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Afterlife Blues is a Webcomic written by Jon Kilgannon and illustrated by Mark Sachs, the same team that brought us A Miracle of Science.

Brody Isett, our less than intelligent narrator, had been living out his life of petty crime and getting caught on at least four worlds, until he got caught up in a plot of intrigue, subterfuge, and Artificial Intelligence. Liraz Andronescu, the Hero of Athens, needed a guide for her team to infiltrate New Abilene, the rogue planet still blockaded by the American space fleet. So she recruits Brody to come back to his homeworld, promising not to turn him over to the cops. But who is this person that they're trying to find, and more importantly, what kind of AI is he?

You can read it online here. It's been on Series Hiatus since February 2011.

Tropes in Afterlife Blues:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Franklin, and many of the other characters, and maybe even a MacGuffin
  • Batman Gambit: Our heroes track Brody down by luring him to commit a crime.
  • Beneath the Earth: Urban version on New Abilene. While they do seem to be embargoed by the American Fleet, they actually build underground due to frequent asteroid impact.
  • Berserk Button: "You're not human, are you?"
  • Broken Hero: One gets the impression that the Hero of Athens lost more than her body in that battle. About 60% of her brain, too
  • Coat Cape: Bethany usually wears her Badass Longcoat this way. In fact, a lot of the time she's holding it in place.
  • FTL Travel: Averted. Emory starts on the whole "travel through alternate universes" explanation, but Brody isn't terribly interested in hearing about it. Later one of the authors gave a detailed explanation in a message to TV Tropes. Instead of using a different dimension as shortcut to reach their destinations like some other FTL drives, they travel to other dimensions where habitable planets are in reach of sublight drives to settle there.
  • Gaslighting: The word was deliberately used to flavor the story, as noted in The Rant for the appropriate page.