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Trivia / God's Not Dead 2

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  • Fan Nickname: Many people came up with a lot of funny tag lines or title names when they heard of the sequel:
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  • In Memoriam: Used for three people connected to the film who died between completion of filming and its release; among them co-producer Russell Wolfenote  and former Senator and Law & Order star Fred Thompson.note 
  • Recycled Script: The film starts off with a Christian being persecuted for believing in God, leading to a second part which has that Christian's belief put on trial to prove God's existence (in this case a bit more literally than the first one but still applies). Heck even the main posters for the two look very similar, with it focusing on the backs of everyone as they face their inevitable challenge.
  • Recycled INSPACE: God's not Dead 2 is basically the first movie inside a courtroom rather than a classroom.

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