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Trivia / God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

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  • Box Office Bomb: This movie was in large part dismissed as "a cash grab and not a movie promoting a Christian message anymore" on Pure Flix Entertainment's part while competing for the Evangelical Christian film-goer market with two other films appealing to Pure Flix's base that had been released over the previous two weeks: the Erwin Brothers directed/Lionsgate Biopic I Can Only Imaginenote ; which proved a Sleeper Hit with over $80 million at the box office on a $7 million budget; and the Affirm Films/Sony Pictures release Paul, Apostle of Christ (which proved a modest hit, making over $18 million on a $5 million budget). By contrast, the third film in the God's Not Dead series has so far made a grand total of just over $5 millionnote , worse than the opening weekend box office totals of its two predecessors while continuing a string of diminishing returns for films in the seriesnote .

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