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This time "God" will kill all the atheists.

That is basically what happened in the first film.

This will be very sensitive to all beliefs and let the viewers think for themselves
April Fools! It will just be more Christian Paranoia Propaganda.
  • Confirmed

Josh will return
He'll be Grace's lawyer after her first one is sent to jail for contempt. It will try to be a Big Damn Hero moment but it will most likely be narm instead.
  • Joshed
  • Josh does return, but it's for God's Not Dead 3.

The film will end with a Newboys Concert
The Evil Atheist will be defeated by the Righteous Christians, everyone will stand up in the courtroom and preach "God's Not Dead", and everyone will be at a Newsboys concert as all the atheists are either converted or killed and convert.
  • Newsboy concert Confirmed.

It will be one of the greatest So Bad, It's Good films of all time
The sheer amount of
Narm and Critical Research Failure combined with an expected amount of Ham and Cheese, and more will culminate into delicious Narm Charm, transforming a Christian propaganda film into a So Bad, It's Good Cult Classic. Whether it will be financially successful or not it up for grabs.

The atheists in the film are not actual atheists
Think about it throughout the entire film the "atheist" villains are constantly stating that God's clearly at some point died (hence the films title) while atheism is the firm belief of God's (and all other deities) non existence the antagonist characters heavily insist that God at one point had existed and at some unknown point had passed away by unknown means.

Why would these characters who some clearly indicate themselves as "atheists" would demand that any Divine being had any point had ever existed then died makes no sense. A more sensical for the film would be "God Exists 2" but that's just hindsight.

The only logical reason is the atheists of the God's Not Dead universe and atheists of Real Life are similar but greatly different groups. One basically believes that God never had existed while the film counterparts believe God did exist but somehow died in the past.

  • It's metaphorical, not literal. Friedrich Nietzsche said "God is dead", which meant as an idea.

How did God die?...
In order for something, anything, to die, then it must have been alive at some point. While the entire point of the film is to defend the existence of God the films antagonists do heavily insist that the Almighty did indeed die so the question is How?.

Tropers please leave your answers here...


  • It's a metaphor for the idea becoming untenable. This was explained in the first film.

The ACLU will be revealed to be a Satan Worshiping Cult
Because why not? They never seem to have enough straw for this war.

The atheist Big Bad will have a demonic or Lovecraftian One-Winged Angel form with an appropriately epic and ominous Final Boss theme.
Because heathens are just that evil in body and soul. Obviously he will take some demonic form to really hammer the point home. Yes, it may not be necessary given how heavily evil he is already portrayed but the film makers have already gone this far.

This will eventually result in God being sued.
The atheists will reveal that this whole incident was a plot to take God Himself to court, since they're all secretly Nay-Theist as well. The idea will be to charge God for breaking the laws of physics in his miracles, just for the sake of Serial Escalation. While you can't really sue someone for that reason alone, this film isn't too savvy with the law in the first place, so it'll fit right in.

There will be ONE good atheist.
They will probably add one atheist to be a good person simply to fight against the backlash of the first film. However knowing the writers skill this person will be seen as an extreme minority and be more portrayed as You Are a Credit to Your Race... then at the end admit that she should follow god and was stupid to even question God's existence.

There will be some gay-bashing in this one.
Now that gay marriage is legal nationwide in the United States, the producers will make a comment about homosexuality since the first movie didn't. It could be either Cure Your Gays or Bury Your Gays or something along those lines, but they will have nothing kind to say about gay people. More than likely, it will be some brief comment because we wouldn't want to detract from the main plot of evil atheists.
  • Or make all of the Atheist gay, eluding to the idea that the reason Atheist are no longer Christian is because they "wanted to sin".

Both movies are troll films, and this will become gradually and exponentially more obvious as the series continues.
It's difficult to believe that the first film was serious, even knowing the depressing number of people who agree with its "message" but the events described in the sequel push the suspension of disbelief too far. It is impossible for "God's Not Dead 2" to be a serious film. Speaking of which, does "God's Not Dead 2" sound like a serious movie title? It sounds like a parody title for a movie that characters on an [adult swim] cartoon would be watching.

The fact that this film was released on April Fool's Day seems to be a pretty obvious clue.


As for who the mastermind behind these troll movies is, that's anyone's guess.

God's Not Dead 3 Ideas
Guess 1: It will be based around The Purge set to a Bad Future, showing Christians being wiped out by atheists.

