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Josh wanted to break up with his girlfriend, but he didn't want to see himself as the fault for it.
Which explains why he broke up with his girlfriend without any emotions to it since he can now state it was his girlfriend that gave the idea.
  • Didn't she break up with him, though?

This film takes place in the same strange universe as The Room
Both movies are set in a strange, surreal world where time has odd skips, social rules are unlike any we would ever experience in our world; people are flat caricatures, logic is nonexistent, and most striking of all, a special chosen person (Josh/Johnny) shines as a special martyr of a hero, whom everyone eventually comes to regret wronging by the end.
  • Going by this theory, there are two more possible (and better) endings for this film. Radisson is walking down the street saying to himself "God does not exist! He does not! It is bullshit! Oh, hi, car." Or....Josh loses the debate after calling Radisson a "big fat chicken" and doing a ridiculous chicken impression. He leaves the debate in tears as everyone laughs him off the stage. Josh runs crying to his dorm room where he has a tantrum and tears the place up. In despair, he picks up a hammer and some nails, screams "I am fed up with this world!" and crucifies himself. (Yeah, I don't know how he would get the other hand done either.)
    • Someone write this fanfic. NOW.

Only one scene in the movie actually happened...
...the old woman with dementia, overjoyed by her chicken. Having lived her entire life as a radical fundamentalist Christian and closeted trans man, She secretly desires to be a young boy named Josh who plays out a typical fundamentalist's "persecuted Christian hero" fantasy. The chicken meals are the only thing that can bring her out of this fantasy. Otherwise, she spends the day staring at the wall, playing out the adventures of "Josh" and his heroic crusade to save souls and fight anti-Christian persecution. Her relatives are real: her son won't visit her because he's uncomfortable playing the part of "Josh's" girlfriend; and her daughter's boyfriend Mr. Raddison is an atheist and a perfectly decent man, but the fundamentalist old woman imagines him otherwise.
  • This would explain, well, everything.

This movie is actually a Stealth Parody of Christian propaganda
  • With how over the top the movie is written, not to mention the number of cliches often found in Christian media being used here, this should be plain obvious.
    • First off is how every non-believer character is portrayed as an evil monster, basically like something out of Chick Tracts where not being a Christian is synonymous with being an immoral Jerkass and how often religious fundies try to portray their opponents like they're as crazy as them.
    • Next is how Josh comes off as 10 times worse or no different than Radisson yet is still expected to be thought of as the hero by the audience. This is something that tends to be a huge problem with Christian media, the good guys are often Tautological Templars who think they're justified in everything they do even when what they do is often no different than what the villains do.
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    • Then there's the cliched portrayal of atheists only being atheist because of some tragedy in their life rather than because they're just skeptical of such things. Lots of faith-based media revolves around trials and tribulations happening to its characters and often it'll have characters who Rage Against the Heavens when something goes wrong then turn from God afterwards.
    • The portrayal of the Muslim dad as beating his daughter, making her follow strict rules, and disowning her after finding out she converted to Christianity tends to be how a lot of Evangelical Christians think Muslims are like.
    • Finally there's the Critical Research Failure regarding the court cases cited as proof that the plot of the film is happening in real life. Much like how some religious based media like say Chick Tracts or Rock: It's Your Decision didn't do any research on the things it's preaching for or against or relied on discredited sources to push its agenda, this movie does just that as well hoping that everyone watching would just take their word for it and not look into any of the content.

Josh was the one who struck and killed Professor Raddison.
We don't really get to see whether or not Josh owns a car. We don't get to see who's actually driving the car that kills Raddison, either. Add in that Josh seemed pretty desperate to win the debate against his philosophy professor, and you've got yourself a (somewhat) plausible motive for Raddison's death. And Josh is supposed to be the hero of this story, so of course he's going to get away with murder.

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