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In the 2048 flashforward Leslie is the President of the U.S and Ben is the Vice President
With Ben letting Leslie run for Governor of Indiana instead of him, it seems Leslie would end up going for the top office out of the two of them. But Leslie would want to even things up and who better to choose as her VP than her adorable congressman-husband? They perfectly balance out each other's strengths and weaknesses as candidates, Ben becomes the first First Gentleman and Vice President and they both get to achieve their political dreams.

Leslie Knope is a clone of Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton determined that she's getting too old to be elected president, and so she created a younger clone of herself to take over her quest after she's gone.

Amy Poehler, who plays Leslie Knope, played Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. She, too, is a clone of Hillary Clinton.

Tom is an art lover
There's his reaction to the abstract painting in "The Mural" and his photography in "Summer Catalog."
  • He may have became an art lover after "The Mural"; he clearly states in the beginning of that episode that he's not interested in art.

April's "disaffected teenager" persona is partially an act.
Like David Brent in the U.K. version of The Office, April is playing up for the cameras, except she's trying to come off as a sarcastic Daria-esque voice of reason/apathy. As the show goes on, April gets used to the cameras and bored with her act, so she starts to act more like herself. In short, she really is like that to a degree, but she was deliberately playing up that side of her personality in the earlier episodes.
  • Downright plausible, this.

Ben will run for mayor of Pawnee
This way he and Chris stay and he has a chance to redeem himself.
  • Jossed

Andy is the grown up version of Finn the Human

And following up to that...

Leslie really IS a grown up version of The Mighty B!
Or at least Nickelodeon paid Leslie to make a semi autobiographical animated series about her childhood and her years in Girl Scouts and her talking dog.

Chris is Molly Clock's long lost brother
  • YES!

Leslie's dad is alive.
Her exact words were that "he LIVES in Florida in a cemetery". They never said he died.
  • Jossed. It's explicitly stated by Leslie (in "Leslie and Ben") that he died when she was 10.

The Aside Comment/mini-interview sequences take place in the characters' heads.
Unlike The Office, it's never stated that a documentary is being made about Pawnee's Parks and Rec department. Most of the time, when characters do two or more aside comments in one scene, they don't speak as if they know or remember the scene; they speak as if they are thinking of the comment while the scene is happening. When characters interrupt or comment on each others' asides, it just means that they're thinking aloud.
  • Not exactly true. In the pilot, Ron Swanson acknowledges the presence of the documentary crew, asking them if they got a grant to make this. But much like The Office, the format is certainly a stylistic choice more than anything else, and they don't make a great deal of effort to maintain this illusion.
  • I think that is definently the case later in the show. Early in the show, they were trying to go for a mockumentary thing, but I think the "they are making a documentary about us!" premise has pretty much been abandoned, in favour of just using it as a stylistic choice to, as you say, get into the heads of the characters.

So, what's a staunch libertarian doing in local government, anyway?
The answer is obvious, and comes down to two things: the theory of gravity, and Ron's moustache.Just astronomical bodies are drawn to orbit objects of greater mass, so too are powerful things. Ron Swanson's moustache is patently one of the most powerful things in the universe — far more powerful than local government, and probably comparable in power to Ron himself. Therefore it is inevitable that local government is drawn to orbit around his moustache and, by extension, him. He can't help it. Or rather, he can help it, but only up to a point — if that moustache were attached to a lesser man, it would be running Nebraska — or possibly America — as a totalitarian dictatorship. Only the raw power of Ron's disdain for power can counteract its awesome influence.We should all be grateful to him.
  • what
  • This also explains Stalin. He was a much lesser man than Ron.

Ann will eventually date Tom.
She has been shown to be able to date self-centered guys before under the right circumstances, and in turn, Tom has been shown to have some Hidden Depths and has liked her since the first episode.
  • I would argue against this only because while Weakness Turns Her On, Tom is so weak that even Ann finds it annoying ("Bowling for Votes").
    • Confirmed at the end of "Operation Ann". though they break up later

Lil Sebastian chased Tammy One out of Pawnee.
She is widely considered to be a terror. No one but the mighty Lil Sebastian could get rid of her. Why else would she wait until he was dead to return? It also explains why Ron loves him so much.

Tom has partial immunity to Snakejuice because he taste-tested it a lot over the development stage.
The character sheet points out that him only being a bit affected by the otherwise powerful drink. The answer is simple: he and maybe Jean Ralphio were the only ones who would taste test. Over time, he built up an immunity to it. Hence why he wasn't knocked out flat.

The series will end with Leslie becoming president.
Except it'll end Sopranos style and before the election results are announced, it'll cut to black, and the credits will just be a photo montage of moments from the show while the theme song plays.
  • Possibly Confirmed The finale has a scene showing Gary's funeral in the distant future where Leslie and Ben are surrounded by Secret Service agents, so one of them (or one of their kids) might have become president

When the show is running out of material and ratings are falling, there will be a lesbian kiss between Leslie and Ann.
It will happen for some contrived sitcom reason, a fact which will be ignored by the advertising. They'll spend several episodes dealing with all the fallout and drama. The whole arc will be very annoying, commentators will complain about why two women can't be close friends without being lesbians, and the show itself may Jump the Shark.
  • Or this could just happen for laughs. Like, they'll be drunk at a party, and someone like Tom or Jean-Ralphio or Donna will comment on it like "I knew it" or "That's hot".