Guess 2: It will involve a political "scandal" where a hopeful politician must choose between God and any hope of election. (As opposed to real life where you can't get anywhere near the White House without a big fat cross hanging around your neck.)

Guess 3: The Newsboys become the center of the plot. They'll tour in a fancy van and solve mysteries through prayer....or something.

Guess 4: It will be based around Christmas with the Kranks, only it will be about Christian neighbors browbeating the atheist family into accepting Jesus.

Guess 5: Whatever the plot, it will feature an actor (or two) who had a hit TV series (or two) back in the 90's but has worked only sporadically since.

Guess 6: Similarly to Guess 1, the setting will be in the future, only with Intergalactic Evil Atheists who threaten theism with their Death Star class military technology.

Guess 7: The protagonist will start as a Christian, but then slowly adopt non-"True Christian" views (pro-choice, gay rights, evolution, etc) until they somehow become a communist atheist Tin Tyrant Evil Overlord.

Guess 8: It will focus on abortions and portray Planned Parenthood as an atheist runned baby genocide factory.

  • Semi-Confirmed. They are making that exact film, but not as part of the GND series. It's titled Unplanned.

Guess 9: If The Stinger is anything to go by, Those Two Guys (Interracial preacher bromance) are going to be the A plot with one of them getting arrested for....reasons. Expect Guess 5, another Newsboys cameo and maybe unnamed Chinese boy in a B plot. (Possibly a C, D or even E plot.) Miss Journalista McCancercancer will chuck her career to get married and have babies since that's what good Christian women do. Also expect comparisons of the A plot to the plight of Paul and Silas, perhaps even ripping off the story completely by throwing in a random earthquake.

  • Here's some hints. Expect a scathing commentary on feminism ending with the judge realizing her successful legal career was meaningless and she should just turn to God, get married (Probably to Dave) and pop out babies. The university's attorney will be unusually tall and be named something like George Oliver Liath.

Another God's not Dead 3 idea (and prequel novel)

They will release a novel where it will be revealed that after the events of God's not Dead 1, Rev— err, Josh, after having succeeded, had visions of a war that was coming. So he set off to the unknown— um, Middle East and was never heard from again. Then, after the events of God's not Dead 2, Mee— err, Grace heard about Josh's journey and set out to find him. There, they found the True Atheist Empire (cause radical Muslims and atheists are totally the same.). 300 years later, a new true believer will seek them out and end this once and for all in... God's Still Alive. (guest starring GLaDOS as the atheist emperor. For science... you monster.)

After there are too many sequels to continue keeping count, we will get "God's Not Dead In Space"
Josh has evol—no, not 'evolved,' obviously—but transformed with the help of his faith, into a giant sand-worm with Josh's face, now the God Emperor of the galaxy, seeking to stamp out heathens from the universe. The great threat to the universe is the Atheist Collective, which seeks to assimilate all Christian life into th Atheist Hive Mind. Emperor Josh liberates former Atheist drone 7th Heaven of Nine, who eventually realizes her human name was Ruthy, and trains her in the Ways of the Faith, with a cross-shaped lightsaber. Also with them is a clone of Professor Radison, who has been cloned back to life over and over, over the last several eons, only to keep dying in increasingly unlikely accidents. Seventh Heaven of Nine must then seek counsel from The Oracle, which is a somewhat frustrating conversation for Seventh as the Oracle is more interested in her plate of chicken than telling anyone's fortune. The saga ends abruptly when a phallic shaped starship appears out of nowhere and blows up the entire universe.

The third film was heavily rewritten after the 2016 election
Now that the third film has actually been released, we know that it almost immediately abandons the plot set up by The Stinger, and instead focuses on student protesters trying to get Pastor Dave's church kicked off campus. The reason the set-up was abandoned is that the creators assumed that Hillary Clinton would be the next president, and thus that conservative Christians would have a lot of exploitable anxiety about government persecution. I'd bet that the referenced but never seen district attorney was even going to be an Expy of Clinton. But when Trump won, suddenly a story where the heroes stand up to the US government for persecuting an oppressed minority (which is what Christians are framed as in these movies) doesn't look so good from a conservative perspective. So, they made it about the right's new boogeyman du jour, student protesters. The fact that this requires both abandoning the second movie's very clear Sequel Hook and some retcons (unless I'm misremembering, there was no indication in the previous films that Pastor Dave's church was on Josh's college campus), serves as evidence.

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