting a long time (thus forcing use of long-ranged attacks or actual projectiles against him unless he enters stamina break). Saiki is no doubt one of the most notably frustrating characters to fight in the hands of really good players and AI alike. Despite some changes done to him in the + version, and the fact that his dash attack is punishable and his damage output not being too strong, Saiki's still a difficult character to grasp both when playing as him and against him, which overall results in a character being able to give bad matchups for nearly any melee-reliant character.
    • Bobobo is by far also annoying as well, being able to have very powerful punishers in close-combat, and his specials are very good at locking down the opposition. He also has one of the best Guard Breaks in the game and often getting launched by an exploding Don Patch just for his teammate to followup via Tag Team Melee afterwards just drives more of the point home. Then there's him using Don Patch as a shield during his Just Guard just for a free combo, and can deflect attacks from all around him. Also, his Hanage Gekiretsuken (Nose Hair Raging Fury Fist) has a very long range.
    • Medaka. While a bit underrated with some lackluster moves and a very slow and interruptible (through attacking her) activation for her War God Mode, she has her massive stamina advantage; she can debuff to increase her target(s) stamina usage with her neutral circle via the syringes she kicks (the projectile-speed is somewhat ridiculous save for its maximum range having an actual limit), her Kurokami Phantom does sizable damage (even though it has some recoil damage), and even use her R1 + Circle special (Weighted Words) to drain and restrain her opponents like so; if she tells you to literally "get on your knees", chances are you'll need to be relying on a lot of airborne moves to deal with her, since that special only works on grounded opponents to get them to kneel (either way, she'll still deprive you of your stamina since resource management is very important in this game).
    • Nuubee. While his damage isn't as high as the others, his massive utility and forms of stamina drain really get on people's nerves and really allow his partner to go ham whenever they want. He also has a solid damaging ultimate too, so that's something to be aware of.
    • Joseph, for his annoying Tommy Gun Special that can be spammed from a nearly ANY distance for a ton of hitstun (only it can be sidestepped with ease and is beaten by terrain), and his traps can easily screw you over if used properly. Both moves when utilized with a solid teammate often leads to near-death or just a hard time vs. him in general.
    • Ryoutsu, who is by far annoying with his many traps he throws out (his spinning top and RC helicopter moves being two of many) and his rocket launcher being good with lock-on that can always pop a launch into the air for a Tag-Team Melee. What's also worse is that both his helicopter move and his prone gun-firing move provides unnoticeable hitstun that can easily extend and start combos (arguably worse than Joseph's Tommy Gun Special), and his R1+Square area attack being another Tag-Team Melee launcher (AND EVEN his spinning top JUST when it comes out); oh wait, EVEN HIS GUARD BREAK IS A TAG-TEAM MELEE LAUNCHER TOO. Should we also mention you CANNOT interrupt his RC helicopter from being created, EVEN IF you hit him out of his animation? The only upside with that is the helicopter won't last as long before blowing up.
    • A very good and lucky Luckyman player is bound to be this, since during his lucky state, his moves gain a ton of advantages. His Lucky Beam heat-seeks, his Lucky Chop provides a lot of hitstun and his Lucky Punch always guard breaks and is VERY hard to interrupt (it has A LOT of invincibility and also acts as a more damaging non-indicative counter attack). However, you have to make sure all of your hits count, or you'll be put into his unlucky state which allows him to be much easily punished, and thus you have to be put out of the fight in order to stamina charge your way back up to his default state. Regardless, his area attack is easily one of the best in the game, having the most amount of invincibility frames and range literally all around him (which makes it Hiei's area attack on steroids).
    • Seiya, as he has a ton of crazy combo extensions (he's able to cause someone to tumble on the ground, then use his Guard Break to launch them back up into a loop), and his Suisei Ken is VERY annoying to try to counter; it basically stops upon hitting something so that the final hitbox from the finishing dash can connect at an awkward time, does multiple hits and on the final hit does an untechable knockdown just like with his Guard Break where the victim falls flat on their face. Pegasus Rolling Crush is also a difficult move to defend against since it's a grab that does a sizable amount of damage which makes blocking against him dangerous; at least your partner or any outside force can hit Seiya out of the Rolling Crush to interrupt it at any point. Also, if he activates Seventh Sense and/or Sagittarius armor and is able to land a hit confirm into his Pegasus Meteor Fist with extra button mashing.....have fun.
    • Kenshirou. He has a "Qi/Ki" gauge for his stamina/resource, meaning he charges stamina just as fast as a Dragon Ball Z character, his links have solid pick-up potential to prevent the tumbling hit state (right into Hyakuretsu Ken no less), Hyakuretsu Ken itself has its signature annoying after-effect (which can spell either death or interrupts you at a bad moment, and can also cancel out all your projectile attacks before that), and has several moves with solid hit-confirms. Not to mention, his Hyakuretsu Ken assist, when used in the middle of combos can easily create 100% combos for characters like Gon.
    • Toriko is also a similar case, since he too also has some nasty "pick-up" combos. His Fork Shield Just Guard is an AoE-histun-inflicter for free combos just like Bobobo's, and his Nail Punch combos add to even more damage. His Flying Fork out of his two main projectiles (the other being Flying Leg Knife) even deals a decent amount of damage, AND is one of the most difficult homing-moves to avoid.