When the show is running out of material and ratings are falling, there will be a lesbian kiss between Leslie and April.
Because it'd be hot.

When the show is running out of material and ratings are falling, there will be a lesbian kiss between Ann and April.
Because it'd be hot.
  • You know, I could picture April wanting to kiss Ann just to annoy her/freak her out.

Pawnee wasn't originally called that.
It's just that after it briefly caused a stir in the 1990s for a supposed "space-time rift" in its' immediate area, the sudden notoriety caused local councillors to believe that the name Punxsutawney was a bit of a mouthful for national newspapers.
  • Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is a real place and their Groundhog Day celebration is real. Punxsutawney is located in Pennsylvania and Pawnee is located in Indiana. We've heard a lot about Pawnee's history on the show and it was definitely always called "Pawnee".

Perd Hapley is an experimental android.
Perd Hapley was released from a facility that was designing an android to report on the news, which explains why he has to report on literally everything that happens, and the reason why he gave ET 1 and a half stars on his review. -

Jean-Ralphio exists just off-camera.
That, or he's some sort of djinn, because anytime a person says his name or thinks of him, he appears from off-camera.

When Ann leaves the show...
...things won't work out with Chris, and she will end up changing her name and selling paper in Stamford, Connecticut..
  • Jossed. The chronology does not match up.

The "redacted" middle name of Ron's son is Leslie.
It's a man's name too, after all. (Or maybe they went with a male-only variant like Lester.) She's the one friend Ron might name a child after, and he would definitely keep it secret. It'll be a big aww moment when we find out.

The "redacted" middle name of Ron's son is Fucking
He was born ready. He's John Fucking Swanson

The name of Garry/Jerry/Larry will be changed to...
  • Barry
    • Barry was use for his character in The Johnny Karate show.
  • Harry
  • Perry
  • Terry
    • Terry was confirmed in the season 6 finale.
    • In the final season it finally gets corrected to Gary

Chris going to London is a hint that Peter Quill was in Thor: The Dark World.
In Thor: The Dark World, jet pilots in London go through a portal that takes them to another world. Peter Quill is an American pilot. This show may have been giving a shout-out to Marvel and providing a clue that Peter Quill was flying a jet from London to another world in Thor: The Dark World, setting up the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy will never be mentioned.
It would be weird because Chris Pratt is in both this show and that movie.

Season 7 will reference movies that have not yet been released in real life.
The season 6 finale ended in May 2014 before the three-year time skip, meaning that season 7 will take place in 2017 and 2018. By then, there will be a plethora of movies that could be mentioned as if the characters had already seen them, such as the following:

  • Avatar 2 (with Avatar 3 being released about halfway through season 7)
  • Ant-Man
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • ''Suicide Squad
  • Sinister Six
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Doctor Strange
  • X-Men: Apocalypse
  • Deadpool
  • Gambit
  • Finding Dory
  • The Flash
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Inside Out
  • Justice League
  • Kung Fu Panda 3
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Star Trek 13
  • Star Wars: Episode VII (and possibly a few other installments)
    • Mentioned in "Gryzzlbox."
  • Terminator Genisys
    • "2017" mentioned a "really funny" Jason Bourne reboot starring Kevin James. This seems relatively recent for a reboot, seeing as how a Bourne sequel has been announced for 2016. "Ron and Jammy" mentions Hitch 2, revealed in a later episode to be called Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch and starring Will Smith's son Jayden Smith. In "Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington," Ben mentions a Twin Peaks reboot. It is unknown if he is referring to a continuity reboot or the 2016 mini-series that may be considered a revival and stylistic reboot. Also, Leslie mentions Dany marrying Captain Jack Sparrow in the Game of Thrones show (to which Ben replies "it makes sense if you've read the books").

April and Derek were together before Derek came out
Remember that she says that Derek's the "gayest person [she] knows", stating that Derek does identify as gay and not bi or pan or anything else that would explain why he's still with April, unless he had been dating her before and didn't want to end to relationship for whatever reason (using April as a beard, being too intimidated by her to break up, etc.), even after he gets together with Ben. April claims that the three of them got together as a middle finger to conventional relationships, but it's entirely possible that she secretly resented the situation and wanted things to go back to the way they were, hence why she says she hates Ben, and then later on gave him a hickey to make Derek jealous, presumably hoping it would cause enough jealousy that Derek and Ben would split up. Note that this seemingly bitter situation with April and Ben is used as a parallel to April offering to do the same for Andy, not to split up a couple but to get together with Andy, even if it was under false pretenses. This seems very deliberate to me.
  • And in relation to that, a sub-theory - the triad's breakup in "Galentine's Day" wasn't just triggered by Derek and Ben's rudeness and pretentiousness, but also because they were making fun of all of the conventional, monogamous couples at the senior center just as April was realizing that she actually wanted that kind of relationship. One particularly telling scene is when she gets annoyed with Derek and Ben mocking a senior couple, then walks off, tells the seniors that they're adorable, and proceeds to go talk to Andy. The scene could have very easily just involved Derek and Ben making fun of old people individually, but the way that they specifically made fun of the fact that the couples were happy together seems very telling to me.

