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  • What would Grace say to a student whose brother was not a Too Good for This Sinful Earth Christian? Suppose the brother was killed by homophobes for kissing a guy. Suppose he was a thug (who loved his sister nonetheless) who died due to gang violence. Suppose he was a Wiccan/Buddhist/Jainist/other non-Christian faith who broke his neck getting a kitten out of a tree. Suppose he was suicidally depressed. Suppose a Christian girl invited him to church, he said "No thanks" and she went on Facebook and typed "I would be eternally grateful to whoever caps this heathen bastard!" Suppose he was an unrepentant atheist who got hit by a truck/struck by lightning/other random way to die and there were no interracial bromance preachers to convince him to accept Jesus before he bled to death. "Well, honey, he's roasting in Hell and he deserves it. But don't worry! You can still be saved!"
    • I wouldn't put her saying that past the Christians in this film, but she could simply say God forgives, regardless of what she actually believes.

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