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Western Animation / Trust Me, I'm a Genie

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From left to right Larry, Diego, Ziggy, Sonia, Joe, Tony and Zazie.

Trust Me, I'm a Genie is a French cartoon from 2011. It follows the adventures of Diego, a camel, who is the master of Ziggy, a raccoon genie, and all their desert friends. Ziggy granted Diego's first wish, a cafe, and his second wish was a swimming pool for all his friends to enjoy. But then, Ziggy got sand in his magic can, so in turn, his third wish became defective.

A character sheet can be found here.


Tropes you'll find the the series:

  • Freeing the Genie: Ziggy's main goal is pretty much wanting Diego to set him free. Too bad the final wish always messes up.
  • Security Cling: Diego and Joe do this to each other in The Eradicator when the titular creature is brought to life.
  • True Companions: The final episode drives this point straight home. Diego, Ziggy, Zazie, Joe, Tony, Larry and Sonia are so close as friends, they could be considered a family.
  • World of Snark: Pretty much everyone who isn't Larry or Scoop has snarked at some point in the show. Ziggy, Joe and Sonia are by far the most prominent snarkers, though.


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