The show takes place in the same universe as Back to the Future.
In "Ron and Jammy," which takes place 2017, it is mentioned that people in Chicago have been in a better mood since the Cubs won the world series. This could be referring to the 2015 game mentioned in Back to the Future Part II.
  • Jossed. The Cubs actually won the world series in 2016.

Public nudity has become more acceptable.
Whether it be just in Pawnee or all over America, public indecency does not appear to be a crime in 2017. In "2017," Andy plans on streaking and is not arrested for not wearing any pants or underwear at a public event. In "Ron and Jammy," Tammy strips nude in a library. People pass by and see and do not do anything about it. It appears that nudism has expanded a bit within the world of this show.
  • While the one with Andy is plausible, the second one with Tammy 2 was most likely the other Liberians turning a blind eye to their boss antics.

Lucy does not really have a boyfriend.
She knows what Tom is up to and is waiting for him to tell the truth.

Leslie dated the Tenth Doctor
In a Season 2 talking-head moment, Leslie said she went on a date with a man who wore 3-D glasses all night. What she didn't say was that he was lanky, hyper-active, and owned a time machine.

The show takes place in the same universe as The Purge.
In the producer's cut of "Ron and Jammy," Joan Callamezzo says that she believes that America should have a purge night. In the film, the first annual Purge is said to have taken place March 21, 2017, the same year in which season 7 is set.

The show is going to end with Leslie becoming president.
With Ron as her VP. Cracked predicted this already, and it would just fit so damn well.
  • Implied. During Jerry's funeral (which is the farthest that the finale episode flash forwards to), a mysterious man in black is s een telling an aging Leslie and Ben that it was time to leave.
    • Although it could be Ben, as he is wearing the "standard" flag pin seen on federal government politicians.
      • In the Johnny Karate's show finale is seen Lord Covington knighting Ben (and Andy); even though it had been in a casual manner and is mentioned that only the Queen can oficially knight someone, that act may disqualify Ben, or at least make him look bad to the American electorate as an act of obedience to a foreign government while running for president if someone came to find out (what is possible given the existence of political advisors as capable as Jennifer Barkley, and the fact that the show is broadcasted and maybe someone taped it and eventually put it on internet). So, maybe as a couple they decided that Leslie was the one to run for the presidency, eventually winining it.

Ron Swanson will die in the finale.
And Tammy One will be there when it happens.

Leslie is a dog in a parallel universe
The videogame Animal Crossing New Leaf, features a perky adorkable friendly (yellow) dog named Isabelle who is a secretary for the mayor (The player) and does all she can to improve the town by adding (By the mayor's request) bridges and sculptures, and turning a crappy run-down downtown area into a bustling beautiful place to behold. And deals with social issues among the townspeople. I can safely assume that Leslie and Isabelle are alternates. Their names are even two letters away from being anagrams.

Leslie has some kind of manic disorder and suffers from chronic insomnia
Or possibly she abuses amphetamines. Nobody has that much energy naturally, and the show's greatest Running Gag is her doing ridiculous amounts of work in short spans of time just off-camera. Over seven seasons she refers to doing a lot of this work while lying in bed. Other characters reference her talking in her sleep (practicing campaign speeches, etc) but this is just her keeping her mind busy while trying to fall asleep or not being able to sleep. She shows some other symptoms of manic disorders too, everything from talking rapidly to emotional instability, impulsive outbursts, failing to grasp when other people around her aren't as energetic or enthused as she is, and so on. In an early season Leslie is revealed to be a hoarder; poor impulse control (in this case impulsively stashing irrelevant things "just in case") is also a major symptom.

Leslie is Pinkie Pie.
Or possibly Pinkie Pie's dimensional alternate. They're both cheery, upbeat, and optimistic, have a crapton of energy, love most people, regularly consume a lot of sugary food, and love to make their friends smile.

Gayle Gergich is a vampire
That is the reason she doesn't look a day older during Jerry's funeral in the series finale, when in reality she should be in her nineties.

Leslie and Ann were at one point meant to be love interests
They have so many moments together that can be read as romantic, to the extent that the Les Yay is Lampshaded. Maybe they were once written as a couple, but due to the controversy that might cause, it was written out after the first few drafts.

In the Parks and Rec version of 2017, Joe Biden is President of the United States.
It fits the atmosphere and explains why the Bidens are still in DC in the finale.

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