    • Speaking of Gon, he himself is a subpar far-ranged melee-fighter who happens to be able to dish out A LOT of damage if he gets in close. One prep-up Janjanken Guu punch can take out a bit extra HP compared to other moves in one go (AND IS UNBLOCKABLE), and just think about what happens if the rest of the damage from his other moves add up....however, that is if his Paa doesn't have non-damaging friendly fire that can mess up your ally's actions, as well as the fact that his Nen Control: Kou can easily lower his defense which makes him easy to pick on if he's not careful; not to mention both of his buffs cannot be stacked on top of each other as it's one or the other.
    • Koro-sensei's basic moves have a lot of reach, and his speed-dashing special often spammed just to run away (even by the CPU at times). Not to mention, his rocket special is one of the most difficult projectiles to counter since the projectile will always come out when he performs it even if he gets hit. Not to mention his Super Move is an unblockable grab.
    • Yuusuke, since his Reigan (Spirit Gun) takes off a good amount of HP on hit with some solid hitstun to extend his combos like nuts despite the looping prevention being in place (even the CPU does it; and not that he needs the charged version anyway), and he'll most likely spam it to keep you in check by a crapton. His Guard Break is also impossible to jump over if you're in close range with him, since it makes him hop into an arc making it a solid anti-air. The big problems with him is that he consumes so much stamina for a lot of his stronger special moves, and it's hard to recharge it all to make him do more damage than he should. Also, should his Super Move hit, it's one of the strongest supers in the game on raw damage alone.
    • Momotarou on the other hand, has attacks that do A LOT of damage, even with his basic combos. His Shingan Ken has solid range and takes off a sizable amount of stamina on block for free guard-crushes (especially if you're too close to him), and his Rin Senpuu is a very annoying move that moves him a far distance away making you have to catch him (or be able to rack up a ton of hits with near a dead-end).
    • It's a common running gag for comic relief-series characters to be annoying, and Gintoki like each of the aforementioned ones takes the cake. His Justaway bombs are a free launcher with very hard-to-grasp projectile flights, his Soy Sauce Sword move is unblockable for free combos (and doesn't work against the AI of course) and his Area Attack has a projectile hitbox that is bound to hit you since when you wail at Gintoki you also may move yourself into the hitbox. His Guard Break is also very delayed if you're on the defensive, so it's very hard to sidestep in comparison to everyone else's.
    • Oga. His main ranged special isn't the same as Tsuna's while also being a bit lack-luster, but trying to attack him recklessly is a pain since he'll use Baby Beel to paralyze you for a free attack as either a Just Guard, Area Attack or Guard Break. Should we also mention his emblems can explode upon him comboing you (while powered up by Super Milk Time) that can inflict a ton of extra damage?
    • Tarou Yamada's rather average, if only he didn't become a massive bastard in the hands of either a good player or very difficult AI. There are situations where he'll spam his headbutt move NON-STOP, ESPECIALLY if he can link it three times in a row for damage thanks to how some of his combo setups work (and he can control where it flies). That, and him summoning the granny makes it so that she can chunk off a good amount of your HP while Tarou and a few others may wail away at you (not to mention his attacks are very hard to avoid due to distance covered and how much stamina they take off on block). What's more, he also has a very annoying Just Guard animation where he throws a tantrum on the ground while putting you in hitstun, and has a counter attack with him using one of his weak attack animations if you choose to hit him. Tarou being a very hated character overall for his mere inclusion in the game does not help matters any better.
    • Frieza. While his zoning/far-range arsenal is arguably better than Vegeta's, it makes his playstyle quite linear while his damage overall is a bit lackluster. It doesn't help in that he can snipe you from almost anywhere for a solid amount of damage from the backlines.
    • Ace's main combo is to use his weak-strong combo into his R1 + Circle (Flame Commandment -> Fire Pillar) to launch them, then into Fire Gun when they're falling then combo into Fire Fist...if only the Fire Gun wasn't dropped for one blast fired only. That way, Ace can land a free combo on them by letting his target fall to the ground with lag, allowing him to loop the same combo (weak-strong, Flame Commandment -> Fire Pillar -> single shot Fire Gun -> let them land) for around four times before the Mercy Invincibility against infinites/loops kicks in. While it's not that much damage per hit, the overall damage from this loop is massive in the long run (provided nearby walls don't mess it up); not to mention Ace's other moves also have some solid damage in other forms of combos. However, Ace himself tends to be lacking in utility as a weakness (his Fire Fist is really lacking in range and desired startup), but should a skilled Ace player land this loop on you with enough stamina to spare....
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Jaguar Junichi and Taro Yamada.
    • Boa Hancock. Although she does play a big role in the story, her appearance surprised more than one fan as she's not a main character.
    • Portgas D. Ace, to some people. While he is an Ensemble Dark Horse, it's still surprising to see him playable over main characters like Zoro or Sanji.
    • Some people are also surprised that Jonathan and Joseph Joestar got in before Jotaro Kujo, who's considered the most iconic JoJo protagonist. This was likely due to their recent appearances in the 2012 anime, as Jotaro's and Dio's names were found in the game's files, suggesting they were Dummied Out in favor of the other two.
    • Luckyman, a man from a rather obscure series based around his superpower of being lucky. He's only appeared in a game once before as an assist in Jump Ultimate Stars.


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